Kenny vs Spenny Big F.A.R.T

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Chairman Meow : The pinnacle of television

Rob K. : Perfect form on the stairs....Proper eye contact and a slow, measured release. I'm not ashamed to call it Beautiful.

Jack Thibeau : Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa, Michelangelo painted he Sistine Chapel. Yet neither accomplished something this beautiful.

Joshua Jardim : man i miss kenny vs. spenny

suge nite : this is hands down the funniest video i have ever seen in my life


Mélodie Simard : Terrence and Philip? :O

BlackDildoBoyWithDiabetes LovesHorseCock : This was a landmark in mankind

Calico MortyCash : "Slower, Spenser" hahahaha

stark1987 : god this was the best episode ever, im in tears

Eh, Canadian Gamer : This is why you should give Canadians more credit. What else can you expect from Kenny Hotz? He was a writer on South Park.

Matthew Klemczewski : I showed this to a friend for the first time and he farted as a reaction haha

Shitty Bill : lcl, literally crying laughing

bakedwithrealchez : the pose Kenny farts in and then the face spenny is making kills me every single time

hugh adams : farts = funny

matt gilmore : this was the first episode I remember watching it and I fell off my couch from laughing so hard it was a great show

slapyasak : The first time I saw this years ago I broke a blood vessel in my eye from laughing so hard

jkand : NASA should send this video to space for all to see.

MOJO89OTDT : If I could find someone that would do this, I'd go broke paying them to do so all day!

ballbarn : sickening vid for the true fart appreciator. reported for false farting, unnatural, unsportsmanlike

Chris : Biggest fart in history? I’m not sure. The fact that soviet scientists briefly brought a decapitated dog back to life tells me that at least somebody experimented with this during the Cold War.

sunburnttongue 17 : 1:20 greatest moment in television history

Crunchini : I'm actually crying

Arbi Daci : 2:00

Do The Urkel : I've gotten some good results with an aquarium air pump.

Rune Njordhag : Laughed so hard i farted.

George S : @ 0:43 it works 😆

RelativelyLarge Steve : Lol hmm his face on the stairs is hilarious

Gael GALANT : best video ever

Tyto Alba : That's so disgusting it's genius again 😂

Damon McFadden : Did kenny put jager on the tube??

Chairman Meow : slower spencer

Pekka Laitinen : 1:21

Man From the Horizon : 18 people are actually mature people or they must have tried this before.

lebebop : I've seen this episode and clip more times than I can count. I laugh every. Single. Time.

Prince Fabulous : 2:13 That is the face of a man who has just achieved his greatest accomplishment in life.

littleteethkeith : this one episode changed television forever

American_Misfit : God damnit ross

Grumpy Kittens 25567 : What liquid did he put on his tube

Kelly Brown : man i miss kenny vs. spenny

Man From the Horizon : Talk about a worthless accomplishment.

Anonymous Guy : Honestly, dude! We didn't need to see your buttocks! Someone should've been there with a cigarette lighter.

aaron garrison : He didn't even have to be drunk to discover that!?!?!?

I'm UR Boss : look at angry grandpa natural farts. it is much stronger and bigger than those farts lol :)

lynne minikin : pmsl!!!!!!! childish and immature, but farts are the best sort of entertainment

Levi Stubbs : are you on crack?

Rex Holes : Call me immature3 but this is the funniest thing ever, bigger farts equals bigger laughs

Tyler Vincent : why would you shove something up ur ass just for a fart.....