Elder Scrolls online IS CANON! Systematic Demystification & Abuse of Tropes | EVERYTHING'S RUINED!

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Zaric Zhakaron : Literary Fiction vs Genre Fiction - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSWjrhpuLEI

Divine Potato : Legend has it.. if your early enough and daddy Todd blesses you. (Other then with another skyrim) Zaric will notice you

Diogenes Castor : Something I noticed about your analysis of Skyrim and ESO is that, while you are critical of them, you also are quick to point out good qualities of the games. Also, in speaking of the older TES titles, you are clear that you a fond of them but you don't ignore their flaws. Zaric, your opinions are pretty obvious. However, your analysis is overall pretty fair that I've seen.

The Poison Bucket : The greatest and most ironic thing about fandoms is that they are usually not the target audience of the product that are a fan of.

Not funny : The problem I have with ESO's lore is that I had this view of 2nd Era Tamriel that came from the Pocket Guide to the Empire that I really loved, a land of high magic and technology, where the Sunbirds of Alinor explored the mysteries of aetherius, where dragons and airships soared the sky above the tropical Jungle of Cyrodiil, where most Nords were fierce warriors learned in the ways of the Thu'um and massive living trees walked the forests of Valenwood. As the writing and the setting in the Elder Scrolls series got progressively worse I took refuge in that, in a way. I thought "Yes Cyrodiil is Middle Earth and the Nords are boring as hell now but at least the second Era was cool, imagine how it would be like to have a game set in that time period". Then ESO happened. I know it's my fault for expecting something more than a shallow Elder Scrolls themed themepark but come on, you have a book describing 2nd Era Tamriel in the goddamn games and you still fucked it up.

Gord Lord : ESO is Nick Cannon? Never knew that would happen... Interesting video jokes aside.

Jesse McCormick : I think that Fallout: New Vegas and The Witcher 3 are proof that you can make an amazing open world game that's legitimately fun to play AND have an interesting story with compelling characters. While Obsidian didn't have to build a new engine and assets on top of that, CD Projekt Red did, and it still turned out very well.

Jean Luc Picasso : omg ur such a nerd

The Lich King MK : Skyrim - Has a few choices - Has character creation - Has multiple playstyles Black Ops 2 - Has a few choices - Has character creation - Has multiple playstyles I'm just saying

Wulfhart Ice-Bear : Friendly reminder that Todd Howard is the type of guy that likes chopping people's heads off with a big axe.

DSG CubiK : hell yeah Zaric!!! ive felt the same way for a long time i played morrowind as a child and was blown away to be able to play Daggerfall with all the patches and bug fixes, i even enjoyed oblivion a bit, but when it came down the line ive lost hope for bethesda to recapture the design that put them on this stage to start with. Great Content Zaric!!!! Keep it up and cant wait for more.

Jerry McNulty : Yes sick of hipster garbage!!! Lord Zaric speaketh thy truth!!!

stalker 5151 : NO! I see the title and I just threw my water

iron mask of hell : Oh well. Tes lore was never that much consistent in the first place though ESO makes things worse. I have given up on TES.

Jaer Nihiltheus : ESO is bad canon, still canon, but bad (writing wise) canon and it makes me feel icky. Gud bideo as always, high lord raven.

starfthegreat : Is that a playthrough of Vigilant in the background? Will you make a full review video of this mod (like the one you did for undeath), with your explanation of the lore behind it?

Chris Coyle : That "chapter" whisper of mocking intrigue always gets me

Dominick Holmes : Zaric you are the Tenth Divine.

JesterFace05 : It's time for a Dragon Break.

Mephilis 78 : Let's face it Zaric, we live in a postmodern, relativistic world, that has a deep seeded hatred for all things related to lore, or cannon. Every franchise that ever existed with a rich and vibrant lore, is now being systematically assassinated. Rian Johnson's Kylo Ren summed it up the best way possible , "Let the past die, kill it if you have to!" That is precisely the goal of all modern media; games, film, television, and theater alike. In fact, even mainstream journalistic media, seems to follow the philosophy. Companies like CNN make statements today, masquerading as facts, thinking that people don't know how to look up older news clips to see how the story has changed.

