How to make $20,000 per month on Youtube | Boss Babe Episode 10 from Jordan Cheyenne

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Jordan Cheyenne : PLEASE SUBSCRIBE IF THIS WAS HELPFUL! I appreciate it more than you know! Were so close to 500K!! I put together a part two for you guys!! HIGHEST PAYING SIDE HUSTLES 2019: (Also comment your email below here & Ill send you a FREE guide on my top 5 tips to improve your life right now)

Linds&Liv : I mean I’d be happy just making $1000 a month from it 😂

Tina Golik : Ive been debating on if I want to continue with my channel. Ive just passed 20,000 subscribers, and I love each one, but the need for having tough skin is becoming harder, and honestly I've found that other youtubers can be very competitive. Thats hard when you think there your friend, then they steal your idea, or call you just "one of there subscribers" after you gave them a shout out, but they don't do the same for you. (I'm talking about people I've passed in subscriber counts). I appreciate your video, because it reminded me of my focus, and goal. Thank you so much. I needed this "pep talk" :)

Naina World : Any small you tubers wanna help each other

Inyolandasworld : If your making $20,000 a month this is not a side job ☹️

Dylan !! : *Well, this video made 1 million views! There’s another 13k 😂👍🏼*

TT Videos : Any small you tubers wanna help each other out?

Baby Girl Jada : If small youtubers make this kind of money a month, imagine what these big youtubers make 😲

Monique Samson : any small you tubers wanna help each other out?

Robin Nicolette : Any youtubers want to support one another?😊

EVA Capri : Omgosh just give me 2000 a month and I'd be happy 😫

CHUY PH : Small youtubers out there! Care to help? Hit reply now! 😉

Natalie Nathaniel : Any small youtubers want to help each other out 💞💞

Jaylynn Nichole : Ayeeeee! Just started up my channel and it needs a little love! Lol guys let’s be friends 💞

BONGO NEWStz : any small account to support each other 💕

Stina’s Channel : I wanna start YouTubing but I don’t know how to staaaart 😩

Brittany Jordan : This is one of the most helpful videos I have ever watched, I was happy to see it wasn't click bait

Anna Tomo : Love this. Been doing YT for 2 years but I only have 1k subs 😂 Not complaining tho, I love creating content because it's a stress reliever for moi ♡


Dirty Diana TV : I wanna become a boss babe!! So Any small YouTubers want to grow together??

Karolator Heras : Any small you-tubers trying to support each other 💕😊 let me know hit reply

viksra : 2:30 thank me later

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The James Family : Small family channel over here

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RASPY : Small youtubers matter!!!

rock thingzz : Any small youtuber wanna help eachother

Hafiizzz Ibrahim : Any new youtubers? Let’s help each other out 🙌🏻

Tasnia Islam : I honestly kind of wish YouTube never payed anyone in the first place. It’s hard to know who’s being honest about their reviews. Many people started off as doing YouTube because they genuinely cared about whatever they’re content is about but now it’s all clickbait and it’s paid sponsorship.

MoreWithEllanore : I've been on Youtube since i was in 6th grade, yeah I'm an OG. But I need to be more interactive on social media and with my hubbies!!! I would love to join a supportive group of people. The world needs more of that! Anyone watching this today and wanting to support one another let me know!! Maybe we can even get a group chat going like some bloggers do to let one another know when they're posting!!! SHARE THE LOVE!!!

Clunie Studios : I have recommitted my self to start my channel again for REAL this time. Thank you for this video. I am so happy to have found you☺️

Arlaee Solorzano : Let’s help each other out ! Speaking to new youtubers ❤️😊

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J’s family Vlogs : I am subscribing to everyone who subscribes ❤️😩 i am a teenmother to a toddler and i am due on valentines 2019 ❤️

Roselle 🇬🇧 : any small utubers wna support each other 💓 thank u xx

Arauca Imalay : I’d be okay with an extra $500 😭😭😭

Rising Phoenix : I’m new too the vlogging thanks for the information. Very helpfull

SpiresFam : This is so helpful! I’ve been wanting to do YouTube for a while, and just made my channel this week & plan on uploading more soon! Thank you for this!

Kelly Strack : I admire your transparency so much jordan! Your desire to always help others succeed is so inspiring ❤️

SarahChelseaa : Any small youtubers want to help each other out ? ❤️☺️

Victoria Istrate : this was so helpful and informative! i've had a very slow start on youtube which doesn't really bother me for the most part because i just LOVE this platform and being able to express myself creatively. however, it can definitely get discouraging as a small creator when you put so much time and effort into videos you're so proud and excited to release only to get no recognition. i'm going to keep making videos because i love it and it's made me happier than i've been in a long time, but earning even just a little bit of money on the side would definitely help with staying motivated. being eligible for monetization in itself would be nice in the sense that it'd make the whole concept seem a bit more tangible if that makes sense? so i'm going to keep working on improving my content and growing my channel, slowly but surely! great video - thanks for being so real and upfront ☺️💞 i subbed! looking forward to more from you!

Kids Love Learning TV : Can you share what software you use for video editing and any other helpful information for newbies?

Makeup with Miranda : Thank you so much for this! I am filming my first video tomorrow and I am SO excited.

The Life of Kiara : Omg $20k a month! #YoutubeGoals! I can finally call YouTube my job but girlll like you said “you have to strive for more!” Thanks so much for the motivation and the tips!

Courtenay Mercedes : I love this video, really helpful 💜