Weird Arby's Guy (Original)

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Sneaky Zebra : I think I want you to narrat events in my life.

Nickster : When the interview is more interesting than the story...

KrazyCries : "(Panting) I don't know.....(More panting)" "Arby's is pretty cool" 😂

Chalmers Flattery : "The house that beef built"


The Custom Ranger Channel : Well now we all know the reincarnation of William Shakespeare


Anthony Taylor : This guy has actually made me cry with laughter. 😂 ... Troll level: Expert 👌

Adam12995 : Lmfao “I’m the king of the castle and you’re the dirty rascal, Crash into me, Crash into me”

ba55letmysoulfly : “I don’t know! Arby’s is pretty cool.”

Brigisonfire - : I don't know this video is pretty cool

Ew No : This is what happens when you smoke crack before work

Rolling Thunder : I think the internet is confusing "weird" with "awesome" again...

Kosher Foods : This is the same guy as in the satan statue interview and the one in the comic shop

Nicholas Halley : Holy shit YouTube, finally a good recommendation

Leah Johnson : Notice me Senpai, NOTICE ME!!!!

ReconmissionFFWR : "I don't know"

Dustin Jr Huff : Is this real? Like honestly was this on tv?

Jack Shit The Last American Hero : I go to that Arbys.

LapisWolf Prductions : Wait isn't he the diablo guy from E3 😆

FBK Rocketeer : Reminds me of my restaurant manager when he talks about the D&D match he dominated the night before.

Samson 2015 : You need to have your own sitcom. This shit is hilarious.

Jack Berczi : Notice me Senpai

Miles Winslow : I keep seeing Tom Cruise after he's gained weig!

rob boss : Cocain if it were a person.

MrCaveman366 : Best troll ever

UnFinny : I'm the king if the castle And you're a dirty rascal Crash into me, crash into me Holy shit this guys a poet

Max Powers : Is this guy not an actor?

Joe berdanke : This scripted or does he actually work at arby's? lol

john doe : Best narrative i ever heard

Stuart Barton : Oh My Goodness! I've never laughed so hard at something before! I had tears and gave myself asthma!

Kevin Zwirner : Something doesn't sit right with me about this video and this guy. There are other "interview" youtube videos on this same guy as a satanist and a gamer and others. This guy is forsure possessed with a spirit at this time, look at him go in and out of it. It's blatantly obvious. A creep, YES. Possessed and think he is showing off, YES.

The Fexican : This can't be real... is it real? Like is this guy an actual person or is is this some sort of character he's playing? Please be real.

Pmoney 1243 : “I dunno”

Disco Stu : This is what landed him the role in home improvements

WeTube : One Love

jude2005386 : Is this an actual real news story???? wtf I am confused!!!!!

Zerepy : Idontknow.

Marco St. : If world of warcraft was a person.

ANA : When you smoke a blunt at lunch and comeback to find a camera crew at you job

Gelatinous Nimrod : What a fucking legend..


Bryant : How does this dude keep getting on the news?

AugustMovieReviewer : Wait..... this is the guy from that notice me senpai video

MyHeroMacadamiaNuts : i have no idea what this man is saying but i like it

2Fro 4U : 2 year anaversary

Danny Newlun : This guy is cool and all but the real question is if brads wife got her job back #justiceforbradswife

Casey Miller : Is this the satans pretty cool guy?? Why is he everywhere???

Brandon Thornton : this is what happens when coke and creative writing classes​ mix