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George Merriken : The U.S. is 1.7 trillion dollars in debt to China. I wonder what collection agency will be buying that debt.

Patrick Thomas : The 3.9k thumbs down are people that work for the collection agency

Mr. Salteez Nuttz : Because of this video, I've never paid Predatory Credit Collectors.

Pix-Elated : There's some truth to your video, but there's some misinformation too. Yes statue of limitations is a thing, however your video seems to insinuate that debt collectors will just go away when that's not true. I've been dragged to court before and threatened by a judge with a judgment collection (READ: WAGE GARNISHMENT) because I thought I could just bury my head in the sand. Hell, one collection agency sent an actual Private Investigator to my home!! If you think collectors are going to just give up you're not wise. You would be better off advising people to pay their debts quickly, avoid debt completely, forget about the damned FICO score, and just use cash or a debit card for everything. The only scenario I see where this doesn't work is for a mortgage however if you save up a sizable down payment and go for a 15 year mortgage then you should be fine. Seriously, debt collectors will relentlessly hunt you down, your advice is not solid. Do like Dave Ramsey says and offer to settle with them!! If you owe $2K call them and say "I'll give you $500 to consider paid in full, I'm not in good economic situation and can't afford more". If they say yes, awesome, if not then next month call them and say "I have $800, I can't afford any more, can we settle this?" They'll eventually say yes.

lovejoy9592 : Rule 1: Don't answer the phone if you don't recognize the number. If you answer the phone and they want your name, ask who's calling and say "wrong number." Rule 2: If you get a collection agency letter (sometimes disguised as a law firm), do not respond to the letter, do not acknowledge you received the letter. Rule 3) Yes, there is a statute of limitations for when an unpaid bill goes to collections, and a lot of agencies will not take you to court for smaller amounts. Rule 4) Don't panic! There are ways to increase your credit score. Rule 5) If you owe a bill, the agency will try to contact you again for payment even after the 5-7 years have passed...ignore them. He's right. When you admit to a bill, you've reactivated that account again.

Leticia Salinas : It's 7 years in most states. Bad debt will be on your credit report regardless of whether you "admit guilt" or not. If you cant pay it off 100% immediately with the original creditor then dont touch it. If you make a $1 payment after 6yrs and 11month then the 7 years starts all over.

Jeff Banfield : This was in my recommendations... YouTube knows too much!... lol

prince_of_golf prince_of_golf : The 1k dislikes are debt collectors 😂😂😂

Antonio Perkins : Collection agencies would make a lot more money if they just accepted full payment in exchange for removing the negative listing on gour credit report.

KWMASTERBARBER UNIVERSAL DIALOGUE : GREAT INFORMATION MY BROTHER ‼️ May the lord almighty continue to bless you, your family & future in JESUS name 💯💯‼️

Sr Chalice : This man is doing Gods work. Pay attention humans, this is how you can be freed and take back this planet from the children of the lie. Just remember, there is billions of us and millions of "them". We already won by numbers, we need to start act like it and stop being sheeps. What this man is doing is how we should all be treating information for the masses. We can all be free, my fellow man.

Blake : You don't need to pay collection agencies, and you also don't need to pay any credit restoration agencies. Just do your own research on state and federal consumer rights. It's really not hard at all. Collection agencies take advantage of the unknowledgeable consumers and use fear tactics to try to get you to pay them money that you don't need to pay. They threaten to call your work, your family, your friends, and some even make threats to have you arrested ( which is illegal for them to do). You also have the legal right to demand that creditors/collection agents "cease & desist" from contacting you, and they have to obey or they can face fines. You have to write them a "cease & desist" letter, and make sure you send it certified mail so that you have proof they accepted delivery. Do not acknowledge in the letter that you are the person they seek or that you owe them any money. Just order them to cease & desist contacting you regarding the "alleged" debt that they calm that the person they are naming owns...etc. You also have to understand that it's rare that collection agencies would ever go through the time and expense to get a court debt judgement on your debt anyway. It's just not worth it to them considering that they only paid pennies on the dollar to acquire your debt anyway. For them it's all a crap-shoot... They can buy up say... 100 debts, each at mere fraction of their original value, and if they can trick, bully or scare even 30% of those 100 people into actually agreeing to pay them the full original value of the debt, then it could make up for the other debts they won't collect on. And some of these of credit restoration agencies are garbage too, and just as bad as the collection agents, because they take advantage of the situation too. You don't need them, you just need your own will and determination to educate yourself on your rights and how to deal with debts on your own. Remember that there are laws governing the tactics the collections agents can use in order to collect debts. Many collection agencies predatory and scam agencies too, and don't follow the rules. If you know the rules, and you find that they have violated them, the agencies can face fines and law suites, and that can even put money in your pocket.

