Star Wars: The Last Jedi | Lightspeed Scene 4K (Holdo's Sacrifice)

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Lightspeed Kamikaze in TRUE 4K. PROPERTY OF LUCASFILM & WALT DISNEY STUDIOS. Obviously, I did not monetize this video. ◢Check out 2018 & 2019's MIND-BLOWING games! ↓ ◢Talk to me on Twitter - The footage contained herein is property of Lucasfilm, which is a subsidiary Walt Disney Studios. I mainly just uploaded this video because I wanted to test 4K perfection. I used the world's best UHD Blu Ray player and capture card to get this footage, it was rendered with the highest possible settings. Any compression is from YouTube.

Comments from Youtube

Ulrik Ruud Rostrup : To show you the power of Flex Tape...

Shadow Renegader : Not to worry, we are still flying half a ship

Robert Lewis : Would have been funny if she missed 😀

Killerpanda54 : I understand the plot holes I get the hate But I won’t forget the silence to the theatre this brought with one random guy just going woah

Wew Lad : luke: "I went out of my way to shoot a cannon ball sized rocket into an anus wide hole to destroy the death star" holdo: "LMAO YOLO TUNZ TUNZ *noclips into enemy ships* "

GoldenTV3 : When Shaggy uses 100% of his power to destroy T-Series.

Mingue Kwak : If lightspeed is so powerful, why dont they develop ships/weapons that can be remotely controlled and used to attack enemy ships?

Yes : Probably the most beautiful kamikaze attack I’ve seen

Phantom Penance : THIS RUINS HYPERSPACE IN STAR WARS But I’m not gonna lie, it’s still an awesome scene

Dalek Emperor : Wow, the First Order SUCKS. They've lost the Starkiller Base AND the Supremacy itself, Snoke's ship. I wonder what they're going to lose in ep 9? Oh, oh, maybe they're going to lose a giant factory planet! Maybe even several factory planets. Maybe all of their fleets in one space battle. Seriously, even the Empire didn't just put all their eggs in one basket with the Death Stars. They had Super Star Destroyers, the Eclipse Super Star Destroyers, the Galaxy Gun, etc. Long live the glorious Empire and may they return one day to teach these children how it's done!

CrimsonGamer99 : People only watch Episode 1 for the Duel of the Fates scene. People only watch Episode 8 for this scene.

The Unknown : This literally ruined the concept of hyperspace in star wars

TedShatner10 : A real privilege to have seen this on the big cinema screen.

Dan24 : To make the scene much more emotionally compelling, it should've been Leia who shot the ship into lightspeed; would've made a great and climatic exit for her too.

mikkelhaxer : Not gonna lie. This scene blew me away. The accumulated tension of Kylo Ren and Rey, dueling over the lightsaber until it snapped in half, Finn and Rose`s impending death and Holdo setting the Mon Cala ship for hyperdrive collision course with the Supremacy, resulting in a massive explosion, tearing almost all of the First Order fleet to shreds, was so damn intense and overwhelming.

Lars S : Could it be that the scene makes sense? In other Star Wars sources you also see that before entering the hyperspace the ships start moving extremly fast forward I think she only hit the other ships before entering the hyperspace even thought she knew that she would not survive

Emmanuel Gapud : If it's that effective, why aren't there lightspeed torpedoes?

Kenny Yee : Remember in the previous movie where Han got through the shields by going light speed but had to stop so as not to crash on the planet? He should’ve just went all the way and split the planet apart. No rebel lives had to be lost

Jose Aranda : Imagine if she had missed...

Senrab news : This is the scene that broke Star Wars

Barroth342 : watch yo jet bro, WATCH YO JE-

Klon 16 : War Thunder: *You got a hole in your right Wing!*

R8ERN8TION52 : Visually one of the best scenes in Star Wars. Or at least the last Jedi

Open World Gamer : Lost my shit during this scene

SuperBalder66 : should at least been admiral ackbar doing it

Andrew Strzelinski : This scene is really great, now replace the silence with John William's "Welcome to Jurassic Park" track

MojoMacer : Bruh literally broke the concept of hyperspace.

robcastsflare : How to make all star wars space battles totally irrelevant

Ralph Macchiato : How to kill a franchise in one bang..

Tony 186 : U should have aim for the head!!! ( aim the center of the ship, this way important people die and hard to rebuild it )

Flamingpaper : The Radus is huge and it didn't even destroy the Supremacy. All those materials wasted for only some payoff and people think you can just make missiles just to destroy large things via hyperspace ramming

diogo lourenco : You can say whatever you want about this movie but everybody has to admit that that scene was soooo awesome specialy when seeing it in cinemas

R6_Panduh : The explosion sounds was insane

Lik Hang Yeung : Soooo....why arent there any lightspeed missle in star wars?

Obi-Wan Kenobi : Space fighting with me against Jango fett in geonosis's atmosphere was better #ChangeMyMind

Finnjävel : Maybe she knew how to do that? At least the guy knew what she was up to. People should just stop whining and realize this is actually one of the best things. Only thing missing was Lesley Gore - Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows

C Colagross : This and Darth Vader's return in Rogue One are why Star Wars can be lit sometimes.

Brayden Plays : Relax she’s alive she’s in the soul stone

Adam Perry : This scene made no sense. If this was a possible offensive move it would have already been done. Besides when a ship goes "into hyperspace" it literally goes into a different level of space. It's not like getting into your car and stomping on the gas, these script writers are cluless......

thegreatcalvinio : New Order should’ve bought Flex Tape

Krawurxus : While this looks and sounds absolutely badass, it makes me wonder every time why nobody in the star wars universe has thought of building a torpedo that does this very thing. Because it would counter every defensive measure we've ever seen in any of the movies. It goes right through shields and armor, can't be intercepted by guns or fighters, takes out everything behind the primary target as well and can be deployed from outside the firing range of the target. I remember Han worrying about accidentally flying through a star or something so this should work from pretty much any range. Why aren't remote-controlled hyperspace-capable transport ships the deadliest weapon in star wars? How many hits like that would the Death Star be able to take? Two? Three?

Salem Selevante : Hmm... seems as if they're in trouble. *Inhales* BETTER MAKE IT A LIGHTSPEED RESCUE!!! *drum solo*

Dustin Lao : Not to worry, we're still flying half the ship

Gregor Clegane : If destroy a complete fleet was so easy, then everything in the saga was unnecessary, because a single spaceship programed to accelerate to lightspeed could have destroyed the Starkiller and both of the Deathstars, and even the complete imperial fleet. I mean, this scene made the whole saga lose all meaning...

Christopher White : dying at the speed of light whoa legendary move man!!!

rizon72 : Meh, if this was one of the best scenes in TLJ, glad I missed it. I can see why so many feel as if this breaks canon of the SW universe.

Jerry Cooke : *Space Asian rams small ship into star destroyer in Episode 6* Last Jedi: *Hold-o my beer-o*

Byron Lovelace : 1:18 Rey turns into a Tie fighter

SUPER GAMER XD a.k.a Zabuza : They could of done that on the Death Star long ago You know this whole entire time going through hyperspeed isn't really making you go really fast to another galaxy it takes to a wormhole then teleports you to another galaxy.