The Chemical Brothers - Let Forever Be

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Garlicjr Made : 1999- what an amazing time to be a teenager, before the world went to shit.

Sensi Bleb : How does it feel like to watch this in 360p?

symir547 : Michel Gondry is a genius

Jonathan Gomez : The Tomorrow Never Knows of the 90's.

Geovane Morgan : This sounds remarkably similar to The Beatles: Tomorrow Never Knows

Kowgan : I was looking for that song for SO. FUCKING. LONG. I couldn't ever remember the exact lyrics. I looked for "How can you feel like", "How could it be like", and so many other variants. And after giving up, today I had this epiphany where "how does it feel like" came straight into my head, and somehow, I knew that had to be it. Brain, you weirdo.

zspud1994 : This is hands down the best music video I've ever seen

MitchelGant : Be honest, we've all had days like that. You know how it goes, you wake up with a tramp playing drums in your bedroom and all sorts of trippy shit going on. Happens all the time.

0prahTV : I quit LSD after I saw this video. 15 years sober now. Thanks, Chemical Brothers!

Johnie O Sullivan : 99% of kasabians sond came from this song

simonjz05 : My favourite Chemical Brothers track.. and Noel on vocals is just amazing.

DB Pooper : Amazing what the director was able to accomplish with little more than a few props, actresses and editing tricks.  It probably wasn't even an expensive video to make, but the results are mind boggling.  It's only through repeated viewing that you begin to understand and appreciate what is actually going on and how clever it all is.

jockadoobee : I used to hate this song as it was on constant rotation on MTV2 back in the day. Hearing it again for the first time in about a decade... not bad. Not bad at all. I still can't watch the video without feeling sick.

Klaus1986 : This video deserves more views!! Noel Gallagher with a great colaboration with the Brothers.

!ManUub! 13 - Vídeos : Michel Gondry is master.....verry cool

Camilo Mejía : Turn off your mind, relax and flow downstream; it is not dying… it is not dying… 

Cross Product : See, this is what happens if you time travel when you don't know what you're doing.

Jesús Landín : noel's vocals on point

MegaJetJaguar : This is one of the best music videos ever created!

Alan Brito : Underated as hell

Eammon Wright : One of the most accurate parts of an Acid trip - where you focus into real life for a brief second and then it goes blurry and everything melts and all the colours and shapes come out. Amazing.

Shawn Standiford : Quite possibly my favorite Michel Gondry video. Also not a bad take on The Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows".

Craig Isaac : Only found out the other day the vocal is actually Noel Gallagher!!!!! Absolute belterr of a tune fair play

TANTRUM records : Tomorrow Never Knows

tnargtnarud : Oh my god. I remember being 10 and seeing this play at 12 in the morning thinking what the hell did I just watch. Nostalgia has begun.

Jack Pandalord : OMG this clip is aesthetically amazing!!!

Tuco Salamanca : Remember when music used to be _good?_

David M : This is the best chemical brothers song

For Your Consideration : Tomorrow never knows

Raül Ache : Noel gallagher !!! 90's

sub ZEЯO : thanx to ringo starr drums skill........this kind of music was born

leo marino : 2018 anyone

dannyK2005 : forgot how much I miss acid

Lukman Arifin : michel gondry the best

Francisco Revuelta : tomorrow never knows

Lyndon Edwards : The guy with the beard on the drums, he wins the internet today.

Reverend scumlord : How do you even start planning a video like this? Made with a fraction of the computing power we have now too.

Mike Honcho : Love this video, though it makes me feel like I'm on drugs.

sshampoo : One of the best music videos of all time.

Günter Von Düctrape : omg, the 90s, i remember now, all of it

P Hampton : This really needs a reupload. Poor quality and cropped top & bottom to force widescreen.

Vinicio Sejas : need this in 4k

Chris C : Disagree with the Beatles 'Tomorrow Never Knows' post somewhat. Yep, it sounds a smidge like it but compare the drums to 'Setting Sun'; to me that sounds a lot more like the beat on the Beatles song,. The drumming on LFB has a reggae style breakbeat. The other two don't.


Frank Montoya : Without even a doubt, one of the greater marvels of music videos. It's all there: Time, Space, Life, the hexagon, and the Pythagorian Music of the Spheres.

greyeyed123 : Why can't anyone let forever be? WHY?

James Strachan : Masterpiece.

BubbaZen10 : Meh, feels ok i guess.

Amy VanHym : Why is this only available in 360p? It's genius!

JB1052 : Such a cool video I think.  I like the way the video was made and her dancing is great.  Her name is Stephanie Landwehr.  Cool how it all transitioned one to the other.