Musky Fishing Ontario | Lac Suel

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In this video we head up north for our annual trip to Lac Suel Reservoir in Ontario. It has been primarily a walleye trip for us in the past but this year we decided to bring the musky gear along. We managed to squeeze in just a few hours of musky fishing when we weren't chasing eyes and we couldn't have asked for better results! The big musky in this video was caught on a Della Bay Rod built in Elk River, MN - Check it out here: Thanks for watching! Follow us on: Music: Confused (Afternoons LP) by Loxbeats Mountain's Lullaby by Oshóva

Comments from Youtube

Jimmy Willis : Tight lines :) All the best, Jimmy Willis

ZMFishing : awesime!!!!

Ben St.Louis : I have caught a 35 plus pounder in St.Clair and it was Amazing!!! But, I have to get up to Lac Seul to try for an absolute giant!! That 45" has got to be well over thirty pounds the build on those Lac Seul fish is unbelievable!! Congrats on an awesome catch!!!

Judy Skeie-Voss : Never fail to impress! Great catch!

Handberrydea : The elusive Muskie has been high on my list for a very long time. I like your editing and I can tell you have a passion for fishing like I do. I Just subbed bro, keep up the good work.

Jhon777 007 : The biggest I cought was 44 good job guy's. )))

Precision Angling : Awesome Musky!! Congrats on an amazing fish!!

The Fishin' Dad : I have been hoping for a Muskie since I was little. They're pretty sparse in our section of river but they're there! Going to target them for the first time this fall hopefully. Awesome fish!

Haulin Ash : I have friends who go to There every year for Walleye, I better let them know there’s bigger fish there!

Millers Landing : Dang!

Rory Wardell : Great Muskie.

So Cal Skiff Life : Just one hahaha...

Live and cut bait fishing with Jerry And Max : Great video ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Nice Musky

Colorado Fisher : I love that lakes structure

Mr. Rich : I thought it was 50" when it leaped out of the water.

Lake Wisconsin Outdoors : Went and fished for muskies up there early july up around Chamberlain Narrows, moved 3 fish up there and three more down by where you guys fished, actually we fished one of the same spots. Landed a grand total of zero muskies but saw a 50 on our last night. Super special lake and it will always keep me coming back. Nice vid!!

Life with fishing!!! : 👍🎣🐟👌🤝