YoungBloodZ - MTV Cribs (2004)

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Q.Curry : America's 1st time seeing a TRAP house back then LOL

LordAlmighty BMack : They still live in this motherfucka.

Rok Kozel : this and Redman episode are best :D this is actualy house when they live as a kid in there :D

Malika Zaiahna : 😂😂😂😂I was in 9th grade and could nooooooot believe they showed this on mtv cribs 😂😂😂 real shit tho Bone Crusha's too

Mudda Fuggit : so now everybody in the hood knows the layout of your crib....real smart...

Auto Young : I feel em on this buying your childhood home. I already bought my granny house and renting it out now I'm tryna buy where I grew up at.

hot grabba FRASS : damm NIGGAS looked like they lived in the trap house

fredwill13 : best cribs ever!

rob banks : Isn't J-Bo from the Youngbloodz Brothers or Cousins with Andre 3000 from Outkast because they look just alike??

Tyrick Hairston : they keep it real lol the youndbloodz

hateondeez : This was too real for a lot of folks. What happened? Y'all studdered step an fell back.

Michael Walker : he said look at these rare shoes....they all dirty then a mofo

Quintell McNeill : keeping it real

Daize_Karma : lol that had to be a joke


Mallymal ATL : Real life

Block Beezy24 : Campbelton rd! S.W.A.Ts stand up!

dasbakon : 3:12 Chek Ernge Drank lol

Slim Benjamin : Make me feel like im n a mansion

UTC7891 : Damn my pad is nicer than this wtf??

Marcio31 Trita : no money???!!!

Dan Scarfo : Damn the record company jerked these dudes😁

Chuma Robinson : box chevy

she lied : Get slliizzzzard. Dez niggas are poor

Diamond Golden : they house ugly

tony : Nigga showing the trap house but typical minority's issue lmao nice cars An clothes but live in the hood 😂

David Farmer : I don't believe this shit.

that's not Gucci baby that's flucci : What happened to these guys. Sean Paul of the Youngbloodz could of been a big star. He was dope as hell. I member always fast forwarding snap ya fingaz to hear his part. Presidential and Imma shine to.

ONSEN BEATS : this is the great room ya feel me? dying

pusher man/Mr h/dog food on deck : she on her knees keeping thangs steady like Betty crocker the face doctor

Alpo Capone : trap house

Charles Spitzenberg : young bloods 2018

Omegah TV : Peace to The YoungBloodz, but where are they now?

Dj axrus101 : The most regular house ever. lol. luv it

RamY Rambou : R they homeless ???

i am bubbarulez : Struggle 101

angelo llamas : Wtf

Pope Francis : But they were famous back then. How come they live in this shit house

Carlos Perez : I still have no idea what these dudes look like. It's like I see them and delete them seconds later...

onetakenate : too clean for tv

Al Bu : Highlighting the bottle of salad dressing was hilarious...they said they paid 50 thousand for that old beat up car..obviously joking...this was obviously not where they they probably own it though...

Vivz lovez mj 4ever : i love it!! i love you sean p your so beautiful❤

Salaam Supreme : Mane I love them niggaz Keep it 1.Peace to the gods

Yaya Yaya : Lmao why were they on cribs??? I watched cribs to see mansions better than mine. My house better than this one lol

ya boy d : 😂😂😂😂 are they serious bruh who signed they deal sheesh

nicky donaghy : Nice. Clean and cozy.

hateondeez : Really wish y'all would've kept that sound going?

Zach Dries : Ugly house

big Damo : 1:03 instrumental ?

Young OG 602 : they got that bottle of corelejo bomb ass tequila BTW. try it .