How to make $20,000 per month on Youtube | Boss Babe Episode 10 from Jordan Cheyenne

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Linds&Liv : I mean I’d be happy just making $1000 a month from it 😂

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Gummy Goomey : Just found this video on YouTube suggestions and absolutely loved the way you explained everything. I just uploaded my first video four months ago with the aim of make enough to live and support my two disabled children within three years as they suffer from a progressive degenerative condition leading to complete blindness and lesions digestive tube. I am learning everything and in three years my son will finish college and I don’t want to send him to an institution but want to look after him, so will have to leave my job. My videos are far from good and I struggled to have enough time to fit YouTube in the middle of my three part time jobs, four children, husband and house. However I am so determined to learn and to improve, that I believe I will achieve quality. So glad I found you. I am struggled between languages as we are a bilingual family and our audience is divided, probably will have to split into two channels in the future. I am now over 3k subs and half a million views and my channel is under review, so fingers crossed for monetisation. Too small still but we all start small. Following you from now on and wishing you all the success and please do more videos like this one 💚💚

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TiznadoYT : Growing on YouTube is pretty difficult

Brittany Jordan : This is one of the most helpful videos I have ever watched, I was happy to see it wasn't click bait

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Simply Candace : Jordan,you will forever be blessed because you want others to win TOO!Some people wont share their knowledge because they're afraid of others getting ahead of them!

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Magic11 : Do you have to talk this fast to be succesful lol I noticed most succesful youtubers talk super fast

Paty Cakes : Hey Jordan ❤️👍🏻👍🏻Thanks for the help I love what I do also !! And that’s a step #1 to seceed thanks for your edvice i will be talking it god bless 🙏🙏And make your channel grow for being so tranparent with us 😘

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