Weird Arby's Guy (Original)

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Sneaky Zebra : I think I want you to narrat events in my life.

MrCaveman366 : Best troll ever

Pixel : *I've been waiting all my career for this moment.*

Jack Berczi : Notice me Senpai

Brigisonfire - : I don't know this video is pretty cool

Adam12995 : Lmfao “I’m the king of the castle and you’re the dirty rascal, Crash into me, Crash into me”

Rolling Thunder : I think the internet is confusing "weird" with "awesome" again...

Kosher Foods : This is the same guy as in the satan statue interview and the one in the comic shop

ibkillah : He's so poetic and deep.

The Custom Ranger Channel : Well now we all know the reincarnation of William Shakespeare

Leah Johnson : Notice me Senpai, NOTICE ME!!!!

ReconmissionFFWR : "I don't know"

Miles Winslow : I keep seeing Tom Cruise after he's gained weig!

Dustin Jr Huff : Is this real? Like honestly was this on tv?

Nickster : When the interview is more interesting than the story...

Moose Odom : “So what if I smell like roast beef? This whole place smells like roast beef!” DYING XD

Pmoney 1243 : “I dunno”

The Fexican : This can't be real... is it real? Like is this guy an actual person or is is this some sort of character he's playing? Please be real.

Ryan Smith : Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Nicholas Halley : Holy shit YouTube, finally a good recommendation

Joe berdanke : This scripted or does he actually work at arby's? lol

WeTube : One Love

Stuart Barton : Oh My Goodness! I've never laughed so hard at something before! I had tears and gave myself asthma!

Zerepy : Idontknow.

Disco Stu : This is what landed him the role in home improvements

Nietzsche's Moustache : How does this dude keep getting on the news?

MyHeroMacadamiaNuts : i have no idea what this man is saying but i like it

Dough Boy : This guy is gifted

rob boss : Cocain if it were a person.

Casey Miller : Is this the satans pretty cool guy?? Why is he everywhere???

Spicy Eli : This man is everywhere and I’ve never been more confused

waloacme : Poetry isn't completely dead... I dunno

Hannah Bear : Possibly my favorite youtube video ever.

KrazyCries : "(Panting) I don't know.....(More panting)" "Arby's is pretty cool" 😂

Eirik Hansson : And meerly laughs hahahaha. Indeed i died

L O N E W O L F 2 2 : *i d u n n n o*

2Fro 4U : 2 year anaversary

first class junkee : I wish that old lady would have ran the guy over who was being interviewed silly son of a bish

LapisWolf Prductions : Wait isn't he the diablo guy from E3 😆


Charles Gore : Wings charred like brisket 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Cicci Wan Kenobi : Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Mr.Duck Ansyari : Was this legit?

john doe : Best narrative i ever heard

Lizard King : I d no..

Michael Cook : He's soooo....on meth.

Oh Hello there! : *C W A S H I N in to my world*

Landy005 : 2:19

Marco St. : If world of warcraft was a person.