Man Suffers Painful Itch At Checkout Line

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Shadowking566 : remember kids wrap-up or scratch up

MsBlueRyan : You don't need need to spray some Mortein on it...lols

Kyra Huber : My girly parts always itch LIKE HELL even when I’m in public, I need to ITCH

gate crasher : He's dancing like Micheal Jackson, moonwalking an shit


Elizabeth Suza : omg looks like he's itching 😱 on his private area omg crabs lice or something 😦😂

Wareagle86 : Should have been charged for shoplifting crabs.

maya summers : And to think he was there buying some Valentine candy for the woman that probably gave him whatever he has. Lol.

Chet Volkman : Ive had jock itch for over a year, cant get rid of it, its awful, and it hurts like hell, people should feel sorry for him, i know its funmy but not laughing....sad thing is he has it severely, i dont think cream is gonna help him much, he should have been to the dr a lomg time ago

Peaches Sparklepants : why exactly was this being filmed lol

michael kruse : I call shenanigans, this looks fake to me

hoobie booh : definately da CRABS!!!!!!!! those little bastards BITE lmao!!!! he better get the cream and spray and pills and erytang!!! he got em BAD

Becca Lipscomb : When you're not sure she's clean but you smash anyway 😂😂😂

King Chihuahua : Slam his cock. Just slam his cock

Roger H : crabs or overdoing a jock itch?

Arriaga Two : Elegance and style... Maybe Paris, Milano?

Aubrey Whaley : Lol, those were super crabs

Bojo David : I can relate so much

Angel Killer : 😂😂😂😂

Maddogecoin : he got the crabs lmfao

Jacqui Kalich : Crabs dude!

Mac Hawkins : And I think my jock itch is bad

Alexis c : Meanwhile hitting that Michael Jackson pose

Erfan Epu : why god punish us by these

E Middlebrooks : LMFAO, is this effing real?

Marvin Kanhai : Use some bugs and insect spray raid

احمد الغامدي : He need some milk 😂😂😂

Batfleck Customs : Im dead😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

QuitRaccoon 7039 : R.I.P ;~;


Winnie Pooh : Lol!!! I can't , lol 😂 why ?!

Youtube Watch : yo I'm dying😂

victor zaldivar : I Guess He Caught The Crabs 😂😂😂😂😂

ImInfamous : Thank you! This is the best video iv seen all year.

Daniel Patterson : This shit got me laughing deep into the night. Best ab work out ever. "you want a bag or nah?". 😂😂

Alexis payton : Damn Bro! that's some itchy balls you got there!

Ali hamid : goddamn nuts itch...i need some cream 😂😂😂

cooldude333 : "Next on the violence channel! An all new 'Ow My Balls!'"

Alberto Woopsie : he is being attacked by mexican fungus beans

Laddy Gibbions : ultimate crab scratching tool a Wire brush!.

Jacob Schnabl : get him sum dayum creeeam

Creeper Zack Luna : Rumors still say, his still in walmart itching somewhere.....

Joe W : some of that white milky lotion from the Pharmacy lolololol

Em Lock : This was the highlight of my day

Crystal Smith : Looks like somebody's been watching Nice Dreams!!😂😂

Mac Hawkins : HE NEED SOM MILK

Valerei Renfro : Monique I couldn't have said it better! lololololol my gut hurt watching this. I ain't depressed now :)

Max Payne : Nigga got herpes and crabs

D Stanford : O Girl said "Are you gonna buy this or No"!!..Savage!!

Jack Houston : hell no! gonna show this to my son next time he puts a quarter in his mouth! Money is DIRTY!