Meet the Pro Fingerboarder

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stereovoyage : He wins his life with this passion, a dream for many people.

ASI Berlin : Well done Mike, that´s a good and impartial report!

ResinDreams : Fingerboarding is a great sport but you should always be safe & wear knuckle pads...

FAT LLAMA : I can't skate, I can't fingerboard I'm hopeless

popkm popkms : Mans knows how to use his fingers 😫😍

helsinki : Props to the guy making it into a successful business.

Pablo from Guatamala : and to think I threw out all my Tech Deck's. I wish I had one right now though...

Daniel A : Next Vid: Meet the Pro Fidget Spinner

Why you lookin at my name faggot : Ok i dont like this

Ali Beaster : Did anyone see Kelsey fingerboard sin the video

Jen Hughes : If this keeps kids out of trouble and helps people connect with others-- I'm in full support of it.

Hamza Salah : inspiring (:

iEatFingerboards : This is a great video to show to people who are curious about what fingerboarding is all about. I'll definitely be showing this when I'm asked about it.

Black Yoshi : I don't finger board any more My teacher took it away

FUCKS PERFORMANCE : He look like he watches a lot of porn

Brendog Skerbdog : I kinda wanna break out my old flat face now

Aaron Bowbyes : this video owes me 2 minutes of my life back

Antti Kaila : One girl... there was one girl

Lumian : Lol

Christopher Dent : Dude is laughing at people doing finger stretches.. look what your doing to begin with. There isn’t anything that can make it any weirder

Mike James : This is a joke, right?

Aidan Tiu : 2:29 lol its kelsey fingerboards

RESKONE : If i was there I'd just be drawing on the ramps.

Denis Arsić : I'm a professional model toy car racing driver.

Markus Vhane : Finger Skateboarding > Drugs

Kash Money : Why does he say Tech Deck like Teck Dack

Samuel Mcgary : And one of those hundred of thousands is not me

Luke RockDance : Kelsey finger boards at 2:30

Sandory Chicken : What has this world come to

Colin McDonald : Can anyone else not skateboard but love to fingerboard

binki finki : They look funny when they play with them

E Tone : Spotted Kelsey lmao

SkiFyre Gaming : This video *board* me.

Elliott Morrow : I wish I was there

i cup : I hate fingerboarding

Shivam Goyal : Do you have mini *boosted* *board* just like *CASEY* *NEISTAT* has ?

Tomer Avital : Grow up!


BBadonkaTrunk HTK : Guess u can say he good with his fingers😏

Boarder Bros : Who else inspired... like if u are

iamnothingness iamnothingness : 0:32 skateboarding has no rules 1:57 the rules are...

iamnothingness iamnothingness : Manchildren

Beast Gaming Rocketleague : Wtf lol never thought this was a thing

NoVizions : How sad can your life be to do this professionally

Ow O : It looks lame but if he likes it it's okay


Sadistic Soul : i have had three reconstructive knee surgeries and fingerboarding is the only way i can still feel like i can skate i love skateboarding and fingerboarding they both can make u feel the same way cheers everyone!!!

Jan : He looks happy, so good for him!

SuperHiro : Everyone in the comments could say that it's sad to fingerboard, but he's enjoying what he's does and he runs a successful business...

Bobby F : *Finger game is strong with this one*