KTLA started following the wrong car in a pursuit
Driver outsmarts news anchor during police chase

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KTLA, switcheroo


TheCadillacCat : It's the innocent man's fault for driving the same color car. Plus, the suspect was also seen wearing clothes.

slush : Baby Driver 2?

Indonesia : Video too short. I want to see the end of this pursuit god damnit!

Karsten Moerman : where's the rest of the video?? What did he buy in the store? did just have to use the can? Did he get a scratch card.. I NEED to know!

Morphic c : It's crap like that that keeps you stuck in the chopper, Carl! :P

1001 : Fox 11 did it too. Same chase and same guy 😂

antdude : "And then?"

Red Baron : I'd love to see the full video of this.

Corcon : A truly masterful criminal would bring his own bridge and change his getaway vehicle at his convenience.

Naveen Kumar : So where the hell is the rest? Did the police end up brutalizing and murdering that innocent guy?

Dimitri Raymondo : ANY BAJS? forsen1

Jennifer Mann : Watched this live. It was hilarious.

L.A. Prodigy : That man is a menace

ddavel5441 : Yep, it's the wrong car. But I want to see the rest of this and how it pans out.

dabrazillionaire : kt "L" a

OneManArmy : Has bright safety vest on. "Brown boots, dark colored pants."

ind0ctr1n3 : I love how at 0:20 the actual suspect passes by, yet the camera man doesn't think that MAYBE he's got the wrong vehicle...

Starry Huang : Baby Driver!

Paul Jr. Harrington : Why you following me? I am following the traffic rules!

Brian Nielsen : Cops are getting slow and sloth like, he should have been shot and killed before exiting his car. Another innocent man lives, cops must surely be disappointed.

Wayne Chang : Unfortunately, that's how our media works, even when it was false news in the beginning, no one would bother the fact it was false and just believed what they heard at first place.

Big Al : People in the YouTube comments don't seem to understand it was only the news who had the wrong suspect. The police didn't arrest the wrong guy just because that's what the news was showing on TV.

DigitalPatriot : Generic cameramen/news anchors as usual, knowing nothing about cars. generic/goofy should be at home knitting or something. i've literally heard of no cameraman/news anchor that knows anything about anything when it comes to cars. they're totally generic and aren't fitted to the job. it was way obvious that's a different car. wasn't even in the same lane

AugustHawk : A somewhat similar situation happened to me. I was biking (training for an upcoming race) in a very hilly neighborhood. There had been a break-in in a house in this subdivision by an armed robber who had assaulted the homeowner and shots were fired. The burglar fled on foot. I was ignorant of this fact. Being winter, I had on a black neoprene biker's mask (helps warm up the air as you breathe) and was preparing to go up a very steep hill. To build up momentum, I went up a short but steep driveway of a friend's house and shot down it peddling like mad to make it up the coming steep hill. As I shot out the drive way, the police helicopter happened to fly over and began following me. I continued my "mad dash" to make it up and over the hill and then began rounding an open curve at the top of the hill when I realized how oddly low the helicopter was. Though I couldn't hear their bullhorn, I could feel the vibrations of the displaced air from the blades, so I stopped and looked up and could see the faces of the officers who had their rifles aimed at me. I pulled off my mask and then could hear, "You on the bike, stop and put your hands in the air." We stayed fixed like that until a cop car came up and searched me and questioned me. It didn't help that I had on a small backpack where I kept my water and snacks for this endurance ride. I didn't have my ID on me, but thankfully I didn't fit the description of the guy. I had a lot of explaining to my neighbors! I found out later that the burglar had stolen a bike to flee. If anything, I've got a cool story to tell my grandkids one day.

jagerman jensen : forsenE

Goyim Proud : Turn off your tell lie vision! It's funny there's no law making the news tell the truth, this could get someone killed and there's no repercussions for it.

SuperTrisset : Sixtie? Is he gonna take it NO hes not gonna take it so there he is back at the Sixtyfreeway on Owanda so just backandforth backandforth dosent seem to me like this guy has any clear indication or clear idea of eh WHAT he wants initially to do, kinda just sustain an exit and eeh, but he is taken into custody at this point so eh, technically we are at Owanda here just north of the sixtiefreeway looks like he's pulling into a driveway here, dont know what this is that is butit looks like it may be a gasstation of some sort gasstation and it is. And eh is he gonna park OK so here we go. The guy has actually parked the guy has actually parked but i dont have any, well i do have a ground unit here along at Owanda. Wow look at that OK look at this guy my gudness OK well there is fifteen, Eh brown boots brown colored pants wow

bamfyfe : Did they shoot and kill him?

Grand Pu : Did that male reporter eat crow for saying "look at this guy oh my" as if a working guy construction or whatever is so bad. Im sure he said OH MY because of the way the guy looked.

Ryan T : anyone notice the attempt to brake check (insurance scam) the fleeing car lol