Mariaalicia Barraza : Nonono NO NO NO! Godammit Bethesda! Haven't watched video yet... so I'll edit or delete if needed

blondegamerguy : Always remember that before you blame Bethesda Softworks/Game Studios or Todd Howard - they DON'T own rights to the The Elder Scrolls franchise anymore, Zenimax does. They completely sold out to Zenimax, because of financial problems (went almost bankrupt) at the time around when Morrowind was created. Which means ESO, the Creation Club, The Elder Scrolls Legends, etc, there is nothing Todd Howard or Bethesda Softworks/Game Studios can do about it, even if they dislike it and don't want these games/platforms to exist! If the guys at Zenimax say they want the Creation Club and ESO, and Legends, then so be it. Todd Howard has to oblige, or he is gone. Bethesda Softworks/Game Studios are AS OWNED by Zenimax as Bioware is owned by EA. I am not saying the relationship between owner and owned is comparable between both groups, but they are still owned either way.

SmugGrog 98 : The world of TES is just wasted potential for me, it had a unique fantasy world which we got a glimpse of in Morrowind and Redguard. But Bethesda does not want to commit to this vision and after seeing the rivendell expansion for eso its clear what direction there tacking. I have very little faith in TES 6 and i am more invested in fan projects like Beyond Skyrim and Tamriel Rebuilt then any official content released by Bethesda which is a damn shame.

A. Grekin : Man it’s been so long since you did a good rant!

wolflordshaitan : I started with Oblivion. I loved it so much I got morrowind to see what it was all about. Morrowind was so much more full. I couldn't believe how much was stripped out moving forward into es4.

Ferodaktyl : lost the plot in 3 min. maybe a little less "allegorical" would help the hipsters too...

Altrantis : I enjoy ESO's story more than Skyrim's, and I think it's because I'm a dialogue sort of person. I frankly don't care about plot a lot, because plot always feels artificial to me. I kind of like things to happen in unpredictable ways that aren't meant to teach you a moral, which means I basically find all highly structured, overarching plots lame and predictable. Any story that is clearly designed to have a beginning, middle and end feels unrealistic to me. No, not unrealistic, it's just I can see the hand of the author, I can see the puppeteer's wrist, so to speak. That has led me to disregard plot altogether in most games, and focus on flavor and character dialogue. And ESO's dialogue is much, much better than any of the previous ones except maybe a few important characters in Morrowind. So many more memorable characters. I also like that they've gone back and fixed the portrayal of some things to the version of previous games as opposed to latter ones. Nords, for instance, feel more like they're described in the lore in ESO than how they're portrayed in Skyrim. And while you mostly meet half-practitioners of the green pact in Valenwood in ESO, it's still more than the 0 mention of the green pact other than in lorebooks in all the previous games, and you still get to meet some people saying they do eat people. Previous TES games have been horrible at portraying races that are not the home race of the province. ESO gives a half swing at all of them, rather than only doing one race right. Now, I don't say this really defending the game, I'm making a case of why I think ESO's writing is better than some of the previous games in a lot of ways.

BTU RX : Honestly, i don't care if ESO is canon or not. I never cared enough to try and learn it. I never played ESO. I spent $20 on a used copy of the game, found out about the $45 in "chapters" before clockwork city and Horns of the Reach came out. Then they release $45 of Morrowind and they're doing that again with the Summerset Isles expansion. Add microtransactions on top of that with timed exclusives and I don't want to play it. The game's not worth $200. It's a f*cking rip off.

Alex Gun : Maybe I'm one of those fanatics, but I refuse to consider ESO as canon. I like it, but for me it's "unrelieble narrator", or "Dragon break", or both

skrv : Needs more Babylon 5.

