Star Wars: The Last Jedi | Lightspeed Scene 4K (Holdo's Sacrifice)

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MassiveG : 150+ lossless 4K images from The Last Jedi: Thoughts on the movie aside, the cinematography is gorgeous. Some great wallpapers in there. I captured these stills the same way I captured this video, but without YT compression.

Dan24 : To make the scene much more emotionally compelling, it should've been Leia who shot the ship into lightspeed; would've made a great and climatic exit for her too.

Neo Machine : And thus, any use of lasers or missiles are undercut by the sheer OP-ness that is lightspeed ramming.

MrElculver2424 : This movie had some problems and was lacking in some areas, but I don't care what anyone says...this moment was crazy good. So powerful and well-executed and unique. The silence in the theatre was deafening; something I'll never forget.

Sammy B Videography : 1:29 This short light speed scene had a few of the most awesome shots I'v seen in a film. :-)

Open World Gamer : Lost my shit during this scene

Jose Aranda : Imagine if she had missed...

lupinearsenalALT : Cool ass scene albeit a scene that breaks Star Wars.

John Smithee : Admiral Ackbar should've made the sacrifice, because at least he would've gone ALLAHU ACKBAR!

MrAnthimos112 : The amazing sacrifice of such a beloved character. Rest in peace... ummm ... what was her name again?

ArmaBiologica35 : Not to worry, We are still flying half a ship.

Byron Lovelace : 1:18 Rey turns into a Tie fighter

XcoldheavenX : While this scene looks awesome it will ruin all the space battles in the next movies. In every scene you can now inevitable ask yourself? Why didnt they just use hyperspeed kamikaze? It can also not be that difficult to create a ship that automatically jumps so you wouldnt even have to sacrifice people. You could probably even destroy the Death Star that way. It breaks space battles in sw forever in a way

Nathan Rivas : Another happy landing.

foodbug : Despite all the negative comments this film gets, you have to admit this was a pretty original idea and freaking awesome lol

Lon Chaneys Lover : Beautiful scene... so great! Kills all of star wars lore.

Loc K : i can forgive other inconsistences of the movie (it is not possible to make a movie without any inconsistence) but not this!! This ruins every space battle in the whole series. If jumping to hyperspace could be that destructive, rebels could have easily send a drone ship to hyperspace to destroy Death Star. It totally ruins a sense of danger rebels have had for the whole franchise. Every space battle was pointless. What is more, this scene could have easily been done better. Instead of hyperspace they could simply plant bombs on the ship and made suicide attack this way. Don't get me wrong, for me this movie was really good. However, that scene ruined franchise.

Saezzerrair : That reaction! "FIRE ON THAT CRUISER!!!" Love it!

Sitti2300 : That Jurassic Park lady has got some balls


EnigmaticParadox : I've grown fairly sour on this film the more I've looked at it, but cinematically this scene deserves to be in a way better movie.

JokerCrowe : I think this is probably the most Awesome scene I have seen in a movie. And I mean Awesome in its true meaning. Tears welled in my eyes when I saw it, and for a long while after when I Thought of this scene.

MrCaerbannog : For all the people complaining about how hyperdrive ramming doesn't fit in with Star Wars, it was featured several times in the old Legends novels and comics. Granted, the film took it a bit overboard by having it wipe out the entire fleet chasing them, but even as depicted in the Legends stories it would probably have still crippled Snoke's flagship.

Zachary S : I could imagine admiral ackbar doing this, and actually instead of some new stupid character no one cares about.

go gogogo : Listen closely, u can hear holdo screaming reeeeee as she crashes into them.

Wan Haikal : Two satisfying things in this scene 1. Holdo's death 2. That ugly lightsaber destroyed

Alexaalvin Michael : Honorable sacrifice ever. DAMN. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH HER

MAVERICK06 : Should've been Ackbar.

Clint Weathers : The only reason this tactic managed to work, it boils down to because General Hux is a complete idiot, inept at defensive strategy. Otherwise this attack could have been easily avoided.

six eyes : Man, this movie was great

The Cool Persian : The scene is great don't get me wrong. But in this case the entire Separatist Alliance could have won the Clone Wars by just using Kamikazes.

the king of the fat : what i don't get is how many people complain about the scientific inaccuracies in this scene when the space battles in all the other films are scientificly inaccurate and no one complains about that?

jejeakle : Time to do what I did with another video and list the different discussions here and my view on them: 1. My theatre was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. It was awesome and everyone was in shock. 2. Hyperspace ramming has been a concept argued about for decades, this just proves it is plausible. 3. There’s a pretty obvious reason you don’t want to kamikaze big capital ships like this: cost. To build ships of that size cost a ton of money and using them like this is extremely inefficient economically. 4. Hyperspace ramming appears to be effective with bigger ship. Say you take an x-wing, for example, and launch it though hyperspace at the mega star destroyer. When you compare the extreme difference in size, you’ll see it would be ineffective and you’d need at least 2 or 3 squadrons of fighters to do enough damage to either cripple or destroy that ship. Hence why doing something similar to the Death Star would be a bad idea

PS94 : I don't care what anyone says. This scene is fucking awesome.

Ulrik Ruud Rostrup : To show you the power of Flex Tape...

Ruben Otero : Honestly every neckbeard blinded by nostalgia can eat me this was one of the coolest cinematic shots i've ever seen.

john doe : best scene in an EXTREMELY disappointing film

Esteban JOLY : The silence that comes with this freaking scene gives me shivers down my back

James Paganini : C’mon people admit it. This scene is absolutely one of the best in Star Wars history.

Evan H : Absolutely stunning scene. TLJ is an instant classic in my book

venus wind : Who would win An entire fleet army or First Order's Destroyers Or One hyperspace boi.

Jbugs : So now that leaves questions. Why can't they send one person to do this every battle..? Just have one dude run lightspeed into the commander's ship in every battle. I mean we saw people suiciding in the beginning anyways .

Marvin Connelly : It should have been admiral ackbar because when he dose it he will yell ALLAHU ACKBAR

92Beyo : This scene was beyond epic


Richard 3rd : I dont care what people say about this movie. This scene is both visually and audibly spectacular.

Gabriele Zanni : whoever says this scene was bad is a sequel hater that is salty sbout the fact that the best scene in the entire star wars franchise wasn't in the prequels or the originals

Jeaustin Nuñez : For me, this is the most memorable scene in Star Wars history to me until now

Brimsaw : so after regrettably reading alot of comments people either love or hate this scene. I for one don't understand the lore breaking argument: "If slipspace can do that, why didn't they destroy the deathstar with it?" Im pretty sure the death star is about 100 times bigger than that huge ass ship in this scene that gets its wing clipped. Sure the star destroyers get pretty banged up but size comparatively to the cruiser their maybe twice, maximum 3 times as big. So don't worry all you panty twisted hardcore star wars fans, the prequels arnt ruined through this, pretty sure the rebels would need access to a ship the size of Darth vaders star destroyer to make a dent in the death star via light speed ramming As for the argument why its not used in battle more often in general (Unmanned drone ships) I chalk that up to Star wars plot hole, cause let's be honest here, all of the Star wars movies are absolutely FILLED TO THE BRIM with plotholes and conviniences. Besides theres far better things to complain about these movies than this scene, again, just like with all the other movies and their silly/stupid moments, and their Awesome/breathtaking moments.

DelanoMuzik : Why didn't they just do this to the original Death Star???????