Meet the Pro Fingerboarder

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Great Big Story : You don't have to go pro to fingerboard like one. Bring the skatepark home with a Tech Deck Transforming SK8 Container with Ramp Set and Skateboard. (If you purchase this product, Great Big Story receives revenue. Everybody wins!)

Drifter D : I hate it when people make it sound like fingerboarding and skateboarding are the same thing

Van Litespeed : 0:32 skateboarding has no rules 1:57 the rules are...

Respect Seasoning : I'm a professional Hot Wheels racer.. vroom! vroom!

TrafficsKindaBad : This might be the gayest thing i've ever seen

Matty : Is it just me or does he look like Tony Hawk?

will XD : Imagine a girl asking “what them fingers do?” And he does that 😂

Night Shark : I like fingering my board

Some Things In Life : I bet chicks love his finger banging.

hugh hemmerich : How not to get laid

Filmmaker J : Do you have miniature cops come and break up the fun, too?

Gabe Watson : He must‘ve been bullied in school

Jack Malec : 2:31 white hipster version of Steph curry

L : I remember my brother who died 5 years ago likes to do fingerboarding too.

Kiriyama : Virgin

Cam Olson : I don't know why people are hating on this guy. He started a successful business based on his passion. He's happy. Leave the guy alone

DeviouS : I almost made it pro but then there was this freak figerbording accident and both my fingers were broke ...... The doc says I'll never figerbording again ! 😭😷😱Lmao

Sandory Chicken : What has this world come to

TheImmortalPickle : I was depressed and I was sad, kept putting myself down. I saw this video and made me feel so much better about myself knowing I'm not these people. Thanks for sharing and keeping from ending it all.

Jamie White : Oh nice, thought mostly only fat kids did this. Good for him.

Jan : He looks happy, so good for him!

SaftiAbi : 0:32 1:57

Sanja HD : He basically shows that you can do anything you want

Van Litespeed : Manchildren

ziggy 710 : 2:30 is kelsey fingerboards

EternalResonance : Im making one of those competitions but only for disabled fingers. All fingers have to be fully dressed and sign a waver form in case of a severe accident.

Louis B : go get a job

Victor Valdez : Next finger break dance

bengalsfan794 : i fingerboard all the time i have this cool skate park in my room its sick

helsinki : Props to the guy making it into a successful business.

Arnie Whip : Misleading title. Should be "Meet the Pro Virgin"

Mr.Lemon : And remember...Bros before hoes

Boarder Bros : Who else inspired... like if u are

Patrick Swayze : Nerds

ResinDreams : Fingerboarding is a great sport but you should always be safe & wear knuckle pads...

ムリ : He must be pretty good at fingering stuff

The Beat Vandal : I liked the part where he went to the virgin convention with fellow finger boarders

NoVizions : How sad can your life be to do this professionally

Orion : he looks like a Finger-Tony Hawk

Lil Nightsand : His Girlfriend loves him with one simple trick!! Click the link to learn more

yxng_retard : I’m a fingerballer

Thomas Jackson : It's kinda intriguing actually. How do they control those tiny boards efficiently?

Mute : He’s more into fingering that skateboard than an actual chick

stereovoyage : He wins his life with this passion, a dream for many people.

Joseph Holliday : These things cost almost as much as the custom Zero board deck on my regular sized skateboard!

xTLG ATTACK : Virgins.... virgins everywhere

boti : Surprised he isn't wearing thrasher.

K0MPL3X_-REKZ- : No Rules?!?! Bet lemme come in skatin with my prius😂

Daniel A : Next Vid: Meet the Pro Fidget Spinner

Jason Bellmore : Oh god, he called it a "run" 🙃