Star Wars: The Last Jedi | Lightspeed Scene 4K (Holdo's Sacrifice)

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MassiveG : 150+ lossless 4K images from The Last Jedi: Thoughts on the movie aside, the cinematography is gorgeous. Some great wallpapers in there. I captured these stills the same way I captured this video, but without YT compression.

Dan24 : To make the scene much more emotionally compelling, it should've been Leia who shot the ship into lightspeed; would've made a great and climatic exit for her too.

Ulrik Ruud Rostrup : To show you the power of Flex Tape...

NATESOR : "Let me just totally destroy all internal logic regarding space combat in this franchise based almost entirely on space combat in this 30 second scene." -Rian Johnson

Brayden Plays : Relax she’s alive she’s in the soul stone

EnigmaticParadox : I've grown fairly sour on this film the more I've looked at it, but cinematically this scene deserves to be in a way better movie.

MrElculver2424 : This movie had some problems and was lacking in some areas, but I don't care what anyone says...this moment was crazy good. So powerful and well-executed and unique. The silence in the theatre was deafening; something I'll never forget.

Nisselak : This is the scene that made me realize that the lore of the saga is worthless and can be rewritten at whim

Zachary S : I could imagine admiral ackbar doing this, and actually instead of some new stupid character no one cares about.

Titus Kent : Say what you will about the writing, this is one of the most visually amazing films to come out of the Star Wars universe in quite a while.

Esteban JOLY : The silence that comes with this freaking scene gives me shivers down my back

Open World Gamer : Lost my shit during this scene

go gogogo : Listen closely, u can hear holdo screaming reeeeee as she crashes into them.

john doe : best scene in an EXTREMELY disappointing film

Goggles Veemon : if you lower the video speed to 0.25, you can see that Holdo´s cruise got oblierated by the initial impact, and what blast the rear of the ship and every ship behind it are the pieces of the cruiser being scattered behind it at light speed

IOS Gaming HQ : Not to worry, we are still flying half a ship

Neo Machine : And thus, any use of lasers or missiles are undercut by the sheer OP-ness that is lightspeed ramming.

RoadRunner : This scene is weird. On the one side it is extremely well "done" and very cinematic, on the other side it creates and reveals so many problems. You have this amazing moment where you see something that has never been done before, and when you look at the "why", you have to think about it, and the more you think about it, the dumber this scenes actually becomes. Let's start with what we were able to see. The initial collision, and the shrapnels beautifully flying slowly into space and... stopping for some reason. The collision, as it's shown, is a fucking joke. We are dealing with energy levels here, that are unimaginable, masses of objects, that we can't comprehend. If we assume that the ship only even came close to the speed of light, the ships mass would have came closer and closer to infinite, and the explosion after the collision would have rivaled supernovas, even gamma ray bursts. You would have just seen an enormous flash of light and everything solid, liquid or gas in that region of space, would have turned into a wave of plasma, moving away from the epicenter of the collision and creating a shockwave, that could wipe clean the closest planets in the solar system. Any remaining parts? They wouldn't have just stopped somewhere shortly after that collision, some of them could have been so fast, that they escaped the initial explosion and kept cruising on, to infintiy an beyond. A fucking screw of a ship with near lightspeed velocity hitting a planet that is a quadrillion kilometers away? Gone or devasted. All this ship did, was turn itself into a cosmic shotgun, and would statistically turned itself into more harm than help in that moment. You stopped some of the bad guys, but potentially destroyed planets and civilisations.

PS94 : I don't care what anyone says. This scene is fucking awesome.

Joseph Sinclair : And thus Star Wars as a franchise is ruined

Team Tundra 2 : “This scene completely annihilates space battles” “Why didn’t the rebels use it on the Death Star?” Well here’s the answer: The Last Jedi novel says that the Raddus was completely destroyed when it collided with the Supremacy. However the explosion off of that threw the energy of its advanced shields forward into the other star destroyers. No other ship in the entire galaxy could do that amount of damage. There’s the answer.

Sitti2300 : That Jurassic Park lady has got some balls

Lance Curry : To quote a little kid from "The Incredibles"... *"THAT WAS TOTALLY WICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"*

Rocket 205 : One of the coolest star wars scenes hands down in all movies

Forever Heaven : That scene is just perfection.👌

Fliyo MB : I sawed Snoke's Fleet in half. Now that's *ALOTTA DAMAGE*

lupinearsenalALT : Cool ass scene albeit a scene that breaks Star Wars.

