The Toughest Hour In YouTube History #YouTubeDown

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AppleCakesLover : So underrated this is so sad alexa play ITS EVERY DAY BRO BUT DESPACITO MIX

Klonus James : This is to soon.

Kiki Mejia : Amen

Adi Nuhic : Hope it gets better :’)

KP Gaming : This is great

Nikola Kretschmer : Talkin about Logan Paul and showing a picture of Jake Paul 😂👍

ShadowRain Clan. : i wachted a vid wher the moon got ramed by something thats why yt is down probaly

Nitai Mangaru : Lol

Tavia Melody : Thanks for bringing attention to this important issue. You're the real MVP.

Real Betis : 😂😂😭

Plamen Aleksiev : poor pewds, Lambo is no more ;(