Deadliest cat on Earth - Big Cats: Preview - BBC One

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Losaru : That face says "I may be short, but this narrator guy isn't lying. Don't f*** with me."

Bobrian Fo : 1:31 that cat's expression with that music is hilarious

Hannah Zoey : Dangerous but CUTE!!!

Ris's Pieces : My goodness, so adorable, but ferocious at 1:33 with her main thought “Your next camera man”.

Mat G : Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, Purr purr purr.

Pavel Trigub : Deadliest but cutest

The Doctor : * picks the cat up and cuddles*

NyaasuPanzer : He protec He Attac But most importantly He just a friendly cute cat not dangerous

Sebastian Bach : I can´t belive you´re acutally throwing domestic cats into the wild and then filming them ;)

thelyniezian : Now this is what a proper cat video should look like.

Maik The Liar : SO KYOOOT!

安阳纯一 : The cat's legs are so short😂

Gini Childers : The way she wiggled her butt before she pounced was too cute! X3 Reminds me exactly of mine when I play with her.

Bk Jeong : For those who want one: This species is not in the pet trade and I really hope you don't try to catch one yourself.

mh jazzi : Precious

adrenalinejunnkie : what a ferocious beast!

hipnhappenin : Looks like my cat before he goes for my legs.

Nhiha Vove : Is this a joke

Nisha Ismail : Cutest thing everrrrrrrrr!!!!! 😻😻😻😻

douglepong : I feel as though my friend's cat that beat the crap out of me last week can give this thing a run for it's money.

SH Karen : A Deadly Cutest Cat

BHzZRiK : R.I.P Bird [*][*][*]

Din l : I was like : " oh, just another cute cat video" But at 1:30 " Holly Shiittt!"

just Some random person : BULLSH** the cat is a payed actor.

Indra Servo : What a fluffy little blender

fulcrum 29 : Deadliest cat on earth? I want one

Ozan KALINAĞAÇ : Cute but psycho.

Chris J : *S O F T B O I*

psalm91rdwlkfpgrl : I don't think she appreciates wearing that radio collar xD

Meetalo : To survive in that environment, it doesnt matter how cute you are... you gotta be mean!!

Bianca Wall : Who else is here from iFunny?

Darksepheroth : How do they even capture shots like this?

F.M Aliz : Poor bird but Cat was so cute 💕💕💕💕

melovetolaugh : Even when it bites the prey still manage to looks adorable It looks coming out from anime or cartoon


Sylveon Cupcake : Narrator: It'll go for anything that moves *pans to scorpion* Me: NO DON'T EAT THAT

marqui easton : Sooo why do Kardashians love black guys? Because we have big Dreams of becoming basketball players and rappers 😐

That one Guy : I dont go out eating random birds 0:46 *but that thing is basicly a drumroll with wings.* -a winged wing-

Sepp : WOW sehr gefährliche Mietzi Moasn

Loretta Vamperetta : Beautiful animal

άλφα F209 : she uses heart-attack when hunting...

sunset moonrise : Awwwww look at the cute little kitty!!!! 😻

yona pyo : so so so so so ........ cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DangerMouSe : Killing with cuteness 😼

sumwunelse : "anything that moves is a potential meal" how can this cute thing be that much dangerous ahahaah lol :d

Stephen Henderson : O MY GOSH I LOVE CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WillWhiskey : Wish they cold make the trackers smaller :/ i know that they dont impare the animals at all but still it probably isnt pleasant for them either

champ always : Cute and dangerous

ivalicetifalucis : I can’t take this tootles seriously. If I see it I might pet it, who cares if I’m gonna lose a chunk of my flesh? 😂

jarjozzcell : 60% of the time, it works everytime.