Seven Nation Army - Vintage New Orleans Dirge White Stripes Cover ft. Haley Reinhart

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TheMasonX : Oh man, Haley is one of my favorite singers, and I love this song (especially because we played it in pep band). Her voice just incredible and she's so expressive; at 1:28 love how she goes from mocking to like a primal growl or at 1:50 how she just pours every ounce of soul into it. And watching her perform is almost as much a treat as listening because of how she uses her dancing and gestures to accentuate every line. And of course, she's absolutely gorgeous, as if being a wonderful singer wasn't attractive enough...

Some may call this junk me I call them treasure : I swear everything PostModernJukebox touches turns sexual

ele. pe : c'est magnifique!!!

Awsamazing Eden : This is too perfect for words y'all.

Manny Gutierrez : If she grew up in that era she would be considered a legend in this time we live in no lie

gator tho : Her voice, her dress... One, two, knockout

Primo_ : I've been murdered by beauty...

XeroWon : How do I unlock the trumpet player?

Sam Willis : I'm sorry, But seven nation army is one of my favourite songs and they've just ruined it.... By making this cover so damn good. I've literally just pressed replay every time I've heard it. Damn you for being so good!!!

jesusisherelookbusy : I think I just turned in to the whistling wolf from that MGM cartoon.

velvert : the way her voice gets all gentle and then out of nowhere she hits you with the intense growl and boy I'm QUAKING

K B : If you guys can make "we didn't start the fire" work... Omg. Found this channel on FBE and I'm LOVING life right now. And I'm a Metalhead!

Ryuk Coin : Most underrated singer period.

The Black Dog : That girl needs to be singing a medley of her PMJ songs on the Grammys. She'd blow everybody away!

Zodiac MacCarthaigh : *HIts Play* *Suddenly I'm in a 1940s bar* What the hell?

Arjantinli Marash'lıyım : WoW, wow, .HOLY JESUS !! I discovered this morning on the radio while I was working. Then something happened in the air and inside of me: seems that's just the very first time that I hear New Orleans Blues. After this huge experience, came to Youtube and saw her, her hair (insolent, sexy, seductive) and fall in her hands watching her's divine hips, moving with This art's song piece. Just Great , God !! Thanks. PS: All about her anf sound is perfect. Go here my humble recognize to the Jack White and his good-fucking-awesome song and riff.

Night Has Fallen : Arguably their best one. Yay or nay?

young man Logan : What a wonderful cover

Słynny Gucix #DajSuba : Who is spamming replay too?

Linda and Brian Kruse : Ohhhhh Jessica Rabbit!!!😎

saraaahhh ismyname : My friend performed this for our school talent show, vintage dress and all. It was fantastic, she won.


scarybaldguy : I have no clever comment. I'm just gonna cut out my heart with rusty dagger and burn it 'cos I don't need it anymore.

Allen Kemmett : 4.4k people belong to the TONE DEF ARMY.

alis : her voice is liquid gold and chocolate with diamonds

František Stoklas : I'm 15.. and I'm so happy that i listen to this music instead of the crap that is in the radio these days..

Dylan A. Kent : That dress is everything that church goers sell their soul for!

Eduardo Rivero : What a song, what a versioning, what a singer. A complete spectacle. I can repeat this video several times and don't get bored.

Сергей Вячеславович : Бомба

Mr Duke Silver : How do i unlock the trombone?

Austin Fernéth : I'm gonna fight 'em all A seven nation army couldn't hold me back They're gonna rip it off Taking their time right behind my back And I'm talking to myself at night Because I can't forget Back and forth through my mind Behind a cigarette And the message coming from my eyes Says leave it alone Don't want to hear about it Every single one's got a story to tell Everyone knows about it From the Queen of England to the hounds of hell And if I catch it coming back my way I'm gonna serve it to you And that ain't what you want to hear But that's what I'll do And the feeling coming from my bones Says find a home I'm going to Wichita Far from this opera for evermore I'm gonna work the straw Make the sweat drip out of every pore And I'm bleeding, and I'm bleeding, and I'm bleeding Right before the lord All the words are gonna bleed from me And I will sing no more And the stains coming from my blood Tell me go back home

chohawk1 : She was killing it throughout the song but at 3:00 .... she took out her handbag and just smacked the death out of the *killing* she was doing before ....

ArbiterInqui : its so much better at 1.25x

Víctor Hugo López : Anyone here because a contestant on Britain‘s Got Talent auditions used it and you recognized​ it was PMJ? Just being curious.

flor wast : I saw her and said to myself, "Wow! That dress should be illegal". Then, I looked it up and found that it is illegal in Nevada, Idaho and New Hampshire. I hear there are warrants out for Haley's arrest. I'd like to think that she'll get away, but I don't think she runs very fast. She slinks. Slink fast, Haley. Slink fast...

Dee Vitela : I thought "Creep" was their best cover... until I listen to this absolute fire, wow wow wow just fucking WOW!!!

Tom B : WOW, AMAZING....... GREAT VOICE< GREAT BAND> This was AWESOME! Many THANKS!!! I would love to see you guys live!

Hello Wow : Ok. .....don't care for adult movies. Don't care for trashy chicks flashing etc. I have become....picky? Refined? Selective? In my older age. Not easily interested. I like sexy but I like classy. This is classy, yet sexy. She can flat out sing. 😍. Love her style, dress and class. Yes sir.

Asa Gibson : Whooooooa

bramblechops : Hail Haley the queen of music !

H. Gates : Goddess just Goddess.

Mark Jansen : Awesome dress.. But best vocal arrangement I ever heard. This is how White Stripes should have sung.

kevin boelhouwer : What a vocalist

James D : Good lawd this actually made my skin tingle.  That voice is ear velvet.

blazer : Ставь лайк если от палаты 6

whitewolfen68 : Holy Shit!! My jaw dropped from the beginning to the End , Simply amazing Cover!! I gotta hear this again WOW!!

marie jose : omg Haley s voice is so good, she could literally sing nonsense and I would still be amazed, shes just so good, I want more from her.

Justin Ziegler : I don't have enough cigarettes for this.

FlashakaViolet : from now on, if someone asks me what my sexual orientation is, I'll show them this

El Chick : I could listen to Haley sing like this all day long. She is my absolute favorite singer with PMJ, and this video showcases exactly why. She's got it all!!