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Lema A : I cried so hard tears were overflowing, this hit me hard. You're a really strong person, and your poetry is beautiful and so moving. I'm glad I saw your reddit post! Keep up the amazing work!

Valerio Pons : You're really good at this. The poem was amazing too.

Alex Filice : Amazing.

Aayush Rajopadhyaya : Every freaking word felt that it was me.... Literally cried remembering... Why does this happen... Wish none will hav to suffer from this....its quite painful... N yeah i am moving on and its tough...

JUSTINOMALINO : Such a strong message, brother. Very well spoken.

Remi Moore : Great stuff man! You just gained a subscriber!

Phyllis Aiello : Wow words well spoken stay strong .

Elton Chan : felt every word spoken. everyone can feel the emotions put into this. great job Mikey. I'll remember this.

Royal Roach : Good stuff brother.

Brendan Snagg : jaw dropping

m farzana : Could u plz make another video showings this lyrics 😓😓

Adi Adichie : This made me cry.

Sarad Regmi : You just have amazing talent bro 😃😃 Watched it about 100 times