Two Blondes In Miami - Blondes In A Pickle
Two Blondes In Miami Blondes In A Pickle

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Two Blondes In Miami - Blondes In A Pickle A prequel of how the adventures of two blondes in Miami started. Two girls Jane & Sofie find each other in unlikely circumstances. This episode was created with the intentions to be submitted & screened at film festivals. We started filming this episodes July 9, 2018 and our deadline for the film festival was July 1st 2018. Thanks to our incredible team of assistants, actors and especially our contributors. We were able to film all of the scenes in less than 10 days, last scenes were shot July 17. And then starts the long editing journey. We are very proud of our creation, and we hope you enjoy it. Subscribe for behind the scenes video we will be creating shortly. Created By ArcGenius In Association With TheKOProduction Produced By Konstantin Egorov Oksana Velez Sasha Egorov Cast Jane Sasha Egorov sophia Oksana Velez fbi agent / taxi driver Jamal Kendrell Wright FBI Chief Steven Hochman Body Guard Maksim Zhuravlev Alexandr Popoff Yuri Egorov janes Grandmother Zulpinbekova Nurzhamal Starbucks Barista Natalie Fox Landlord Konstantin Egorov Tenant Showering Daniel Toledo Fernandez Homeless Guy Vladymir Acloque Hotel Receptionist Kate Kamaletdinova Hotel Security Camilo Gaviria Production Edited - Color Correction - Sound Design – Visual FX By Konstatin Egorov Instagram @ArcGenius boom operator Camilo Gaviria Aaron Gasilovsky Camera Operation Konstantin Egorov Camilo Gaviria Aaron Gasilovsky Drone Operator Aaron Gasilovsky Konstantin Egorov assistant Kate Kamaletdinova Aaron Gasilovsky Camilo Gaviria Director Of Photography Camilo Gaviria Aaron Gasilovsky Music By Wulfdre - Automatic Instagram @wulfdre Special Thanks To The Cast & Crew That Helped Us, This Project Would Not Be Possible Without You! Follow Us On Social Media @TwoBlondesInMiami Support Us On Patreon Visit Us On Our Website REAL SPECIAL THANKS GOES OUT TO EVERYONE that contributed to the production of our creation. WE REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU THANK YOU! pLEASE lIKE & share


AlexsBRIGHT : Waiting for the next episode!

Byron Acuña : Holaa

Randy singer : super funnnnnnnn!!!!!! Excellent.........

Ashutosh Dubey : Pretty

nitin mishra : Very nice video you will become super in future