Mr. Brightside but using google autocomplete results

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Because this isn't an actual cover I didn't make the instrumental, I just used the official. Don't sue me.

Comments from Youtube

Jeremy Deutch : She's taking forever to reply He's having a seizure dude, give her a minute

Sarah - : *and she’s calling me daddy while he’s having a seizure*

SgtRyoseirui : The last 2 lines sound like Kidzbop censorship

Abigale Rocketship : All jokes aside, you were able to match his voice very well. I'm impressed.

Ryan M. : **standing ovation**

Vargas : jealousy, turning point USA *turning point USA*

Rafael Bernardi : Choking the chicken cause im having a good time

YeeThatAva M8 : *"It's all about the cake, But she's touching my special area"* Iconic

Memeatar : What the hell you literally sound like the same god dang person as him

Rory Bray : Thank you so much for actually singing this rather than using that shitty computerized voice like I expected <3

B-atiful! : "Coming out of the closet" mood

Kasia : but it's just the price is right, destiny 2 is *temporarilyatcapacity*

Honey Chops : I don't mean to be greedy but I wish it was the whole song. It's too good not to be

Capt. Dix : *Mr. Havingagoodtime?*

Henry Adams : I died at "they're good dogs Brent"

rckstr1123 : Destiny 2 is *_TEMPORARILYATCAPACITY_*

michael bloom : *_CHOKING THE CHIICKEEEN_*

wardrich : Only criticism is that you should have stretched the "U" in "USA" to a 1/2 note and banged out the SA as 8th notes. It would have flowed better. Otherwise, 11/10. Your sound is on point, too.

Whydoesthisexist : but it’s just the PRICE IS RIGHT

I Need a Name? : coming out of *t h e c l o s e t*

anomie : "coming out of the closet and I've been doing a little boozing" it me

bremmbremmproduct : Is this a TPUSA ad

Phosphorus Blade : and she’s calling me daddy and he’s having a seizure

GoldenKnight582 : it started as a tax cut, how did lil peep die?

Teeny TV : This is what would happen if my generation rewrote Mr. Bright side


gawwet : Well, they don’t have to worry about Destiny 2 being at max capacity now

McFricking LosingIt : this is still as much of a crisis as the original

2minuss : "jealousy, turning point USA."

Aaralyn Nilson : This. Is. Art.

Sky Koudo SOA : It’s still a mystery how it sounds like the actual singer is doing it

Earth Is A Donut : Bohemian Rhapsody movie looking great.

NIklas N : She is calling me daddy while he is having a seizure :,D

ejw2002 : Coming out of the school And I’ve been doing nothing Gotta is a time to get a little bit of time Because I want you and my friend It started out to the gym How did you get to see the new house

Lüedeke Dramatic DeLeón : "He takes care of the birds, now" Thank you, He.

Alfred F. : Ever wished you could like a video more than once?

Maddylikesfries a lot : "He takes care of the birds now" surprisingly fits in

cosmic nation : now he _takes care of the birds_ *now*

Cyanide Dinosaur : Open up Snapchat, cause I'm having a good time.

Feel Lord : Cause I'm having a good timeHAVING A GOOD TIME

Lüedeke Dramatic DeLeón : "She's calling me daddy while he's having a seizure" Wild

Forgettable Name : Rip Destiny 2, it will never be temporarily at capacity again.

WeepinnWillow : This is the weirdest demo ever

Life Myth Animations : 1. Shibe profile pic 2. "They're good dogs, brent"

who up cuz im up : now i'm up to my neck with offers and she's calling me daddy happy $crim

Stuart Murray : Destiny 2 is temporarily at capacity 😂😂😂

DeD MajoR : “destiny 2 is temporarily at capacity” 😂😂 so true


Luis Lopez : Open up Snapchaaaat 🤣🤣