YoungBloodZ - MTV Cribs (2004)

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Curry Shot You : America's 1st time seeing a TRAP house back then LOL

Dj axrus101 : The most regular house ever. lol. luv it

rok kozu : this and Redman episode are best :D this is actualy house when they live as a kid in there :D

Big Stud Muffin : Tha inside of tha refrigerator was too hood 😅✌


Malika Zaiahna : 😂😂😂😂I was in 9th grade and could nooooooot believe they showed this on mtv cribs 😂😂😂 real shit tho Bone Crusha's too

Dan Scarfo : Damn the record company jerked these dudes😁

Auto Young : I feel em on this buying your childhood home. I already bought my granny house and renting it out now I'm tryna buy where I grew up at.

Michael Walker : he said look at these rare shoes....they all dirty then a mofo

Kayla Kelly : Trap house

Mudda Fuggit : so now everybody in the hood knows the layout of your crib....real smart...

Drug dealers only inc. : she on her knees keeping thangs steady like Betty crocker the face doctor

ThePoolGuy : This was too real for a lot of folks. What happened? Y'all studdered step an fell back.

Tyrick Hairston : they keep it real lol the youndbloodz

rob banks : Isn't J-Bo from the Youngbloodz Brothers or Cousins with Andre 3000 from Outkast because they look just alike??

fredwill13 : best cribs ever!

Flexington Steele : What happened to these guys. Sean Paul of the Youngbloodz could of been a big star. He was dope as hell. I member always fast forwarding snap ya fingaz to hear his part. Presidential and Imma shine to.

ONSEN BEATS : this is the great room ya feel me? dying

Charles Spitzenberg : young bloods 2018

Alpo Capone : trap house

Al Bu : Highlighting the bottle of salad dressing was hilarious...they said they paid 50 thousand for that old beat up car..obviously joking...this was obviously not where they they probably own it though...

Henry Moore : They kept it real with the chek soda...The best hard times soda! I recommend peach! #winndixie

Ty Hairston : The realist crib ever... don’t matter u make money or whatever these dudes right here ain’t forget where they came from respect to the young bloodz

Mr. RIZZ : It aint always about the cash n material things...real rappers do still stay w their roots : I like this episode because it showed a brother with a modest house not some big fake rented mansion.

Omegah TV : Peace to The YoungBloodz, but where are they now?

Mallymal ATL : Real life

Quintell McNeill : keeping it real : I wonder where these brothers are at now?

Latoya Harvey : Imma PRAY this is a trap house. But the damn spider man sheets make me think differently😒

dasbakon : 3:12 Chek Ernge Drank lol

Block Beezy24 : Campbelton rd! S.W.A.Ts stand up!

D.S.G.B Grady BabyTM : We got that ranch down there😂

J Noel : Thank God they kept it real....

nicky donaghy : Nice. Clean and cozy.

RamY Rambou : R they homeless ???

David Farmer : I don't believe this shit.

Marcio31 Trita : no money???!!!

Chuma Robinson : box chevy

Slim Benjamin : Make me feel like im n a mansion

Zonta Owens : Back when you didnt have to act rich to get fans

Bigdaddytrucker : Mtv cribs : Trap Houses of ATL

Bigdaddytrucker : Country Boyz

Sneakk Dissin : How did I miss this

Think PIONEERing : @2:03 what's the song in the background?

tonya luvtoloveme : Where are theyyyyyyy???

Pope Francis : But they were famous back then. How come they live in this shit house

TaRon Thomas : the light skin one was so sexy to me. good grief.

Brian Cranford : That car engine

i am bubbarulez : Struggle 101