Brad Makes Sourdough Pizzelle Cookies | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

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iea96 : It's like a two part epoxy

J : Can we start a gofundme to get Brad a porch and a lawn

ChuckCanada : Hey Bon Appetit you should send Brad and Vinnie on a cruise so we can see how they cook on cruise ships!

k a y l e e : Brad is such a magical being. We do not deserve him.

Tsetsi : These people are literally on trending every other day!

Brad Leone : its like pancakes.. keep your head up! Yogurts on the list..what else should we make??? I love learning with you guys

Cplee : Bone Apple Teeth 😩👌🏾

Katie Cooks and Crafts : Im so confused by this recipe, you make the batter, put in the fridge and then add 1/2 cup to 1 cup of starter? Fed starter? Does it need to ferment? How much aluminium shavings?

Derivative MVs : "Like a baby's head; soft when it comes out. Very forgiving." ~ Brad 2018

k a y l e e : 2:53 really wanted to see a little michael jackson flash onto the screen when brad says "or beat this" (because 'beat it'.....ok never mind i'll see myself out..)

Jon Sudano : 6:28 I legit did not recognize him without his hat

acrophobe : I like to imagine that there is no Vinny, it's just a different random intern holding the camera in every single video and Brad is just deeply psychotic and Vinny is all in his mind, or even an alternate personality.

T1J : when are you guys going to give us what we want and give brad and claire a show together

Zarathustra Zarath : Still waiting for that "Brad and Vinnie go noodling" video...

Kara Davidson : When Claire cant figure something out : "You know what this is frustrating, but it's fine, I'm going to keep working until I figure it out" When Brad can't figure something out : "If it doesn't work this time I'm eating it raw and looking for a new job"

msveeip : I just think everything is better when Brad and Claire are together.

Zoesstuff : These videos are getting close to perfection.

The Vegetarian Baker : I’m so happy that one of my friends introduced me to its alive. Love the series and they way brad says water

akidin06 : she like white chocolate UNCULTURED SWINE. dark chocolate is the best

Sheldon Gunby : The days when Brad (or Bon Appeti), Doug Demuro, First We Feast, and Binging with Babish all come out within minutes of each other. These are the best days

marim0y : Claire is the best work wife. 😊

Zarathustra Zarath : 6:06 *mood*

Vincent Sobal GK : I've been watching Brad for the past two years and every time I feel like he's giving me my own personal cooking show... My name is also Vince


xingcat : "If something isn't working, just wait longer." Thanks, Claire!


Agustin tovar : Does Vinny only records with Brad ? or is Brad the only one that talks with Vinny while recording ?

OkashiiArt -3- : I love brad and Claire’s friendship it’s adorable like it each other’s videos they always ask each other for advice and stuff I love it

Patrick Horgan : Claire is so nice.

Jack Tse : Claire cameo 👌

Kris Kat : Claire is there . So everything comes to place. The elements of the pastry universe united.

Kyotosomo : hm for some strange reason my mouth can't stop watering i wonder why 👀

Tsetsi : Sourdough pizelle what...?

Zarathustra Zarath : 4:12 Et tu Molly?!!


slippytiger : Is this because Claire's Oreo went so well. Only 1 cookie can go flawlessly in the kitchen at one time.

Olivier Santerre : I don't get the hierarchical structure behind their titles. They all seem to have important titles. Senior associate food editor, food director... Who's the boss?

Nathaniel Twyman : Brad's descent into madness

Bob Didlboc : It’s Pizzell-Ꭼ not Pizzell-Ꮖ

Asphyxia Arts : VINNY ARM REVEAL

Dark Leaves : When all else fails.. go get Claire lol!

Dylon Edmunds : So interesting to see Brad have so much trouble after Claire's perfect Oreo attempts

mrs. Hammertime : Oh for heaven sakes brad stop spraying over the flame!!!

Edward Kim : love Claire! love Claire! love Claire! love Claire! love Claire! love Claire! love Claire! love Claire! love Claire! love Claire!

NOUSERNAMESLEFTFUUCK : You can see Claire running off to her meeting haha

Romulus Remus : I CRAVE MORE CLARIE CONTENT!!!!!!!!

Le Grand Catalan : You guys should try making fermented green mangoes!

Buzz Man : Kept saying "yesterday was perfect" but yesterday he didn't put in the starter

My Empire of Dirt : Okay. But did Claire ever get her ice cream sammich?

kaniphish : It starts off really pliable, then it firms up really hard. -Brad Leone 2018