B-2 stealth: RIAT 2018 most surreal moment

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Scott Whiley : Fantastic shot there flugsnug what on Earth is that that looks like a 🛸

Martin R. : UFO ;)

Владимир С : Like an UFO

spadgm : Not every day you see two billion dollars fly past lol!

Mark Harper : I remember seeing it a few years back at RIAT and it was surreal, you're right. Everything went quiet and people just stared in awe. Great upload, wish I'd gone this year...

skorpen2 : Great camera job!

TOBLEROWAN123 : poor pilots, its like right you had your fun now fly the 9 hrs straight bk to meeeerrrka!

MDH : While residents in a whole US city have lead poisoned water.... just like watching the fall of Rome.

Myron Tedrow : Seen one in flight twice in my life, despite living 100 miles from their home base. Every time I see it, I get giddy with excitement and childish wonder that the US can make something so awe-inspiring.

datathunderstorm : What would have been REALLY freaky is if it suddenly stopped dead in mid flight and hovered up there noiselessly with absolutely no visible means of support! I can just see the resultant panic from the crowd below, in my mind’s eye 😎

Carl Senden : I can't comprehend that it flies. Must be surreal😎

Stephen Peyton : doesn't look invisible to me.

William Kerslake : It was an incredible moment, the entire airfield went silent as it went over...

Alex KAZANsky : Cool👍

carsos00 : 4 dislikes..... whats to dislike?

GREATCREATER999 : That’s just odd u know

Techy Las : Anyone remember back when, it flew to Farnborough without escort and some army erk managed to lock it up on a tracking radar, rapier or something memory fades lol

Bill Gates.got.ripped : wow, a billion dollar aircraft?

HP Lego : I saw this in the 2017 show. It’s just incredible isn’t it

CL-AUDIO : Great Camara shot, magic hands like always.. 👍

billy3para : Beautiful

Rob Burns : It was the "Spirit of New York", I got a photo of its belly as it went over on Saturday

boadoa ackam : is it just me or, at 00:41, didnt I see a three fingered green hand waving through the window with suckers on the ends of each finger?

Big Boss Man : It looks like there should be aliens flying it!

gianni moscotto rc. : Wooooow

Wool Verigne : Saw this in 2003... surprise visit early on the first day, before anything else was flying. It was very low overcast, and it popped down for just the length of the runway and then disappeared. Barely anybody saw it, but I managed to get a few shots. It was awesome.

cloudtoground : 0:49 looks like a foo fighter flies right underneath the plane going in the opposite direction. I'm not sure what that is, a camera artifact or something else?

Alex KAZANsky : "Mars Attacks!"😄

MJNL : Nice but not as impressive as impressive as the Buff with its howling engines!

marcel-nine-one-one : Nice. It looks huge compared to the escorts.

Panzerkeks 85 : That was crazy, I didn't even comprehend this fly by… shame it was only one fly by ;)

Dfly Italia : Porca eva che spettacolo!!!

CapStar362 : Odd to be escorted by 15E's instead of 22's or 15C's. the NAV/ATP LITENING and SNIPER pods are the give away.

korrdavl : I guess the B-2 really IS right between a backyard kit plane and an alien ship.

D3v1l 5ma5h3r37 : I love the bomer

Airplane Al : Looks like a flying Shaka gesture. Cool video.

Selomatic : Sounds pretty normal. If this would fly past my house I would probably think it's a completely normal passenger jet xD Looking at it woudnt work because unfortunately it looks like John Cena.

Bethany Aladvid : "Sorry, we didn't know it was invisible."