Meet the Pro Fingerboarder

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Great Big Story : You don't have to go pro to fingerboard like one. Bring the skatepark home with a Tech Deck Transforming SK8 Container with Ramp Set and Skateboard. (If you purchase this product, Great Big Story receives revenue. Everybody wins!)

Matty : Is it just me or does he look like Tony Hawk?

Van Litespeed : 0:32 skateboarding has no rules 1:57 the rules are...

Ian Collins : Virgins. Virgins everywhere

Big Sans : I like fingering my board

TrafficsKindaBad : This might be the gayest thing i've ever seen

Filmmaker J : Do you have miniature cops come and break up the fun, too?

Some Things In Life : I bet chicks love his finger banging.

Markus Vhane : Finger Skateboarding > Drugs

Gabe Watson : He must‘ve been bullied in school

Adam Arroyo : Virgin

Jan : He looks happy, so good for him!

hugh hemmerich : How not to get laid

Respect Seasoning : I'm a professional Hot Wheels racer.. vroom! vroom!

Jack Malec : 2:31 white hipster version of Steph curry

L : I remember my brother who died 5 years ago likes to do fingerboarding too.

Cam Olson : I don't know why people are hating on this guy. He started a successful business based on his passion. He's happy. Leave the guy alone

igloo productions : I got really good at fingerboarding in the late 90’s until 2001. The video “Fingers Of Fury” was my idea (for the name). I fingerboarded with Darin Langhorst all the time who was one of the main guys in that video. I was not in the video because I lived elsewhere when it was produced. In 2001 I won a major contest put on by a gaming magazine and won a ton of shit (a complete and tons of other shit) plus Coke was going to put me and Darin on a South American tour doing demos in malls. Then 911 happened and it got cancelled. I made my own fingerboard videos after that but never posted them here. I was pretty pissed about the cancel of that tour and how 411 video mag stole my name for Fingers Of Fury. I went on to make “The Real Fingers Of Fury”, but I was so pissed I quit fingerboarding around 2002. In 2003 I got a 3 year contract to work in Adult video (that’s right, porn). I made a video called Iron Lee’s Sluts Of Fury that was in all adult video stores USA wide (still sold online too). I put fingerboarding behind me. Maybe I’ll post my old vids here. The thing I don’t like about fingerboarding is it’s all tech, no “going big”. If you don’t do technical shit you are nothing basically.

Jamie White : Oh nice, thought mostly only fat kids did this. Good for him.

Drifter D : I hate it when people make it sound like fingerboarding and skateboarding are the same thing

Van Litespeed : Manchildren

ResinDreams : Fingerboarding is a great sport but you should always be safe & wear knuckle pads...

TheImmortalPickle : I was depressed and I was sad, kept putting myself down. I saw this video and made me feel so much better about myself knowing I'm not these people. Thanks for sharing and keeping from ending it all.

Sandory Chicken : What has this world come to

Sanja HD : He basically shows that you can do anything you want

Victor Valdez : Next finger break dance

Andre Tsang : I think it's kinda dumb, but it's not my place to question. If he's making money and he's having fun, more power to him.

bengalsfan794 : i fingerboard all the time i have this cool skate park in my room its sick

Oscar Oreo : That's extremely cool bro keep up the amazing work and dedication.

EternalResonance : Im making one of those competitions but only for disabled fingers. All fingers have to be fully dressed and sign a waver form in case of a severe accident.

Mr.Lemon : And remember...Bros before hoes

helsinki : Props to the guy making it into a successful business.

ziggy 710 : 2:30 is kelsey fingerboards

Louis B : go get a job

Boarder Bros : Who else inspired... like if u are

*f u c k l o v e* : He must be pretty good at fingering stuff

stereovoyage : He wins his life with this passion, a dream for many people.

Shaun Shaun : Nerds

NoVizions : How sad can your life be to do this professionally

Lazy Einstein : Think of all the Kings of the past that had to suffer and battle for luxury and now some kids playing with fingerboards can live better than they have ever dreamed possible.

DeviouS : I almost made it pro but then there was this freak figerbording accident and both my fingers were broke ...... The doc says I'll never figerbording again ! 😭😷😱Lmao

K0MPL3X_-REKZ- : No Rules?!?! Bet lemme come in skatin with my prius😂

Monolisa : I find this sad..

Melody Zhao : And then there’s me *struggling to stand on one of those non slip skateboard thingy*

ChaoticGamer : He must give women very powerful orgasms

Daniel A : Next Vid: Meet the Pro Fidget Spinner

PV V : Comed you give me a tech dech

MrTappalot : "What do you do for a living?" "I fingerboards, sir"

mandar sonavane : What all people do nowadays!?!😂😂 that too 'officially'

passerell : Still better than women's favorite hobby: Shopping.