The Big O Opening/Intro Theme [720p]

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LadyRuelleyn : Roger Smith is basically anime batman. XD

pocketsuke : Im getting a queen "Flash" vibe from this theme. very similar 

David R : I love how this opening manages to simultaneously tell you everything and _nothing_ about the show.

Vinnce12 : This opening manages to feel both half-assed and awesome at the same time.


Michael Fang : My Adult Swim nights were like this.

XDarksoulX1129 : Lol "android" "butler" "officer" such a diverse character roster

mamushi72sai : Cast in the name of God Ye not the guilty We have came to team! Big-O!

Dicey : BIG HOE

Justin Gibbons : I wish this show got more love man, it's got some great deep moments...


Backyardmech1 : I miss the beginnings of AS. When I could catch Inuyasha, this, and Cowboy Bebop.

Mr. RunningMan : sounds like the Flash Gordon theme

Moonlight Quiver : So, this is a ... Big O-pening? :D

Starcoffin : OH! Its Flash by Queen!!!!!

serenadesilhout : Little known fact is that many of the same japanese people that animated Batman The Animated Series also animated Big O.

That Fucking Hipster Over There : ...FLASH! A-AAAAH!

Big O : Whenever you hear that alarm and that electric thumping, it heavily reminds me of Flash Gordon and the Hawkmen attacking that battle cruiser.

LadyStardust : what even WAS this show about.

StevenT2112 : This is sooo eerily similar to the Flash Theme by Queen that it hurts... I love the show but... How can anyone not make a connection between this opening and that song? XD

Zangetzu419 : I love this song, even though it's just 2 words. lol

Isaiah Rivers : I actually saw this on Toonami back then as a non-cursing and stuff anime back then when i was a kid until guys a Cartoon Network decided to move Big O over to Adult Swim and have the anime use swear words and stuff for some reason i don't know of.

Jake Gibson : imagine this being Rick rolled holy shit

H0ll0w360 : That moment Ghost in the shell got a movie but Big O didn't... they did a pacific rim movie so they can easily pull off big o

Kenji K : Fun fact: Sunrise and Bandai got in trouble with Freddie Mercury's estate over this sound-alike to Flash Gordon, and had to record a brand new theme song to use in its place for future printings of the DVDs. The end result...was a sound alike of 'All Day and All of the Night' by the Kinks. Guess the Kinks' estate isn't as litigious.

Allen Garvin : I never understood the fundamental concept of upper limits of algorithmic complexity of O(n) in CS until I saw this show.

doomblackdragon : I really think this song is what helped made this anime great. I think it lost part of it soul when they chose not to used it in adult swim for season 2.

I Control My Fate : I like it when they say Big O

keven pumarejo : I'm digging those alarm sounds in the song, weirdly I think that's what makes the song for me lol

Rcdevil1 : Greatest guy in shades ever. Roger Smith.

Shady D : So what's this show called anyway?

RaccoonPunter : Flash?

Red Kopler : Bingo! Bingo Bingo- BINGO~!


DannyIsntHere : Big O Cowboy Bebop Trigun Adult Swim needs to bring these back...

Joel Luis : The show that wow Toonami possible. The best anime that has robots and that name is Big O.

MoppyPuppy : Rip off of Flash Gordon but I love it despite that.

Magician2086 : Why do I hear the Flash Gordon theme by Queen here?

aliastheabnormal : Japanese mecha pilot Batman!

Radheksa Bintang Akbar : Is big o also savior of the universe?

dimsumboy22 : love this ULTRAMAN!

Terrance Jordan : Am I the only one hearing pickle?

xelena : BIG O! SHO-TIME!

SoapKing : Big O! Showtime!

Sean Tape : It's like Batman TAS with giant robots,..& tomatoes...

PKKINGCRIMSON REQUIEM Ω : "Even without the events of 40 years ago, I think man would still be a creature that fears the dark. He doesn't face that fear, he averts his eyes from it and acts as if he doesn't have any memories of his past. But, 40 years is both a short time and yet, a long time. Man's fear has withered. And even time itself tries to wither the desire to know the truth. Is it a crime to try and learn the truth? Is it a sin to search for those things which you fear. My purpose in this world is knowledge, and the dissemination of it. And it is I who is to restore the fruits of my labor to the entire world. Fear... It is something vital to us puny creatures. The instant man stop fearing is the instant the species reaches a dead end, only to sink to pitable lows, only to sit and wait apathetically for extinction. Humans who lose the ability to think become creatures whose existence has no value. Wake up! Don't be afraid of knowledge! Think, you humans who are split into two worlds, unless you want the gulf between humans to expand into oblivion, you must think!   Signed, Schwarzwald"


mazinkaiser 1999 : 何回も聴いてるとかっこよく聞こえる

MrInuhanyou123 : Toonami, you are bringing back FLCL, WHY NOT BIG O SEASON 3!?

Carlos Eduardo : Big O Big O Big O Big Daah nanana Dunanana