Project 4k77 teaser

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Marcelo Zuniga : God-DAMN. I'd love to see more when you complete them. I have a strong appreciation for remastering processes like these. I'm almost too spoiled by it to ever enjoy DVDs ever again. : I think the colors look good, though the contrast and saturation do need some adjusting.

Mara's Musings : I'd pay to see that in a theater...

Jacob Kitts : Be careful to not lose any detail with your grading. Crushing the black levels and blowing out the whites isn't worth losing any detail.

BarryDennen12 : When it's not yours, scan first - finish the project - THEN announce. I'm kinda worried that this'll get Cease and Desist'd before people are able to enjoy the results.

Anton Helgesson : Disney should hire you guys

Oliver : Please make this work, I am so damn excited!!!

Red Static : SUED : I see most of the comments are about the legal issues. I don't see anything illegal about what we have done so far. Releasing it would be illegal, selling it would be illegal. Did we do either of these things? This video just shows what can be done with a few release prints scanned at 4k - by complete amateurs! Mike Verta's Legacy Edition will still blow this away, as would anything Disney might release from the original interpositives. If Disney does the right thing, this project will be a complete waste of time and effort. And I'm fine with that. But the latest word from their camp suggests that any 4K/40th anniversary box set will really only be a 20th anniversary box set of the Special Editions.

Sam Licitra : Hopefully it comes out as well as Harmy's but in 4k.

EZ TV : I really don’t understand why anyone gets such a boner for Star Wars. The first three (episode 4,5, and 6) were really the only ones I thought were good but not so great that I got crazy about the movie. I can understand at the time when it came out, it was probably a fantastic adventure for audiences. However, as time has progressed with all of the remakes and cgi, I just don’t get it. I’m not hatin’ on anyone here, but I just don’t get it. What is the point in this? From the video, there’s been, what like seven different updated versions of the film. It’s fine. How much more money are fans gonna shell out to watch the same movie they’ve watched hundreds of time over. There’s nothing new that you haven’t seen or read about? I don’t understand.

DaftHacker : The skin seems really red compared to the original.

fedor3000 : tbh i like the vhs version the most! out of nostagical reasons i think. but this is one of the most important parts of the love for that movie. If someone offerd me the vhs and some "better" version, i'd always choose the vhs version.

Jeff Johnson : Good luck with the project guys!

🌍 Mister No : Not all heroes wear a cape... Keep up the great job!

Ludovic Mallet : Whaa Nice! But please, don't forget the audio, the track here is garbage quality...

Summoner A : I can use instagram filters as well..

1 Gamer 2 Another : What sort of sorcery is this?!?!

doc ops : Part 8 was dope

Elle Mundy : I hope the sound quality is a little better than this trailer's.

P Number8 : Looks SUPERB, lifelike colors and great sharpness. Now when UHD Bluray format is out maybe we will see official 4K restoration

Johnny Stevens : you could make a 4k upgrade to the despecialized edition. It would be better and i bet they would welcome it.

thepiecesfit : OMG. I came.

Massimo : Looks great

1lapmagic : have fun wasting time and getting shut down. create something new rather than obsessing over old shit.

Auli : The #4k77 hashtag should evolve into a droid. It's exactly the one we're looking for,

Nukleon : People might say you can get 4k from 35mm, but from what I understand, what you have are some old release prints. Those are most definitely not worth 4k, unless you count the added grain, dirt and optical duplications errors details. Regardless it's nice to see, but there's no way this would ever be as good as if Disney/Fox/LucasFilm finally rebuilt the original negative and scanned that.

Lightsaber Twelve : This is a complete waste of your time. Not only are Disney/Lucasfilm remastering the originals in 4K, but they are converting them to 3D as they did with Episodes 1-3. The 4K3D versions of 1-3 are complete and were shown in their entirety to the public at Celebration Orlando 2017. Obviously it will take more time with 4-6 since they are being converted from 70mm film. Disney is only holding out until 4K3D is something people have in their homes. It won't be long.

Andy Scott : The color correction looks very bad please don't continue

Justin Case : just curious why this hasnt happened yet?

Myles Migginy : Cheers lads!! Cant wait, perfect video by the way!

Mister Artist : The hell's with the Force Awakens trailer playing in the background? That was pretty pointless.

Benjamin Figgins : So I'm curious, why 4k, and not an 8k scan? That, or at least 6k, is probably the next eventual step for home video standards. And I've heard 8k is basically the point where digital can record all the perceptible information analog film can contain. Eventually, I would imagine, someone will make an 8k scan of Star Wars, so why not just do it now?

A Gentleman : Incredible work.

Jeff Duke : Please raise those blacks. Otherwise, much more excited about this than the new garbage coming out of Disney.

HILUX CHAINSAW : I've never seen any of the Star Wars films. Saw 'Mad Max' 3 times back in the 80's and watch 'Scrooged' every Christmas but never seen Star Wars.

Kenneth Coffey : This is the trilogy that changed the world.

kokoriko999 : Damn ! That laser disc was dreadful !!!

Reep 22 : does han shoot first

KillingerDOOM : could be cool, but I have a feeling the CG would look real bad in 4K.

MKM : Is this better than the despecialized editions?

Christian Dixon : Not getting excited because this could be absolute bullshit.

ddstar : looks like shit

Timothy Collier : Why is the audio so terrible on this?

rrgert4 : All this work, and it will get copyrighted to the point of no return?

Red Judas : Wow, you can really see the budget!

MonkeyWithAnAxe : May the force be with you!

The King Slayer : star wars is so overrated

Plays WithKnives : That guy still died.

GeniusGT : I hope the audio quality is better than this teaser.