Weird Arby's Guy (Original)

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Sneaky Zebra : I think I want you to narrat events in my life.

Pixel : *I've been waiting all my career for this moment.*

Tylerbag : Tom Cruise has lost it...

waloacme : Poetry isn't completely dead... I dunno

TheGreatBenderina : "compelled to stear her beige battering ram into the house that beef built" lmao

MrCaveman366 : Best troll ever

Dough Boy : This guy is gifted

Moose Odom : “So what if I smell like roast beef? This whole place smells like roast beef!” DYING XD

Quentin 33 : How does he manage to Edit himself into these videos and still have the ABC Channel 7 logo in front? This dude is awesome!

Spicy Eli : This man is everywhere and I’ve never been more confused

J McClain : O.K. he deserves $15.00 per hour.

MyHeroMacadamiaNuts : i have no idea what this man is saying but i like it

TPG2009 : I thought perhaps the end of time was upon us, instead it was a disoriented old lady in a Toyota Avalon.... DEAD 😂

Jack Berczi : Notice me Senpai

Dancing Spiderman : " so what if I smell like roast beef... This whole place smells like roast beef!! ...a look of elderly bloodlust spread across her wrinkled face..." Priceless. WordSmith. I bet the price of roast beef lipps is very low in the city of Detroit, because it is in plentiful supply. Not saying anything, just sayin'.

Cameron Finch : “The house that beef built” Brilliant.

Austin the Lizard : HOLY SHIT this is my local Arby's i go here all the time.

Casey Miller : Is this the satans pretty cool guy?? Why is he everywhere???

jardo531 : I clicked on this video, why?.....I dunno! But I'm glad I did. Totally awesome.

Nicholas Halley : Holy shit YouTube, finally a good recommendation

Willibeolder : Is that Andrew Bowser

Richard Cox : Bet he still works there.

Charles Gore : Wings charred like brisket 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Poopie pants : Why does this guy remind me of alpha omega sin!?!!

The Custom Ranger Channel : Well now we all know the reincarnation of William Shakespeare

IconoclastXVII : There is no way they filmed this without cracking up

Hannah Bear : Possibly my favorite youtube video ever.

Baise Non : I find him weirdly mad attractive 🤭 idek why, but he’s cute

Henry V of England Heir of France : This guy is poet.

idfk dontsub : If world of warcraft was a person.

i make u triggered lol : *can you do my English test. just forget the “I dunno”*

Carina Cardenas : When your news anchor skills kick in LMAO!!!

Harry Rambo : Worlds greatest dungeon master

Jesus Mercado : Brother has a gift of voice and charisma

AugustMovieReviewer : Wait..... this is the guy from that notice me senpai video

Lincoln Meredith : Dude's been sharing chronic

Dreadbull : This man is my spirit animal

Blaxtopolition : The house that beef built....lmao

Aaron Shattuck : Legendary status.

rob boss : Cocain if it were a person.

WonderfulFilms : Is this a real news broadcast? Or did you edit this?

J.London : Did Andrew actually work there?! I just want to believe he has a huge closet of uniforms and costumes that he uses whenever a news story happens he quickly changes and shows up at said location ready to weave his epic tales into the broadcasts.

Grace Diemert : my mom says if she ever turns on the news and sees me talking like this she would disown me!!! XD

Redneck MTG : I could be friends with this guy.

George Alvarez : I agree with this guy.....F Mr. Belevedere and his law passing ass

L O N E W O L F 2 2 : *i d u n n n o*

Chuck Schick : Goddamn I wish this really happened

Michael Cook : He's soooo....on meth.

Nickster : When the interview is more interesting than the story...