Before and After: Dystonia

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Dylan E : Earlier today I was making lots of excuses for not going to the gym, but this really put things in perspective for me. If you keep going, i'm going to keep going. If you can achieve something so great, then so can I. Goodjob on the progress and thanks dude

el scientifico : Stay up Byron! You're making me feel anything is possible because you are doing what what must to be the person you want to be!

penelope May : You are have made huge progress buddy!! I have Dystonia myself, i have a head tremor and it really frustrates me. Thanks for sharing your story. All the very best xxx

Roamancing Travel : I love your shift in thinking from "I can't." to "I must." Been met with some health adversity myself, and this is the approach I have decide for myself too. It is what I need for my psyche and happiness.

Andy Glover : Way to go Byron! I can't imagine how challenging that must be. This video is very inspirational! Thanks

TheMoonchinKing : Nice!

IamAliShamim : God bless you! ❤️

John Plawzan : God bless you Byron I'm a 47 year old male I was in a motorcycle accident I lost my left leg above the knee I also have dystonia and possibly ataxia I take baclofen Valium but it makes me so loose that I can't control my body may I ask what you take and where you get your your Botox shots? Once again keep strong! Did they test you for your genes

John Plawzan : Do you have instant messenger we can chat?

cellogirl11RW : Have you ever thought of getting a deep brain stimulator? A lot of people who have dystonia are able live mostly normal lives with them.

Stephanie Sánchez : Good bless you