How to Bake a Cake

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devjock : There is the theory of the Moebius, where time becomes how to bake a cake.

Mel Smith : i think you accidentally uploaded the CIA torture video instead of instructions on how to bake cakes...

Chair Face : This channel was ahead of it's time

Aryan Shahi : Wow the content on this channel. It's not normal to have existed so long ago! I mean that was not the age of memes and everyone was unaware of other people's crazy sides completely. Such a video might come off as normal these days, the makers would get a 'nice edit' comment at best. What makes this so amazing is that it's from so long ago! And still so underviewed,I'm sure this channel will grow *now* if it's videos start popping into recommendations 6 years after they were supposed to

Victoria Blackrose : I see people on the comment section theorizing what the concept of this video is, and whether it is a meme or some sort of torture, I think its a method dealing with anxiety issues. For example people with anxiety tend to recreate different ways certain scenarios could have turned out like in their heads, this can often lead to major anxiety problems and drive the individual insane. Sometimes even recreating that scene in their heads a few times can lead to the scene playing over and over and over and over without being able to stop it. This is what anxiety is like, eventually the person is trapped and perpalled in a never ending scene. In most cases, the person might try to change a few details of the scene so it can have a different outcome and be able to exit their own mind, but logically this is not possible since the own human mind is not trained to act against itself. This video is a representation of those types of events. As we see the man pouring milk, when it repeats again it , the scene lasts longer before it repeat again, meaning it creates more room for details and even though the repetitions happen over and over again, making the next repetition longer is a therapeutic way to help cope with these type of actions that take place inside the mind. It i completely understandable that trying to watch the video for the first repetitions might be difficult, however, as the inividual soon understands that nother repetition will come after this one, the entity learns to trust the lacking detail in the next scene, helping overcome anxiety with baby steps. Anyways, if you did read thid whole thing i appreciate it 😊 thanks and have a nice day.

Taki-sensei : I'M HAVING A SEIZURE

Cori Arview : I'm trying to follow the directions, but you never said what temperature to bake it at. Or how long. Also, the icing isn't working out like it did in the clip. I found it easier to just use a bigger, half empty container of Vaseline, and just mixed everything in it so I could pour it on the cake. 10/10

bobbie rkt : Where has this video been all my life. Wtf youtube algorithms.

Amy Reade : just add whatever you think should be in a cake...

Faith Emmanuel : *H O W T O B A K E A C A K E*

J'ouvre Mes Volets : Hidden gem

Robert Roth : Dear Daniel, Just stumbled on this the other day, hadn't looked at it for a long while. Something pulled me to it. Was startled to see how many people have been watching it the last couple of weeks. And the comments are a hoot. Thanks again for inviting me to participate in it. Robert

Crei D : Have you discovered time travel?

Merve Kuzu : For me, this short film is an artistic and critical revision of social banality and inconclusive effort put in the unnecessary aspects of life, love it :D

Kim J : This is so stressful to see! 🤣

Shäd Jøe : Why am I finding this channel now

that_lucky_girl 98 : n im watching it in 2018

Good Girl : I normally don't watch stupid things but i really liked it

Aini Messi : Despite of the crazy unscrupulous ingredients...the cake turned out to be normal😂

SeanDarling : The fake orgy at the end was very dissapointing. But besides that, I would 100% bake a cake with these easy steps at a party! Everyone would love it! It'll be an easy clean-up in the kitchen afterwards as well. Well, except the bodies...

Nakita Maria : If anyone wants to know what anxiety is like I'll just show them this.

Haoua Senoussi : I’m stroking out

Redbones Honeypot : After seeing I know I have truly lived.

ollah4 : Love it o.o...why did I never see this before?!

Jaaq Ess : Madness

Christopher Jeffers : Am I trippin or do i know how to bake a cake now

papaya mango : I feel like I’m being brainwashed

Kuroyukikaze Kanade : This channel is really ahead of its time... By at least 6 years.

Solly : 6 minutes of black and white, and I feel like I'm going insane.

FienX : This channel was ahead of its time and the molecular mango video is spectacular, I wish you did more science meets food meets memes videos.

dragonfire 101 : WHAT DID I JUST WATCH


Nicholas Lee : LMAO The THX soundtrack

Petra Uhráková : This video is me having anxiety attack and freaking out about everything while being out with people and everything magically turns great at the end of the day.

crippling anxiety : Baking cakes with science because science always makes things better and sciencey

Aayush scissorhand : dude are you the 1st guy to put on a youtube video..?

filho do bilho : 420 likes on this video right now

It's Garnet bishhh : Am I high or is this for real?

Momen elorbany : The cake orgy did happen tho... (Human cake feat filthy frank)

Llamasaur With a biscuit : You have to use plenty of that *SpEcIAl PoWdEr*

Veronika Vařáková : my favourite video on youtube

redbug : 2018 and still relevant.

ollah4 : I am still way too happy to be watching this

dragonfire 101 : ???

MadPotato360 TM : I've been following these instructions while listening to it. I think i put way too much powder and dashes of milk. Help EDIT: I've had to master the arts of the reversed matsulife style to make the icing. But it was definitely worth it

Jasu Min : Masuq

Lexe : Claude François.. really ? 😂

UnicornsLove Marla : This is crazy! This just popped into my recommended videos and I was thoroughly surprised and pleased!! Can’t believe such a meme like video was posted 8 years ago!!! So much appreciated for this grossly under viewed and ahead of it’s time YouTube channel

IdonotknowwhyyoutubeletsyouhavealongnamebutthisislitsoiamusingitandmynameisLenny : I don't know why but... For me the guy looks like that pedophile that uploaded a video with him singing pretty woman.

Brandon Scherrer : Prokofiev Sonata 7,movement 3.