Crazy Women Raising Hell at Sears in Mesquite, TX

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Flo Goode : Narrator: It did, in fact, end up on youtube.

Iove75 : I've never seen a stronger argument for abortion and birth control in my life. These creatures simply should not exist.

Shaylee Ann : All of that over $17. Yeah, I highly doubt they can afford an attorney if they're losing their minds of SEVENTEEN DOLLARS.

Max Mustermaeenn : I think the smartest of them all is the Baby. I feel sorry for it with such dumb people around it, it has a low chance to rise above them, they will hold her down and keep her there.

Sweet Nightmare Gaming : Wow, this is utterly disgusting. If I had been there (as a customer, I get that the employees can't do anything) I would've told the women they can either accept that their money would be back in their bank account in three to five business days or I would call the cops for them disturbing the peace and threatening the employees. I wish someone WOULD make a fool of themselves in front of me.

Todd Smith : Can we get the names of these people? That would be great. Maybe we can call child services on this mom. Obviously in-capable of being a human being along with the mother.

Iank11b : +1 for putting it on youtube lol

Travis Harvey : Consider yourself sued.

Valenski : Its mind blowing how dumb people are who think you cant film them in public without their permission

Arthur Morgan : d0N't PUt m3 On Y0uTuBE 0r iLL su3 Yu

Bryce Walburn : Which episode of Sons of Anarchy is this from?

HomelessTwinky : You know her attorney is quality if she's arguing over $17.

chadhtx35 : And that concludes our episode of white trash in Texas. Please join us next week for an explosive episode when Daisy Lee Dukes has to wait in line at an Abilene, Texas DPS for her license and gets told she needs to wear glasses when driving.

3PiecesOfBread : Grandma is sporting a variation of the I’d like to speak to a manager haircut, so this video is accurate.

Bobby Jones : I guarantee these women voted for/support trump, too.

Mr. J : ah...stupid people that don't understand how card refunds work

TWITCH FAILS : I will personally sue you

That DamnSasquatch : Texas Penal Code states that one party consent is required to film. That is anyone involved to include the person recording giving the "customers" no grounds for legal action. Also these women are terrible. They are victims of inbreeding and they should stop reproducing. : If this is all over $17, I suspect someone didn't have enough cash for their pill/meth purchase that day and had to find a way to scrape together the rest.

Spencer Hanson : why cant these kind of things happen when i go to stores

C. : Here we have the endangered wild sears. Some say it still exists but few have seen them in the last few years.

raincntry : That's a classy pack of broads right there. I can smell the cigarette breath through my computer. Someone call family services and spare that poor child the next 14 years before it get's pregnant and another generation moves into mama's trailer.

Dryer Machine : Lmao Ed Sheeran looks like she sells meth

vanessak69 : We’re supposed to believe these individuals have attorneys on retainer. That’s funny, tell another one.

Jordy Lunkhead Verrill : This video is everywhere LOL!

muzik lvr : Now that they're famous...they will get their own reality show !! 😅😅 God help us...let's hope not.

Todd The Triumphant : Sears is the world supplier of "I need to speak to your manager" clothing line.

Andrew Campbell : Did Ketchup hair ever sue? I mean I know none of them probably have jobs because they’re the very trash that believes their too good to work, but it’s nice to see trailer trash on camera sometimes.

Arlette White : Can someone please remove those children from that home?!?! Their clearly in the care of psychopaths that will raise them to be exactly the same way.

idigcrzychicks : Texas is a single party consent state. Her lawyer will love that.

HAHAurfunny22 : We need a purge.

James Kehoe : Geet yurself a neew jub. Yeah, don't worry. Sears won't see 2020.

ballDollarPen : Jesus christ these woman are morons. The employees were doing their job, and these people want cash when they used a card for a puchase?!? I could make jokes all day with this video, but ill just say this If you are dating one of those women, or made a kid with one of them, you are exactly whats wrong with America. Classic Texas, breeding dumbasses and not knowing basic laws since 1845.

Obro Productions : I feel bad for the daughter behind them. Her family seems like absolute twats.

Михаил Зак : cute chill voice <3

County Diamond : Ok, more than 3 customers mad here I believe the worker is smiling and recording I can tell.

The One : Her lawyer loves the girl recording, but hates the lady they have to represent. Thankfully Texas has a one-party consent when it comes to recording. Poor baby

darkdistiller : Should someone tell that lady that in Texas it's not illegal to video record someone in public, or just wait till the lawyer laughs in her face?

maelstrom143 : I think the term for the ladies yelling in the video is "Dumbass." I do believe recording of things plainly visible from public spaces is not illegal. Furthermore, you don't get cash back if you used a card to pay. And, you don't get to abuse people freely. They really should have called the police on the nasty heffers. There was no need to lose their minds over $17 that would go right back in their account. Dumbasses.

Larry Smith : Merica! :)

Stetco Catalin : I love it that you where so calm. So...are you being sued?

NikNak : That would be credit card fraud. Of course the store wouldn't do it, its in the rules from the credit card companies.

Brandi M : Their names are Brenda Hoback and the pink haired chick is Morgan Duncan. They both have facebooks. Both trashy racists. Who knew

Aubrie Mindock : Were you sued? Lol. These women obviously don't know the law.

E Cannon : Trump's AmeriKKKa folks.

Toon Uhfish : She looks like mama from "Throw Mama From the Train," OWEN YOUR FRIENDS DEAD!"

Whoopity Doo : I don't know why, but those women look like they smell like cheese dip.

Gio M : IT IS CPS TIME!!!!

Matt G. : Stupid is as stupid does... Obviously, this is a family trait.... that poor baby.

Gabe Cooper : I would smash all three while honey boo boo over there watched the baby