The First Guy To Ever Take A Vacation

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Ryan George : I'm on Twitter and Instagram too, if you want to see some photos of things that belong to other people

Nick D : Seriously though, what the hell is wrong with that guy?

CreepyPartyPoison : Hey dude, are you secretly canadian or french? Cause i'm french and your accent is waaaay too familiar and perfect

Telic : i never knew souvenir was french for memory and i took french

Cat Nandez : I'll say it once, I'll say it a million times: This channel is underrated and deserves more subscribers

Tyler Robertson : Had no idea you spoke French so well. Speaking French is tight

Jo'kel : Is this an invasion?

literal sarcasm : That plane was pretty impressive. It flew backwards all the way back to America.

a35362 : You just wanted to speak French in front of us Americans, didn't you? You big Canadian showoff! (Ahem... do it again!)

Moangus PIckard : Super-izi, berli un inconouicion

Rajatava Kar : Asking a vacation from your boss is Super Easy, Barely an Inconvenience!

Justice / tom riddle : We dont deserve this original content , this man saved screenrant and is my top youtuber

Dragos Goanta : Do '' The first person to go on a business trip ''

Guillermo Prieto IV : The accents are TIGHT

Shawn McMillan : Is this an invasion!? 🤣🤣🤣

BlacKing500 : Boss:must have been hard to vacation in a country where you couldn't really understand anyone huh? Employee:en fait super facile à peine un inconvénient

The Deadly Blitz : That pilot was so bad-a*s that he can fly a plane backwards 😂

kshamwhizzle : wait a minute... Ryan George, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds. what is going on in Canada?

Henry Louis21 : I didn't know you where so good at French

Lex Boismenu : Je ne savais pas que tu étais québécois! Super facile, même pas inconvénient!

fairystail1 : That was great but now im stuck wondering on the implications of a world where no one takes vacations

Jack Anderson : Not only can you speak to yourself, but you can speak to yourself in French.

JamesCPotter13 : The fact that he can speak almost perfect French is somehow not surprising. I just assumed Ryan learned every language in the world because he was bored one night.

Not a YouTube channel anymore : This video is TIGHT!!!!

Elliot Lucas Simmons : The accuracy is borderline appalling.

That Habit Guy Channel : It would have blown to bosses mind to add “oh also you should pay me even though I wont be here.”

The Popcast : Everybody deserves a good vacation from time to time... now get back into the studio and MAKE MORE PITCH VIDEOS! Love you ;)

Take 21 Productions : Hahaha I love this dude

Scott Carpenter : Seriously, what do we have to do to get RG his own TV series?

ericpschoon : What’s funny about this is that taking a photo of the Effel tower at night is actually infringing copyright

Xexin Kansichi : Ryan you need to release more stuff more often. Your stuff just makes my day.

Pedro Talons : You should do the first time someone decided to make a hospital or something... I dunno just tryna help!

Erik Bearman : Taking vacations is tight!

Stranger Gacha Girl : Awesome! I love your vids! I have always wondered how people came up with things like “ hey let me eat this thing that came out of the chicken” 😂

S Jester : “Believe in something...even if it’s super easy, barely an inconvenience.” - Nike Spokesman — Ryan George

scottieman2 : Do the first photograph.

Johnnie B : Please don't just stop posting like most YouTubers we need this !!!

Mutatayi Fuamba : Ryan George c’est un Quebs? C-zi.


Amber Beam : “Is this an invasion?” 😂😂

Elliot Lucas Simmons : I'm surprised how good that French sounded. Didn't expect it.

EverettBurger : A simple request. I'm sure it's easy; barely and inconvenience. Can you do this same skit, but have the guy discussing typical "College Alum" stuff: - Wearing a sweatshirt from their college anytime they are not at work. - 40 year old men celebrating games a football team won as if they were a member of the team. - Commemorative license plate holders, coffee mugs, spoons, baby onesies, etc. Buddy, I got went to East West State University. You paid your tuition to go there. Your grade point average was adequate enough for you to receive a piece of paper with the university's name on it. This is all super. Now, it's time to move on with your life and complete your TPS Report.

RAM TUBE : 😂 wow! I've never been to a video in my inbox this fast! This only has THREE views right now!!

Grubrayden The Gamer : Not first Edit: I hate first comments, so im just gonna say: good vid

Right to Record : That video is as good a bit as what was on Saturday Night Live back when it was entertaining.

Pearce Bahner-Stephens : I knew you were Canadian with the french you used in the video. Huzzah for Canada!

Truekingr6 : whoever disliked obviously is salty that they will never amount to his incredible level of comedy!

Spyros Krokidas : French-Canadian is TIGHT!!

Connor Westefeld : This channel deserves more subs

Aniketh Salil : this guy is so funny and creative. <3