Arm Mounted Hydraulic JAWS
Arm Mounted Hydraulic JAWS

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klblaz : Colin Furze comes a step closer to becoming a comic book super-villain every day.

burble burb : Next you should make a full suite of x-o1 power armor like if u agree

angelito bonito : Please come with us to the area 51 raid (bring all your inventions!)🖤🤣

gacha anrjd : Colinfurze: * out of ideas * Rand0m idiote :make **chopy thing** Colinfurze: great mind 30 days later: "this video"

JOSEPH : He should be the main weapons dealer for the boys area 51 invasion...

Lest Hodson : I feel like I'm watching a supervillain slowly take form.

THEASMRRENGERCHANNEL12345 : Why don’t we have him storming Area 51 with all his gadgets

Yelly : i cant belive you still got all 10 fingers left! :O Like if agree!

joel smyth : *there is only one person coming to raid area 51* Government:happiness noise The person whos coming:

??? Unknown : He Needs to make a giant crab With bigger versions of this claw

the Hacksmith : "by the time I'm finished, it'll probably be so heavy I won't be able to lift me arm up" Heh. I know the feeling all too well... love it.

JuiceMaker : Serious question: from 0 to 100%, how drunk are you when you think of these things and how drunk are you when you make them? :D

Johnny Schmit : OMG *I can steal any bank with this* thing *Thank you* weird man All the best for you ❤❤❤

Phương Nguyễn : This video is great. I’m from Vietnam

Robert dejucos : That+ mark rober’s atoumatic snowball launcher = ghost busters

LeonidasGFX : Colin Furze makes hydraulic jaw to crush stuff Jaw crushes itself instead *o u t s t a n d i n g m o v e*

James McCormick : You need the pivot point closer to the hand 🖐 to be able to cut through thins better

J-Sant : You should be an engineer for the Fire and Rescue Department. Something like this could really be useful to them. I’m very jealous of your talent . . . Keep it up.

andrew sampson : Hi Colin, Henry (10), Charlotte (9) and I were talking about EMP and railguns over breakfast. We were wondering what type of railgun you would make? Maybe one that fires butter on to toast? PLEASE BUILD?!?!?

Йог Сотот : You must paint this thing in red color like Dr. Zoidberg's claw :)

Koos Naamloos : 0:00 _When you try to silently move your chair during a test_

Isuru Sudasinghe : why are you wearing a tie while working ? 🙈🙈🙈

ildarka90 : Mounting a hydraulic chopper on the hand, what could possibly go wrong?

Bryce Grajeda : When you don’t have any weapons for the zombie apocalypse so you build a arm hydrologic knife

Jacob Eltebo : "Who your going to call,the cutbusters" and btw, your awesome colins, keep up the brilliant work

Meta Morphic : 2019: Makes arm mounted hydraulic jaws 2029: Fights Elon Musk

MaD GaMeR : FBI: what ya doing? Colinfurze: making a snappy thing that will chop your arm off FBI:

MVideos : Mr. Furze, you are our only hope in getting an exoskeleton! Please!!

DownwardsRising : lol, "cardboard aided design," I keep chuckling at that one

international gunnar vlog : You should make a functional moving mind-flayer from stranger things

Sneaky Oregano55 : Most people: CAD=Computer Assisted Design Colinfurze: CAD=Cardboard Assisted Design

CR Rajasthani : Supr vidivo NacE 👉Cr rajasthani👈🙏👌👍👌 Maya Chenl

Keano K : Well at least your no longer blowing up stuff 😂

PERVY -June : Yes we will need use of this tool during the area 51 raid

Zak 210 : YouTube: Topic - Cars Also YouTube: “this video definitely belongs in that category”

Not Zed : "Dad, who was your favorite super-villain growing up???" "Well son, there was a man named Colin Furze..."

Bin : 5:20 сразу вспомнил долбоёба из мортал комбат когда он вылазил в углу🤣🤣🤣

schwoses boy : I'm a big fan of you from Germany 🇩🇪 you're so cool and kreativ 🔥🔥🔥 i wish i could turn my ideas in reality as god as you do... 😏 You're an absolute awesome guy keep doing what you like. If you can dream it you can do it🔥🔥🔥

Diddigamer : Why you don't create another over byke but this time by magnetic levitation it cuold be amazin and a world record

Big Guy : I wish I had taken science stream for my carrier now I'm regretting by doing finance

Charles Meadows : Therapist: lobster man isn't real. He can't hurt you Lobster man: 8:55

Link Banagher : Do RX 0 Banshee claws from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn...

ali bee : I think Colin is bitter that his firework pendulum was a flop

rotnun the decayed : I don't know why but when I saw this weapon all I was thinking was its Zoidberg's claw

MCMproveedor : Somebody knows where can i get the mini hydraulic pump he use at 5:41? I need something like that to do my projects.

Aduke Slayz : “On this channel CAD means cardboard aided design.” God that got me

JVAN : Thought it was Gordon Ramsay in the thumbnail.

Atomska Braćala : Colinfruze: Just geave me iron i will make aniting

Taylor Kliner : You are DEAD if you break into this man's house.