Venser's Prodigy : I admit that I've never played morrowind, and I never really got into oblivion, but I'm going to disagree with some of these points. I'm not going to touch on which is better, as it would be the equivalent of a tailor telling a doctor that vaccines cause autism, but I will refute the premise that demystification & consistency is inherently toxic to a fantasy setting. While you are correct that doing so inhibits suspension of disbelief, there are a number of other benefits to doing so. Consistency is important, as the infamous comic book where squirrel girl defeats doctor doom shows. A individual's power can ebb and flow, but radical shifts in power as the plot demands is terrible writing. A excellent example of a setting that adds gritty realism to high fantasy is warhammer fantasy. I'm ignoring the end times and everyting afterwords, as nothing can save you from poor writing, but warhammer fantasy uses very realistic historical trends as a tool. The empire forged by Sigmar, a empire sharing many aspects with Rome, eventually became the mess that is the Empire under Karl Franz, showing the decent into the mess that was the Holy Roman Empire. Magic provided new problems and solutions, but human nature and non-magical elements still defined much of the course of it's history. You also mentioned how the demystification of the dragon aspects in WoW was a bad thing. I disagree. Not only was it vital to the telling of many stories involving their spheres, good luck having the war between the blue dragonflight and mages without exploring what the blue dragons are and what their job is. Making their static nature a plot point also showed how their powers, once considered almost godlike, were now being eclipsed by the mortals they had sworn to protect. While purging their powers was so the designers could repeatably use them, and was stupid and should have merely been them admitting the alliance and horde were each more powerful, more good came from this demystification than bad. The problem is that it is a very useful set of tools for the purpose of improving profits through degradation of story quality. Each system I mentioned eventually suffered from it's overuse and the problems coming from this overuse. But saying they are bad is like saying death is bad. Or spiders. They may not be pleasant to see, they are bad in many situations and must be balanced with other things, but they are vital.

digitalized _id4 : You make a ton of good points

NaZtRdAmUs : The worst part about Disney owning StarWars is that I'm never gonna get my Darth Revan film.

WeegeeSlayer : Capitalists don't care about us, they don't care how much you love them, they're just here to distribute their products.

ROMAN807 : C H A P T E R

C J Collett : That Capital L Literature Vs Genre fiction stuff is rampant in university, Genre is just scoffed at and dismissed while a lot of pretentious hooey is praised because it's "Literature".

Mawthra : "Or that silly card game" lmfao that shade was unreal

clean carp : What saddens me even more is how quickly people forgive the mistakes and decisions made by Bethesda Softworks. After the entire outrage caused by the Creation Club launch, the Steam ratings of Skyrim SE and Fallout 4 are back up. When ES 6 will finally be launched, people will blindly buy it, despite of its quality. I guess we get what we deserve. We are just dumb mammals, who assume the decisions we make are entirely ours and the entertainment industry thrives on this .

MAD Skittles : This is why I subscribe and watch you Zaric, Thank you sir

SheepXplore : Tbh the Vigilant mod for skyrim should be classified as canon, not EOS. Btw SUCH a great mod!

William Fenton : There are two major problems with ESO. The first is clear to me, and that is I hate the combat, with the swapping back and forth between hotbars and the fact you can spam abilities non stop until you run out of resources, coupled with how weapon swings feel weak as you spam those between specials. It just feels WRONG to me. It would be far better - for me - if abilities had cooldowns so there's far more swinging weapons and firing off staves and arrows like a traditional ES game. Those spells would actually mean far more as you don't just spam them over and over, which also creates a complete visual mess on the screen of cancelled animations and glowing effects. The second problem is the game just seems soulless. This one is very difficult to pin down exactly, because it's difficult to explain in words. It's probably because like all other MMOs of this type, it just doesn't feel like the world is alive. It may be partly because any world changes are entirely localised, but I'm sure this is far from the only issue. Another one is certainly the lack of a meaningful day/night cycle, because even though it is shown visually, NPCs don't at all change their habits-- probably because of the thinking "It's a persistent world with no accelerated time, so waiting isn't fun." which is a fair point, but having that convenience to me isn't worth the negative effect of losing an important aspect of immersion.

A WAH DI RASS : is the suit a gimmick or is it that comfortable?

Infinite Skies : This video is Zaric's descent towards the heart of darkness. Make more lore vids, just ignore or side-mention ESO. Or dissect ESO and explicitly end your TES vids.

SlenpaiwasHere : :115 a great example of this is Harry Potter

Murderous Johnny : I think map markers are a good thing. Reading directions isn't exactly some amazing experience. Nice vid.

Sahloknir : Calling people culture snobs and then going on to make this video is kinda ironic, innit ?

Substandard Gamer Kiba : You know literature as pig knows culinary.

SpeedygunOne : I read about the first four chapters of the Infernal city and I haven't touched it since nor the second book. Just couldn't get into it.

Tisamon : It's Non canon, I don't care.

Victor Bressler : The reason I think that people get so angry about newer and newer releases of games is that people have such high expectations for things that they obsessed with.