Arm Mounted Hydraulic JAWS
Arm Mounted Hydraulic JAWS

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klblaz : Colin Furze comes a step closer to becoming a comic book super-villain every day.

THEASMRRENGERCHANNEL12345 : Why don’t we have him storming Area 51 with all his gadgets

burble burb : Next you should make a full suite of x-o1 power armor like if u agree

JOSEPH : He should be the main weapons dealer for the boys area 51 invasion...

TheDMG45 : Can anyone imagine the crazy things that would happen if Colin Furze met Adam Savage?

Lest Hodson : I feel like I'm watching a supervillain slowly take form.

steven goulding : I think this would be amazing for fire fighters trying to cut people out of cars.

ZJG2007 : Remember the mini monster stuck vid from 2017 it was on the channel: Fast, furious and funny or something like that, sorry to those people who know the actual name to that channel

J-Sant : You should be an engineer for the Fire and Rescue Department. Something like this could really be useful to them. I’m very jealous of your talent . . . Keep it up.

Ratna RAY : Britain-BANS weapons This guy-"so here is my brand new assassin's creed weapon " Britain-"ARE WE A JOKE TO YOU?"

the Hacksmith : "by the time I'm finished, it'll probably be so heavy I won't be able to lift me arm up" Heh. I know the feeling all too well... love it.

samuele valoti : You have too many arm mounted objects and only 2 arms ... WE WOULD LIKE MORE ARMS!!!

Randem Gamor : Well I found your channel looking for a simple how to build a shed video, and I found a much much more awesome channel of crazy British Awesomeness !!! :D I love it ! :) You Colin, have earned yourself a new subscriber ! :O From one Crazy British YouTuber to Another !!! Keep up the good work ! :) \o>

Spiter man : Now that spider man is gone Colin furze can be the new iron man

thebetazone : nikola tesla and dave barry had an illegitimate child and his name is colin furze

dovakingdom v2 : I've watch Florida men, and by far... you are the craziest man, in the world.... You got another sub.

Hyper Hektor : recently i used this CAD method too but with very thin plywood (3x1mm layer = 1/8" thick) its handy for prototyping where you dont have know what design problems will occur.

MaD GaMeR : FBI: what ya doing? Colinfurze: making a snappy thing that will chop your arm off FBI:

Kiwi_91 : the thought of my finger being near that thing, makes me cringe like crazy

Charles Meadows : Therapist: lobster man isn't real. He can't hurt you Lobster man: 8:55

flyingdeathcatsgo : Colin have you patented any of your mad scientist inventions?

JakeBo Gaming : How has the military not hired him yet?

HEAVYWALL 70 : Y’all realize you’re lookin at a super villain 🦹‍♂️ Complete with British accent Que smartass American hero 🦸🏼‍♂️


Meta Morphic : 2019: Makes arm mounted hydraulic jaws 2029: Fights Elon Musk

Randell Darcky : You could be in a Marvel comic. Dr Snipit. Good or Evil?

Johnny Schmit : OMG *I can steal any bank with this* thing *Thank you* weird man All the best for you ❤❤❤

DrowsierCrane 05 : "These claws aren't just for attracting mates" MR.Crabs 2013

DailyDoseOfGaming : Ay Colin, love ur ideas, it’s amazing how u could make a bloody jet engine with scrap... amazing, but I was thinking, if u could make the first rocket powered wheel chair, that would be amazing

Sneaky Oregano55 : Most people: CAD=Computer Assisted Design Colinfurze: CAD=Cardboard Assisted Design

Ray Anderson : I can't figure out if this guy is a Tech priest or a Mek Boy....

Jody Angel Ugartechea : I see you with this hydraulic claw crusher and imagine a dynamic duo with Simone Giertz's Business Manta Shrimp.

Gotchure Beacons - Gaming : I love the gadget weapons! I’d love to see you do a Kingsmen or Bond (Old school, obviously) gadget weapon. In the name of her Majesty, of course! BTW, Caractacus Potts has nothing on you! I’m sure you could build a flying car while blindfolded and no welding!!!

carlos bradford : donate it to your local emergency department or could save a life ...(just a thought)

Maks Kuskovski : Just imagine it’s the end of the world and this one guy comes out of his garage with an arsenal of insane homemade weapons

James McCormick : You need the pivot point closer to the hand 🖐 to be able to cut through thins better

Ivan Kenn : Can you make 3D maneuver gear from attack on titan?

Devine HQ : woa dude! perfect for fire fighters!

MonkeyJedi99 : Your CAD department is amazing!

Koos Naamloos : 0:00 _When you try to silently move your chair during a test_

Apster : He and Michael Reeves would make a good villain duo

Jacob Eltebo : "Who your going to call,the cutbusters" and btw, your awesome colins, keep up the brilliant work

Taylor Kliner : You are DEAD if you break into this man's house.

Newspaper Man! : Imagine the Application for the camera man.. “Do you value your left leg?” “Do you plan on being able to walk?” “Are you willing to sign these papers that say you won’t make a law suit against me?”

Aduke Slayz : “On this channel CAD means cardboard aided design.” God that got me

10p6 : When you think of it, Colin could nearly pull off being a stunt double for Boris Johnson.

DownwardsRising : lol, "cardboard aided design," I keep chuckling at that one

十六夜咲夜 : サムネから良いねしようと決めて参りました

international gunnar vlog : You should make a functional moving mind-flayer from stranger things