Deadliest cat on Earth - Big Cats: Preview - BBC One

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SUBSCRIBE to the OFFICIAL BBC YouTube channel: LAUNCH BBC iPlayer to access Live TV and Box Sets: Programme website: In the Karoo desert, South Africa, a black-footed cat stalks its prey. With a 60% success rate, they're the deadliest of all cats.

Comments from Youtube

Bobrian Fo : 1:31 that cat's expression with that music is hilarious

Ris's Pieces : My goodness, so adorable, but ferocious at 1:33 with her main thought “Your next camera man”.

Bk Jeong : For those who want one: This species is not in the pet trade and I really hope you don't try to catch one yourself.

Hannah Zoey : Dangerous but CUTE!!!

The Doctor : * picks the cat up and cuddles*

Mat G : Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, Purr purr purr.

Pavel Trigub : Deadliest but cutest

Rebecca Bertolini : Of course she's lethal, people get heart attacks from cuteness when they see her. So feisty. So fluffy.

NyaasuPanzer : He protec He Attac But most importantly He just a friendly cute cat not dangerous

thelyniezian : Now this is what a proper cat video should look like.

tdolz : Big deal. My cat can jump from the foot of the bed to my sleeping head when it wants food. Effective 100% of the time.

Shariska : The cat's legs are so short😂

Sebastian : I can´t belive you´re acutally throwing domestic cats into the wild and then filming them ;)

Gini Childers : The way she wiggled her butt before she pounced was too cute! X3 Reminds me exactly of mine when I play with her.


Maik The Liar : SO KYOOOT!

ragejinraver : Why is it always the cute ones that are the most deadly ?

just Some random person : BULLSH** the cat is a payed actor.

adrenalinejunnkie : what a ferocious beast!

Sylveon Cupcake : Narrator: It'll go for anything that moves *pans to scorpion* Me: NO DON'T EAT THAT

Brian Jackson : 60% thats better than tigers or lions not bad for a little fella

Din l : I was like : " oh, just another cute cat video" But at 1:30 " Holly Shiittt!"

mh jazzi : Precious

fulcrum 29 : Deadliest cat on earth? I want one

jarjozzcell : 60% of the time, it works everytime.

hipnhappenin : Looks like my cat before he goes for my legs.

Ogion : To survive in that environment, it doesnt matter how cute you are... you gotta be mean!!

Nisha Ismail : Cutest thing everrrrrrrrr!!!!! 😻😻😻😻

Mo Salah : "anything that moves is a potential meal" how can this cute thing be that much dangerous ahahaah lol :d

알 라코 : 1:31 is me when I try to act fierce but end up looking like a fluff ball instead

Nor Priest : "Deadliest Cat on Earth" *Showing a random cute cat*

CherryCherry Five : Grrr! I'm not cute, I'm ferocious!! ❤️

SH Karen : A Deadly Cutest Cat

F.M Aliz : Poor bird but Cat was so cute 💕💕💕💕

Steve M : That is the most adorable murderer ever

Ozan Kalınağaç : Cute but psycho.

douglepong : I feel as though my friend's cat that beat the crap out of me last week can give this thing a run for it's money.

June Jung : YEP it truly is my heart... GOSH cuteness overloaded nearly gave me a heart attack

SnowChickenFlake : R.I.P Bird [*][*][*]

psalm91rdwlkfpgrl : I don't think she appreciates wearing that radio collar xD

DangerMouSe : Killing with cuteness 😼

ElfHighMage : Step aside, Vorpal Bunny, I'M THE BEST THERE IS!

Bunny Bustard : "You see this bird? That could be you if you get in my way"

Xx X xX : 1:33 the cameraman be like: Oooh shit i'm dead ⚠️

slopet6 : 1. Deadliest cat cant catch a mouse 2. Deadliest cat is cute and cuddly 3. The video seems to be shot in someone's back yard 4. The jump is cut and the cat ends up posing for the camera with a dead still bird in the mouth Not convinced. I think swans are dealier

Darksepheroth : How do they even capture shots like this?

Ava : murder muffin

Chrimbo : *S O F T B O I*

WillWhiskey : Wish they cold make the trackers smaller :/ i know that they dont impare the animals at all but still it probably isnt pleasant for them either