Star Wars: The Last Jedi | Lightspeed Scene 4K (Holdo's Sacrifice)

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MassiveG : 150+ lossless 4K images from The Last Jedi: Thoughts on the movie aside, the cinematography is gorgeous. Some great wallpapers in there. I captured these stills the same way I captured this video, but without YT compression.

MassiveG : Honestly, I just uploaded this video because I wanted to test the best 4K capture card out there (not Elgato). I used the world's best UHD Blu Ray player and capture card to get this footage, it was rendered with the highest possible settings. Any compression is from YouTube.

Sammy B Videography : 1:29 This short light speed scene had a few of the most awesome shots I'v seen in a film. :-)

Dan24 : To make the scene much more emotionally compelling, it should've been Leia who shot the ship into lightspeed; would've made a great and climatic exit for her too.

lupinearsenalALT : Cool ass scene albeit a scene that breaks Star Wars.

MrElculver2424 : This movie had some problems and was lacking in some areas, but I don't care what anyone says...this moment was crazy good. So powerful and well-executed and unique. The silence in the theatre was deafening; something I'll never forget.

Sitti2300 : That Jurassic Park lady has got some balls

Neo Machine : And thus, any use of lasers or missiles are undercut by the sheer OP-ness that is lightspeed ramming.

Pesky : Why didn't she do that to the velociraptors?

Red : Rose should’ve crashed a speeder into the Raddus and said “We’re not gonna win by destroying what we hate but saving what we love” to Holdo

Belros : the silence makes that scene...just..holy shit

Tarlo The Boar : Sure it's a touchy subject for Star Wars Fans but I still liked this idea

Jack Herman : Hux: Not to worry, were still flying half a ship.

Ronney Rendon : Hands down the BEST scene in the entire film.

Quillo Manar SFM : I let out a legit audible gasp of shock when this happened in cinema. No. 1 Best move going experience I've ever had.

King Commando : *She's gone into plaid!*

Tim The Warlord : THAT WAS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!

six eyes : Man, this movie was great

Quite Gamer : Lost my shit during this scene

Mr Gaudy : And thus the greatest plot hole in Star Wars was born

Robert Downey Jr. : 1:31 YEET!!!

XcoldheavenX : While this scene looks awesome it will ruin all the space battles in the next movies. In every scene you can now inevitable ask yourself? Why didnt they just use hyperspeed kamikaze? It can also not be that difficult to create a ship that automatically jumps so you wouldnt even have to sacrifice people. You could probably even destroy the Death Star that way. It breaks space battles in sw forever in a way

pwnorbepwned : I’m going to just point out that this doesn’t generate plot holes or break the lore. The idea of hyperspace ramming has been discussed at length amidst the fandom for years, especially why nobody uses it (for destroying the Death Star especially). This scene did not create any inconsistencies that did not already exist, all it did was shine a light on them. So let’s not get ahead of ourselves and shoot the messenger.

Remoc Misser : *FIYA ON THAT CRUISA*

aviatorEngineer : Been looking for this in such high quality. Easily some of the best-looking stuff in all of Star Wars, and _that sound_ was just brilliant.

Alexander Walker : Hands. Down. One of THE best scenes in Star Wars. Say what you want about the rest of the film (decent, not the worst imo) also bloody hell that hd is beautiful, great upload man

Darth Revan : That lightsaber breaking in half is a metaphor.

Jack Herman : Can people stop trying to ruin one of the best scenes in the entire Star Wars franchise.

Alexaalvin Michael : Honorable sacrifice ever. DAMN. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH HER

foodbug : Despite all the negative comments this film gets, you have to admit this was a pretty original idea and freaking awesome lol

Niccolo Machiavel : No Admiral Gender Studies no!

Wolf Gaming 1676 : I remember being in absolute awe when this happened. The theater was perfect for the sound and view as it was I-Max

MrAnthimos112 : The amazing sacrifice of such a beloved character. Rest in peace... ummm ... what was her name again?

Jose Aranda : Imagine if she had missed...

John Smithee : Admiral Ackbar should've made the sacrifice, because at least he would've gone ALLAHU ACKBAR!

a person on youtube : People complain about this but not about one little fighter taking out a super star destroyer

R6_Panduh : The explosion sounds was insane

Joshua V. Harding : This scene made every flaw worth it.

Jbugs : So now that leaves questions. Why can't they send one person to do this every battle..? Just have one dude run lightspeed into the commander's ship in every battle. I mean we saw people suiciding in the beginning anyways .

Probrorule : That's one of the coolest shit I've ever seen so badass

JokerCrowe : I think this is probably the most Awesome scene I have seen in a movie. And I mean Awesome in its true meaning. Tears welled in my eyes when I saw it, and for a long while after when I Thought of this scene.

Jaco_sims : when films do scenes like this where they have no sound, i can only explain them as a "loud silence"

xBreadBoi _ : When I watched this in the cinema with my parents, the silent part with the ship split in half came up and my mum yelled out loud: ‘EXCELLENT!’. Fml

Pisiu248 : Snoke's flag ship: It's over Holdo, we have the highground! Holdo: You underestimate my power! Snoke's flag ship: Don't try it! Holdo: *kazmikaze attacks*

Eddie Eforo : Warning ⚠️ this comment section is an endless pit of angry Star Wars fanboys

Pesky : One of the few things this movie did amazingly well.

Dustin Lao : Not to worry, we're still flying half the ship

James Paganini : C’mon people admit it. This scene is absolutely one of the best in Star Wars history.

Evan H : Absolutely stunning scene. TLJ is an instant classic in my book

David McConville : While I agree the film has many flaws due to bad writing and just generally tossing aside everything The Force Awakens built up, this scene was amazing.