Brad Makes Sourdough Pizzelle Cookies | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

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T1J : when are you guys going to give us what we want and give brad and claire a show together

Zarathustra Zarath : Still waiting for that "Brad and Vinnie go noodling" video...

msveeip : I just think everything is better when Brad and Claire are together.

Katie Cooks and Crafts : Im so confused by this recipe, you make the batter, put in the fridge and then add 1/2 cup to 1 cup of starter? Fed starter? Does it need to ferment? How much aluminium shavings?

Jon Sudano : 6:28 I legit did not recognize him without his hat

Cplee : Bone Apple Teeth 😩👌🏾

Pupper {your boss} : legand has it bard doesnt actually work there he just came in one day and everyone is too scared to kick him out

Vincent Sobal GK : I've been watching Brad for the past two years and every time I feel like he's giving me my own personal cooking show... My name is also Vince

skylar brownlee : try to tell me this man is not luke from gilmore girls

Brad Leone : its like pancakes.. keep your head up! Yogurts on the list..what else should we make??? I love learning with you guys

S P I R I T : Why does he keep calling me Vinny?

Olivier Santerre : I don't get the hierarchical structure behind their titles. They all seem to have important titles. Senior associate food editor, food director... Who's the boss?

marim0y : Claire is the best work wife. 😊

Gracie Lou : Brad is Luke's (from Gilmore Girls) long lost, cheery brother

iea96 : It's like a two part epoxy

Yellow Rice : Things “pammed” out in the end

kaniphish : It starts off really pliable, then it firms up really hard. -Brad Leone 2018

mrs. Hammertime : Oh for heaven sakes brad stop spraying over the flame!!!

Nathaniel Twyman : Brad's descent into madness

J : Can we start a gofundme to get Brad a porch and a lawn

YoutubeAddicted : i don't watch these videos because I'm hungry i watch them because I'm THIRSTY! :) ;)

Giant Speck : Aww, Claire never comes back for her pizzelle.

DanyFerdz : 16:16 "you gotta find your sweet with it"

Pam Pochel : I've never loved my name more 😂🤣😂

Sheldon Gunby : The days when Brad (or Bon Appeti), Doug Demuro, First We Feast, and Binging with Babish all come out within minutes of each other. These are the best days

Patricia Villeneuve Picard : You made me think of Luke from the Gilmore Girls!!! The blue hat and all!

Luna Limi : Once Claire shows up everything falls into place. And I'm not talking about the cookies.

Colin : Claire came out looking like Rogue from the X-men.

Nolan Crognale : This guy is funny. I like him

Craig N : Great dessert Brad but maybe leave this to Claire. You definitely need to get back on a boat with Vinny for some "manventure" cuisine.

Kyotosomo : hm for some strange reason my mouth can't stop watering i wonder why 👀

Romulus Remus : I CRAVE MORE CLARIE CONTENT!!!!!!!!

Zarathustra Zarath : 4:12 Et tu Molly?!!

Derivative MVs : "Like a baby's head; soft when it comes out. Very forgiving." ~ Brad 2018

Bob Didlboc : It’s Pizzell-Ꭼ not Pizzell-Ꮖ

I love Oranges : "It's Tasty!" No It's Alive!!!!! I'll go home

Emily Morgan : Am I the only one that thinks Brad looks like ‘Luke’ from ‘Gilmore Girls’ . Only me?... ok

JMS1089 : Can you just eat the batter lol? It looked pretty good.

Beeson : I really appreciate Brad's army of pens he has waiting at the ready. I behind the ear, 3 in the apron....

John Amidon : OMG, Molly dislikes chocolate? She's not perfect? Aauugghh!! :)

Leash Freak : you should make some stroopwafel with those pizzelle or that iron

Prototype oZ : Claire is so damn beautiful

Justin Y. : The four horsemen of YouTube just uploaded in a quick succession.

Chappy : Claire to the rescue !!!!

Blackpink Isn't in my area : "Bam bam" My brain: got7

Bryan Garcia : Brad and Claire need their own channel

Maheen .I : I wish I was that whisk Brad was licking.

My Empire of Dirt : Okay. But did Claire ever get her ice cream sammich?

equalyzer : I wasn't sure if Claire left before this video or not. I LITERALLY expected a real big hug from Brad the moment (12:46) Claire started running towards him! Life-Saver The All-Mighty CLAIRE!

Elinacab : Claire literally ran out. Fantastic.