Haitians eat dirt cookies to survive

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Don't Read My Profile Picture : 9 years later Recommended for you.

Janrei Africa : Welcome back to _Why is this in my recommended?_ Part 44

Renny Maniquis : And why are you just putting this in my recommended right now?

Flaming Spirit : On the real, they look kinda tasty, I‘m willing to try one

Cordyceps : Livin the dream without the evil whiteman amirite

Christian D'Amore : Reporter: To get to the dirt cookies we must step over this open sewer to get to the cookies (Proceeds to step over sewer then track his shoes onto the sheet the villagers lay their dirt cookies on)

john smith : Fine wakandan cousine fit for kangz

TanoFTW : I'm never gonna complain about bad wifi ever again!

Dr. Pepper : Dirt cookies eat Haitians to survive

john smith : Wakandan cookies ??

drouxaar : This is not okay. Meanwhile we are going to build houses on Mars but there are people on Earth living in these conditions???

Sam Garnett : Cough cough trump was right

leJINdary Puns : I love how people are blaming Trump and saying shit about him when they don’t realize that this video was from 9 years ago. Not a Trump supporter or hater but who’s more stupid now? 😂

WallyFM : They are practically eating plates at this point, LITERALLY. If you didn’t know, plates are in fact made out of mud which is dirt mixed with water. Which is the same stuff these so called “cookies” are made out of with just a little bit of sugar and that’s it. Might as well call them “edible plates” or something like that.

DOOM667 : proof that different races have different intelligence. thanks for proofing

Wholesome Lad : Dirt cookies sounds like something I'd make when i was 5

Chelsea Marc : I'm offended... because I am Haitian. I don't eat dirt cookies. Also, some Haitians don't eat dirt cookies. I've seen hate comments. Please don't hate. They are trying to survive.

Mrs2Real Author : Why don't America donate all the food they throw out just wasting..I wish I can give them some food

You Can't Handle The Truth! : You give a man dirt cookie, he eats for one day. You build a wall, and he eats dirt cookies for the rest of his life.

Poppy Difference : At lest there is no obesity

Kowala179 : And I thought I was poor.. god bless them :(

Beautie korth : I'm seeing comments talking aboit trump and how he should help. It is not trumps job, nor the people of america. We as us citizens shouldnt have to put oir tax money towards another land. Don't get me wrong, I do feel very bad for these people, but it is NOT trumps job to take care of another nation. Edit: not to mention this is NINE years ago! So this has nothing to do with trump anyways.

JohnnyMcJim : Conan was right, this is a nice place!

HitProof : Subhumans

1000 subs with useless videos : I had a bowl of cookies when i watched this

Sypherius : At least they aren't eating each other

Some Kid : Talks about how poor their lives are and then steps on the cloth they lay their cookies on

早 上 好 Guerilla Gorilla : Two growing seasons and they still eat Mud!... Ffs, people.

Fuck ur feelings : And yet they keep poppin out kids. SMH.

3 dollar dicks : When you're a skint college student and can't even afford noodles.

Divo Galindra : No matter how good or bad you think life is, wake up each day and be thankful for life. Someone somewhere else is fighting to survive

ace love : this is racist. starvation is black culture. who are we to judge.

xXSilentAgent47Xx : Release the Cookie Monster!

john smith : Dumber than gorillas

The Red Diablo : My question is when was that basketball court first made and where are all the basketballs?

Big Chocolate : Why is this blowing up now?

Baxter Colloid : Oatmeal raisin still worst kind of cookie

MrReallionaire100 : And I thought little Debbie was shit...

Help me get 1000 subs with no videos : Government makes a basket ball court instead of providing food

Bender Rodriguez : Want to know how to start a rave in Haiti. Staple food to the ceiling.

TFAY : Thats fucked

Tony : That's kinda Dirty

s k i n n y p e n i s : at least they have unlimited something to eat i wish i could donate all my thanksgiving food to them though

3 dollar dicks : Aye pal, pass on the recipe.

Bork Bork : If they had a dollar for each view this video gets 😞

Oak : It is much healthier to eat dirt than real cookies.

Horror Jr. : Imagine fighting for independence from the french and this being the outcome?

Generator 8 : So is this what YouTube is doing? Putting videos in our recommendations that we don’t watch these type of things 😂

Valery Nicolle Lemus Sandoval : They look delicious I don’t know why

john smith : The first time i saw this video i laughed till i cried for about 2 weeks straight. I couldn't even describe it without breaking down laughing and stuttering