Matt Britton : I guess I don’t understand why this scene was a problem for people... I mean, hyperspace ramming an enemy as a last resort seems like a pretty logical choice if you’re going to lose the ship anyway. But it’s not like it’s without any negative effects. Creating massive space debris for both sides to deal with, costing an absolute fortune to build the ships capable of hyperspace that would actually be massive enough to deal significant damage, being extremely unethical, there’s sooo many reasons why we haven’t seen this before in Star Wars. And you can tell that even the Resistance isn’t 100% okay with Holdo’s decision. Some of them look downright mortified. If you hated this scene, you were probably mortified by what a Resistance leader just did as well. And that’s the point. She did something pretty shitty to avoid something shittier: the death of the entire Resistance.

Alex Byron : Regardless of the overall film, this is one of the best space sequences in the franchise. The silence was amazing in the cinema - remember someone just saying “wow” to break it

T Kevin : Not really amused by this scene. The stupidness of the idea just distracts me from enjoying the scene. Hyperdrive ramming is not an original idea, it is always being one of those OP bugs that can completely destroy the balance of an intergalactic battle. And the writer is just too stupid and they include it into the plot to desperately create a cinematic scene. Now every traditional battle before and after looks meaningless, and every star wars fan in this comment section tries their best suggesting some ideas to make up this loophole.

Emmanuel Gapud : If it's that effective, why aren't there lightspeed torpedoes?

G@H Productions : Well.. This scene alone makes all the other Star Wars movies seem unnecessary since they could have just used this tactic over and over again during, for instance, the battle of the First Death Star. It even makes the concept of a 'Death Star' seem useless because why not just fly your ship trough a planet. I thought the force awakens was bad compared to all other Star Wars movies but this film just takes the cake. If I were to take this movie seriously then it would fuck up star Wars completely for me so I just pretend that The Last Jedi is a fan film. (Which it is).

Sam Steger : That’s not how lightspeed works🤦‍♂️

PhantomKiller76 : Yo, I want that chair

Johnny Casteel : I have never seen Star Wars and even I know this is nonsense...

MAVERICK06 : Should've been Ackbar.

Kenny Yee : Remember in the previous movie where Han got through the shields by going light speed but had to stop so as not to crash on the planet? He should’ve just went all the way and split the planet apart. No rebel lives had to be lost

Tom T : This scene was badass. Although it does beg the question why no-one just puts lightspeed drives on remote controlled cargobarges and uses them to destroy enemy cruisers.

Dalek Emperor : Wow, the First Order SUCKS. They've lost the Starkiller Base AND the Supremacy itself, Snoke's ship. I wonder what they're going to lose in ep 9? Oh, oh, maybe they're going to lose a giant factory planet! Maybe even several factory planets. Maybe all of their fleets in one space battle. Seriously, even the Empire didn't just put all their eggs in one basket with the Death Stars. They had Super Star Destroyers, the Eclipse Super Star Destroyers, the Galaxy Gun, etc. Long live the glorious Empire and may they return one day to teach these children how it's done!

Napoleon I Bonaparte : In my opinion: Admiral Holdo was right to evacuate the Raddus, given if their plans weren’t revealed by the Finn’s turncoat mate. According to her bio, Princess Leia recognised Holdo’s strategic mind. So, in the larger picture, Holdo would still sacrifice herself to keep the fight going, saving more lives in the process (if only again, the turncoat didn’t reveal the plans), and calling them to call for reinforcements early. I don’t think Holdo would keep travelling at that rate if they knew no other planets were in the area. Admiral Holdo may not be a beloved character, but her embracement of death and heroism saved the light. On a side note: Leia and Holdo had pathfinding lessons on various planets, so I assume that she would probably know where they were headed.

Sammy B Videography : 1:29 This short light speed scene had a few of the most awesome shots I'v seen in a film. :-)

I am Thanos : Cool scene but it contradicts the A new hope scene

Fliyo MB : Imagine the Irony if Admiral Ackbar and Leia were the one to preform this

Nemon Cubez : That was the best 10 seconds of my life

Krawurxus : While this looks and sounds absolutely badass, it makes me wonder every time why nobody in the star wars universe has thought of building a torpedo that does this very thing. Because it would counter every defensive measure we've ever seen in any of the movies. It goes right through shields and armor, can't be intercepted by guns or fighters, takes out everything behind the primary target as well and can be deployed from outside the firing range of the target. I remember Han worrying about accidentally flying through a star or something so this should work from pretty much any range. Why aren't remote-controlled hyperspace-capable transport ships the deadliest weapon in star wars? How many hits like that would the Death Star be able to take? Two? Three?

Richard 3rd : I dont care what people say about this movie. This scene is both visually and audibly spectacular.


Shawn Youtt : The ginger sure loves to shrill when he screams

Agnostic Monk : This is the only totally righteous scene in the whole damn film. RLM was right, though; should've been Leia.

Zack Treadway : The only good scene in this dog shit movie