Haitians eat dirt cookies to survive

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Christian D'Amore : Reporter: To get to the dirt cookies we must step over this open sewer to get to the cookies (Proceeds to step over sewer then track his shoes onto the sheet the villagers lay their dirt cookies on)

mhadasKoio : if I was there I would buy a lot of food for them to last an entire year. 😢

ハンターHunter : Gordon Ramsay got competition

Samiya Sayed : I want to try it

Blake Anderson : This is why the right was so pissed at Hillary over the money they took that was meant for Haiti.

ひFrank : @2:59 she smacked that shit out his hand🤣

FaZe Cane : At they were very poor until saw a bag of chips at1:22

Da-Vorzon : 4:28 He knows de way.

the one and only Clorox bleach : fam just go to mcdonalds or something

Blueroad : Lets celebrate the virtuous lives of our black brothers, very successful!

[TENTA] Blîthzêπ : can I taste

Nosferatu Zodd : They could've stayed with the French but they decided to kick them out, now they live worse than they ever did before

East coast Thrilla : Dirt cookies are better than sticking your Face in a cows ass before milking it.

NeonSean : I’d probably eat another person before dirt if I got that hungry

Sephora Sainvil : It's sad how white choose to interview the poor side of haiti. Not all part of Haiti eat dirt cookie! WE eat the same as Americans do. All my life I never eat these, i was lucky enough to live in a wonderful city before it was ruin by the earthquakes. Honestly our people want is our country to be out of poverty, but the fact is that we are you scared of white people because of our history with them. Our incester were once in Africa and now brought here into this land call Haiti for enslavement. We could've have a hospital, but Hilary didn't care enough to land it to us. Are money when up from 56 cent to 65 cent. But of course Hilary robbed us. We decided to vote for Trump because we don't trust our president. We Hopefully thought Trump can figure away to help us and our children to get a better education and for everyone future. But after the comment he made it was like our hope was all gone. We come in peace, but it seems like you white folks are just the same... selfish, but want us to help you when you are in dept of some sort. Some of us came here at 7 hoping maybe we could get an education in order to help America," Be great again" and our parent from our country. It's sad how heartless people can get.

latinoheatariel : Had no idea that country was that poor sad

Serbian artilery is led by god : And they say black people have no culture

poodle safari : Why would they have children? What kind of Monster would make another person feel that pain and suffering?

Faramund : What a Shithole.

Leo Brazz : they are not poor. they are surviving off of dirt. thats an amazing fact not properly researched by scientists.

Mr. Mann A : I guess the department of health is out of the question there, During Haiti's last hurricane the DR. Putted together convoy of 500 truckloads with food and building material when it reached port au prince it was turned back, Claiming the DR wanted to invade Haiti. What a mentality."

The Canadian Turtle : Wow, what a totally not shithole country, man impeach trump

Romel Tabang : It's soooo sad you know even the poorest in our country, the Philippines couldn't afford to eat mud pies and cookies. They instead plant their own meal I mean vegetables and fruits no poorest of the poor has the right mind to eat mud they will think it's a joke but apparently it is happening on the other side of the wold, in Haiti. Couldn't they just plant some vegetables to the soil and eat the harvest?

El Tigre : Wow, Wakanda is so great...

Mr.Bright Side : Don't panic its organic!

Youngman lee : What the fuck does the UN even do if there are mf' eating dirt cookies???

Andrew Jackson : Maybe the French will help them.

裴效黎 : Is it gluten-free ?

Wide Awake : "How'd killing all the white people work out for you ?" "Great ! we've cornered the market on mud pies"

DeadMemeAlex : These people here are eating frickin mud, and yet people in america are stuffing their faces with 20 big macs every 10 minutes

Michael Novak : We wuz

Glitter Rainbow Cookie Pie : God bless them

RageNova : Why does this look so satisfying

ZXyt : Aw poor people they dont deserve to live like that.

Kowala179 : And I thought I was poor.. god bless them :(

Diezenhoff Aufdrosln : we was kangz muh nigguh

Hal 502 : Meanwhile greedy Americans and the rich countries don't help them.

Владимир Ленин : Capitalism

lord Hermis : Eating litteraly dirt, i kek.

Doofus Rick : Poor starving people. If I were rich I would go there and try to help them as best as I can...But I can barely maintain myself so... ya'h. *sips coffee*

Someone Random : I feel so bad,I want to help.

bubbles the clown : God help us

Feels Good Man : Kinda looks like a shithole.

Rose Toussaint : this is very mean to hatians because u are embarassing them and any way hatians have evolved over the years so stop being rasist and thinking the u.s is the richest country and u presidents hair is fake

Tom Kopfensteiner : "They are not sweet. They are hard to swallow. And add nothing in terms of nutritional value." But the culture is so rich and vibrant. NOT A SHITHOLE!

Killah Priest : they need the ingenuity to farm, and fish... theyre just too stupid to do that

PokeSiblings : I want to try one for some reason....

Lilly Morris : Stuff like this only helps me despise Hillary Clinton even more :)) she and her husband are sick human beings

Winterfell : Give a man a dirt cookie and he'll eat for a day, teach a man how to make dirt cookies and he'll eat them everyday of his life

USSR : your US ambassador is crosseyed....