Haitians eat dirt cookies to survive

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Las Vegas Nights : True eye opener 👓👀

Greasy nPoor : arent they surrounded by a fucking ocean? do fish live in oceans? do people fish in the ocean? maybe we can teach these people to fish? y do people in dominican republic which is on same island not eat dirt cookies? wtf???

thunder viper : 💩Hole.

Winterfell : Give a man a dirt cookie and he'll eat for a day, teach a man how to make dirt cookies and he'll eat them everyday of his life

Maureen Millen : i bet dirt cookies weren't served at Chelsea Clinton's wedding.... just saying.

Quantum Blaze : We should be thankful for what we had ..Just think, There are many poor people out there that willing to live like your life...

KJ Reacts : We can hate Trump all we want but Hilary took the billions of dollars that could have been used to rebuild Haiti and took it for themselves and mismanaged it, not to add that she sold their produce to her brother

SofoFalchion : Truly a S H I T H O L E

John m : Shouldn't have killed the French..

Scott Y : The Animal Kingdom has a More Stable Government than Haiti....its a shithole

Daniel Corregan : The Cookie Monster is just a little different in haiti

02foxpier : woah, dirt cookie recipes handed down for GENERATIONS

Lena Oxton : Would you rather live in Haiti or Norway? Lol people criticising Trump for calling them shithole countries when they are, with horrible dictators and corruption negatively impacting the masses.

Jekku : Hey Haiti, how's that Clinton Foundation and voodoo workin' for ya???

Blk Pryde Media : Just Nuke this place....suffering is just too much for these people...

Leonartist : that guy just walked on top of the mat where the cookies were resting

J. Ketch : Shithole people.

FUKUMONEY : All the money 💴 around the world and we see this ?! This is a crime ...

XxdblcupxX : A total shithole country. Hahahaha. Trump was 100% correct. I would never even go there if you paid me.

Trothgirl 142003 : They need tide pods


AusMade : Stop having kids ffs.

Ed and stuff : Is this not the Sandals Resort?

Doge : You are what you eat

knightryderbelow : Apparently President Trump was right!

Basically Awkward : "shithole"

Purity McSpergral : Wow, such entrepreneurial spirit. lets import infinity million of these incredibly valuable "people" to invent warp drive or holographic smart phones and pay for our future pensions.....

Meme Crusader : Guess Trump was right

Van Arsdale : what happened to the hundreds of millions from the Clinton foundation? what did hillary do with it?

Noah Koch : S H I T H O L E

Matthew Richardson : Not a shithole, huh? We should keep sending foreign aid to their corrupt government who keeps their people in this station in life, right?

JDauntless The Protagonist Gamer : Yes, this situation does look bad, but let this also be a reminder to those who continue to oppress black people just because the color of our skin, we can survive anything.

Nellie Santiago : But yet Americans wasted sooo much food... trump is a asshole whoever said he was right needs help. We need better ways to treat other this just sad.. tell trump ass to send food oh yeah thats right u can't because you can't feed the homeless here unless u want to go jail so why send it away but i bet thats more safer to eat then what the government feeds us recalls and etc yall dumb asf if you think we living better 😒😒😒😒💯💯💯💯🤦‍♀️

T N-A : Are you seriously going to tell me these people are capable of ruling or running a society by themselves? This, like so many other countries, abandoned by white rule, left to decay under the control of those without the capacity. But hey, THEY ARE FREE RIGHT?! AWESOME!

Kim Jong Un : Imagine getting offended by someone calling this place a shithole...

Winterfell : So they spend what little money they have to buy dirt, put effort (using calories) to make the dirt cookies and then eat them for zero nutritional value or calories in return Very smart people, definitely not a shithole

Julie Scott : YEAH KICK OUT THE BAD WHITE MAN ... cuz thats a good idea

BassManBobBassCovers : Still probably taste better than my moms cooking.

joe smith : Damn that place is a shithole.

Summer Lover : I just can't believe this I need to help somehow

YamiKisara : They'd be better off using the soil to make patches to grow vegetables and maybe keep a few chickens.

Mexicali 1286 : Definitely not a shithole

DarknLovely Lena : Kodak Black need to send them some food.

Unfriendly Dude : An actual shithole

MsTaly99 : Thank the Clintons !

Ethan Campbell : Surrounded by ocean with plentiful fish,let's eat dirt instead. #SHITHOLE

Lopata991 : How Trump say that this beautiful country is a shithole??

Alex Agius : wow what a shithole

Mrs.Stacye Lewis : I wanna bring a family here to live with me and feed them and get them in school. I may not have much but I can't stand to see kids and babies hungry.

KBotter : People eat dirt 2018