LOGAN PAUL INTERVIEW | True Geordie Podcast #99
Logan Paul Interview True Geordie Podcast

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True Geordie and Logan Paul finally meet. Logan Paul is about to fight KSI after they both released diss tracks to each other. KSI vs Logan Paul will be the biggest event in internet history.


Tutty : This is the interview that saved logan's career and all thanks to the moderator

Ella Elvins : Anyone else like this Logan more than the YouTube Logan

nourish. : well done both of you! great interview.

Daniel Hendricks : logan really look sincere in this video, which i liked, and i liked how he didn't defend himself, he owned up to his mistake

X2X Gaming : Woah True Geordie making big moves

Rodney Pierce : This dude is legit. He may have done some stupid shit, but he will come out a much better person after it. This is probably one of the realist interviews that i have seen of Logan. He was legit wide open in this interview I feel.

Wizzie Magi7ion : Man i hate to say it but its really hard to hate logan after this interview. He's really sincere and seems like a cool guy. He also talks with confidence and not cockiness. Hes confident he will win but acknowledges that anything can happen unlike jj. Now, to me, jj is just some egotistical maniac that is really cocky and thinks the only possible ending is him winning.

SirTheGHOST : Logan actually seems like such a down to earth guy.. He seems like a great guy when the camera is off.

James Witham : The weird thing is, I think Logan is sincere. He's O.T.T. at the best of times, but he is sincere. But Jake? He's for sure got a screw loose.

gedohu : Clicked faster than Logan is getting dropped

Lostin Dubstep : Not that big of a fan of Logan but look at his face. He genuinely is listening to every work Geordie is saying. I respect that from him. I hope to God he has truly learned his lesson

adriana roque : Logan was turning red because his build with sooo much emotions about his mistake. re living this for him is really hard because he made a mistake, but his trying to change.

Hεrmαη2κ4Hαjαηι YT : I can accept ads I can accept buffer But when the ads buffer I suffer

General Aladeen : Logan is much smarter than Jake. You can tell just by how he talks.

DontYouJuana : I think logan is a good guy.. he just let fame get to his head waaaaay too fast. The fact that his numbers were going up so fast in such a short period of time must’ve felt crazy for him.. and at his age, it must’ve been real real “cool” to have the spotlight. At that point.. the world was just a set where logan could record his next episode. I really like logan tho.. always have.. he has a good heart. Otherwise his friends would’ve turned their backs on him. Idk... good luck logan!!!

jiros00 : Geordie has become Logan's therapist.

Saitama : I think what's going on is that in his mind he doesn't know how to deal with death so his defense mechanism to keep him from getting uncomfortable, anxious, whatever it may be, is to make jokes laugh and any of the stuff that was said about it in the video. With his aunt and his grandma. It's to cope with what he has a hard time dealing with. Totally understandable, does it make it right? Absolutely not but it does give room for people to forgive and forget and for him to learn and mature. I respect you Logan for this "change" that your doing. Don't like you but I respect you for it

MrsVenus27 : Ok Logan, you've won me over a bit

LT.youtube : True Gordie is the thing that YouTube needed.

Hayden : Logans not bad, he’s just a bit blonde.

ChrisCarGuy - : Who watched the whole thing?

Annamay McMonagle : Get you a man who talks about you the logan talks about chloe

Just1n : Everyone makes mistakes. The only right thing to do is explain that you know you messed up. Logan did the right thing and changed how he is and his acts

michael Ashraf : Geordie has not got this fame because he jumped on a trend and just got luck. He is actually very talented in conducting interview and in showing the guy he will interview how there is no shame in being your real self and that these podcasts are made for mature men and not for senseless kids. He is the kind of guy anyone would open up to and not worry or be stressed. He is maybe the best interviewer on youtube right now. Also the creative team behind him is insane and he really chooses his people well.

Maltotman _ : Brian: You still sometimes get my name wrong Logan: *gets his name wrong*

Sam Roberts : I think me and geordie can agree...my respect for logan has grown...hes not so bad...just not exspreinced as a person. Hes still grwoing. Love the vid man. Greatttt job

Jude Bower : This has changed my view of Logan massively. Still think he’s a bit stupid in his vlogs but he seems a genuine guy

M E : This was the most mature conversation I’ve ever seen, you can tell Logan is sincere in all his replies to the questions, well done both of you.

Rawlab Radio : True Geordie - Youtuber of the year 2018.

FunFishie : Logan is more articulate and personable then Jake

boimackhead : wow hes only 200lbs? thats pretty light for a well-built, 6'2 guy

Fallen One : Great interview. Geordie did an amazing job here. It's good to see Logan maturing as a person and learning his mistakes. This talk was something he needed.

Swag : I don’t watch his videos anymore after everything and I don’t think I will ever go back to watching his videos, but if he changes and is real like this I hope the best for him and hope he learns even more from his mistakes and grows as a person. he needs to work on his ego and cockiness but overall he’s doing good so far

Théo Mathys : This guy has 1.2 mil subs, but i think he's still underrated

%??? : Is Logan changing or is this the real Logan? This fight is gonna be interesting.

Muse Russell23 : Logans a lot more likeable than Jake. Hes only 23 he may actually be maturing

Dos Tap : Logan has to credit True Geordie a lot for helping him rebuild his image. Brian actually gets people to get some respect for Logan in this video

SilentScream : Logan seems real and honest, I hope that he actually is. 'cause this educated me a lot about who Logan is. Hope Shane would do this with Jake.

JustVurb : this is a cross over i thought i would never see

Matthew Robb : I really hope Logan keeps his energy during the fight, if he doesn’t gas I think that Logan 100% has the fight. But the fact Logan hits so hard I feel KSI is going to frustrate Logan and make him tire out just like Mayweather did to McGregor.

Luke Dicamillo : Lol, can’t believe I am saying this... I forgive you Logan

Jamie ASHCROFT : Only just come to know who Logan is, along with KSI, Jake, True Geordie. Underneath it all, Logan seems a cool dude. He's only 23 he's still very young he will shape himself into an awesome guy.

quadro beam : Anyone who says infinity war was the most ambitious crossover hasn’t seen this

Rachael Gunn : No-one could have executed this better, stellar work Geordie

Mario Hurtado : Im glad you gave him the platform, not because what he did wasnt wrong or because im his fanboy or something, but because everyone deserves a platfor to speak and be forgiven... i know its hard to forgive, but i was a watching a video the other day of a dad forgiving the guy who killed his son and hugging him, seeing the dude break down in a tears... if im honest i did so too and remembering it makes me tear up.

Antonio Difranco : Geordie youve shown a side of logan that no one has seen like im a big fan of logans since day one and i always will be and youve shown us the better logan

jennifer Loy fairhurst : Well done you're the first interview to make LP look human!

Rachel Fairfield : I think Logan was being very authentic and real in this interview. In fact it’s the first time I’ve ever seen him be so genuine. If he was like this in all his vids I’d probably subscribe to him. This is the Logan I like. Not the idiot he’s pretending to be for the views.

the world is round but not really : True Geordies year. He put the work in and finally broke through, it wasn't luck that got him there, he worked hard for years to get here. Logan actually spoke quite well it's so strange seeing him be mature. He is an actual showman and he's good at it.