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Омлет, казалось бы, что может быть проще. А он у вас никогда не подгорал и был нежным как июльский утренний ветерок? Пепан делает классический французский омлет. А это классический америкоский "омлет" :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27BigIWxMMw


Matthew Coons : Today I learned how much my omelettes suck. :(

The Battalion : The french one is fucking god tier

Chance Falasiri : i did not expect him to say butter like an american

AVGamer oz : All of the people hating on Jacques for using a fork on teflon are missing the point. Jacques is a traditionally trained french chef he learned to cook using carbon steel pans, stainless steel as well as enameled cast iron. French chefs in high quality high production kitchens do not use non stick pans! They get churned out and loose their quality in a matter of weeks in a commercial kitchen. After two months everything will be sticking to it. If you think about it those pans are going to be used and cleaned multiple times a night and put through quite a bit of abuse by the dishwashers. So most professional cooks in France as I've been told are going to avoid them. Buying non stick pans multiple times a year is complete waste of time and money when there is great quality locally made French carbon pans that will do as good of a job. Often times Jacques will mention requiring a french chef to cook an omelette to determine their skill, what he doesn't mention is that the first component of that test is pan choice. Ask Daniel Boulud and he will attest to the point that pan choice in this type of test is the first hurdle. As for carbon steel pans, when seasoned correctly they have excellent non stick qualities and when used with the correct temperature control and amount of butter (which is an integral part of flavoring the omelette anyway}, they will be just as good as non sticks. That's why it's an excellent test of a chef's skill level, it requires precise temperature control, correct use of butter (foaming not browning) and correct technical skills at forming the omelette. To defend Jacques, he has decades of habits built up using carbon steel in a traditional kitchen. You'll notice that outside of this series he almost never uses Teflon, he primarily uses stainless since it is more familiar with most home cooks. Unfortunately prior to the cast iron trend that's been consistent since 2013 home cooks just weren't dedicated enough to give proper care and maintenance to a seasoned pan. And to be fair, it still is outside of the norm for most home cooks who aren't foodies. Seasoned pans like cast iron and carbon steel are safe to use with metal utensils due to the polymer layer of oil seasoning that is tougher then metal. Steel utensils are also more hygienic and easier to clean, especially compared to plastic. Why would Jacques bother using a silicone spatula or a wooden spoon when his technique that he is familiar with uses a fork. After all the non stick pan is just going to be thrown out or used by one of the production crew afterwards. A good alternative for people using non stick is to use wooden chopsticks, they work excellently at breaking up the curd and is what I use when all I have available is a non stick.

PreserveBigCats : A true Master... no flash, just perfection and consistency.

Stewart Griffin : Thats the kind of omelette the bad guy in Daredevil eats every morning.

Carl Scruggs : Do you people honestly think that a world-class chef with goddamned DECADES of experience with his craft would really forget what material his pans were made of? I mean, Christ.

Mark Sawyer : Seriously, the people that are questioning his technique, google "Jacques Pepin". He was personal chef to 3 French presidents and literally wrote the book on cooking technique ("Jacques Pepin's Complete Techniques"), and he is the father of decent fine cooking in America.

rainwaterfall : That second omelette … OMG!

kheath580 : im sure all you internet keyboard warriors know better than this acclaimed chef about forks and non stick pans.

Azio Prism : dat *Brooown*

Alexxx2 : 2:39 -> Brooooon

Mark Smolen : Calm down people he knows what he's doing. He's using a Le Creuset pan which is very durable even back in the day. I've cooked about a thousand omlettes using this technique and still use the same pan.

James Jacocks : Jacques is not only a food boffin but a gastronomic historian. He is correct about the butter and salt. As a tweak, I brown the butter to a noisette (nutty taste), just a bit farther than he does, and it doesn't even need chives. I hope he will forgive me my little sin.

m00n1777 : The French one is better

Samuel Ray : This video literally changed my life when I saw it for the first time. I almost can't put in to words how important it is to me.

Adas : You know he clearly prefers the french-style omelette.

Will Jacobs : Kingpin's favorite Youtube video.

DreamEclipse : This guy is my hero. I followed this to the T and just ate the most perfect chive omelette I've ever had.

Abdur-rahman Moustapha : Alex French Guy Cooking 🤟🏻👍🏻👍🏻

MrPoldekrosmol : oh my lord, I'm going to get populair with the ladies if I succeed in making that classic french omelet again. I almost seduced myself with it!

Hi, Neighbor! : French guy cooking

Tim Law : Pepin knows that the way you treat an egg is a clue to your expertise. So does Gordon. It is so simple yet subtle.

johnross456 : I almost wanna kinda say that he has a slight French accent maybe

Shirley Ramphul : Merci Beaucoup monsieur Pepin .je vous adore. 😘

Yohann Setna : Amazing technique. A true chef.

ghomeyshi7 : Alex French Guy Cooking :D

Francis Buenafe : 2nd omelette is ridiculously perfect. That omelette is photogenic.

加藤みずっち : I Try To Master Jacques Pepin's Perfect Omelet...

vikikis : Omelette du Fromage

13713 : this looks so simple, but it is going to rock your world whenever you are up for it (all this coming from a master of billiards, same principles apply)

Marcus Stolz : Thank you Jacques Pepin for teaching me these techniques.

menamgamg : Can't tell you how many times i've watched this video for details in the technique xD I've finally learned to make both versions after years haha..

sf17k : Is he scratching the pan? No, it's hard-anodized aluminum. Don't try this with Teflon, though! Are the eggs raw? Maybe. Half-cooked is better than nothing. Cook thoroughly if you have a weak immune system. Otherwise, the worst that can happen is flu-like symptoms for a few days. In my opinion, the flavor is worth the tiny, tiny risk. If you're in the UK, you don't have to worry. Eggs have a natural protective coating to keep out bacteria. UK producers wisely avoid washing the egg in order to keep the coating intact. They have very few cases of egg-related food poisoning, despite commonly storing eggs at room temperature.

FanGefunden : 4:38 "half moon shape" ... french guys

Mke Hammond : There are Non-Stick pans out there that can handle metal utensils. Shop around folks. You'll be surprised. Cheers.

KeanuLeaves : I got an orgasm watching this. His is the way I do my western omelettes. Love this guy and his approach to food. That's passion.

Samuel Ray : This video changed my life. Amazing technique with perfect results.

isabellacintora : Enseignant! 🙏🏻

Poor Man : 2:35 Butter, sounds like a texan accent

kal 61 : ART! pure and simple!

Baki Pest : Mr Pepin you are the master, God Bless You

Craig Nevermind : He makes it look so easy. He's a brilliant chef.

PX13 Ray : The French omelette is BETTER! 😁

Hot80s : wine with my breakfast omelette? thanks JP

Benjamin Lira Luttges : "Run my knife around" * is clearly using a fork

Fred Wu : Thank you for sharing! It wasn't that great actually. I just watched the video for like 30 times.

Kevin De melo : the french one looks good, but i nailed it when i tried it at home

ty2 : Folks, it isn't that easy. Just go and attempt to make that classic French omelette like he just did and see what yours turns out looking like. You probably will never get one out like that so quick and easily. That is a master right there. Unbelievable.