sassy britches : All these people talking about "stop living beyond your means, stop using credit cards" have obviously never had medical bills... Yeah, I'll just drop dead and stop going to the doctors, thanks. Not everything is about living large. Tons of people are just trying to stay alive. As if going to the doctor is a luxury.... You think anyone WANTS medical bills???

Ruby Dansel : my score got fixed in just four days. that is thanks to totalspyhacks at gmail . com . i went from 420 to 796 very fast .

shawnda mccormick : The thumbnail alone keeps me from trusting this crap. Im sorry x i'm mean not paying your bills sounds great but your bill is YOUR bill/ responsibility! You're doing nothing but helping tear down OUR economy AND place more on the backs of taxes payers.

zak Sarwari : I only pay for good and service when I can afforded. I don't have any problems with credit , mostly because I don't believe it. I May be poor but the good news is that I don't owe big ...

Clyde Barrow : He has some good points BUT: They do have the power to collect because they own the debt and it is transferable. Never admit to owing the money. Never make any payments or EVER GIVE YOUR BANKING INFO! The statute of limitations only applies if you haven't paid at all. They have so long to collect, and then they legally can't. They also must take you to a court of law and be granted a judgement to collect from you.

Tracy Hunter : I had a credit card debt that went to collections a few years ago. When collection agency called I didn't answer so next thing I knew they filed in court to sue me for the debt and I was served court papers. I requested the collector show me the contract with my signature on it as part of the required discovery in any court case, which of course they couldn't provide. I had no contract with the collection company I had a contract with the original company but not the collection company. They couldn't show any mutually agreed upon contract and therefore I had no obligation to pay them, nor did they have any right to demand payment from me. Case dismissed. Sad thing is that not only did they have no contract with me, the statute of limitations had also run out, but had I not known these two facts the judge would have allowed them to go right on ahead and sue me and win a judgement. That judge would have sat there and granted that company a judgement against me after the statute of limitations ran out if I had been ignorant to the law. The courts say it's not their obligation to inform all of us regular citizens of the laws. Very sad. Just remember we elect judges!

G Alan : The majority of Americans have confused credit with wealth. Wealth is having a $500,000 house that is paid for, credit is having a $500,000 mortgage on a house worth $500,00 !!!

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kori : Sorry dude, but I worked for the collections department of a large CC company (no longer working in the banking industry), and this video is FULL of misinformation and bad advice. For starters, third party agencies can legally buy your debt from the original obligor, and you would then legally owe the third party. Statute of limitations does not erase the debt, it just means creditors cannot file a lawsuit against you after that point. You still legally owe them that money. Also, good luck getting another credit card/loan/service from that original company ever again. Refusing to pay accounts in collections will also really hurt your credit, and those unpaid accounts can stay on your credit report for upwards of 6 years. So you better not be planning on financing a home/car or opening a new credit card for several years if you’re going to try this.

Bernard Yeboah : I opened this video up thinking I could show this to my grandma so that I didn't have to pay collections for church anymore....

RogueCode : The real question is "What about them Federal Student Loans!!?"

chatter : No mention of when the debt has gone to a law office and garnishment ensues...

Jason Barefoot : Why was this video recommended to me? Youtube's calling me out or something lol.

Sig glock17 : I moved and never got my mail..debt collections came and when i thought paying them was the right thing to do it did nothing but ruin my history for little 10 dollar collections...this guy is telling the truth

Dave Walsh : You could do that, or you could pay your debts like everyone else has to.

Marshall Mom : This is a VERY INACCURATE video. Not all debts that are charged off get bought by those collection agencies. Those debts are usually very old and out of statutes. If a bill is still in statutes, the agency just collects the debt for a percentage fee. Not all agencies buy debt. This video is very misleading and can cause serious issues for people who follow this 'advice'. You may just find yourself being sued and garnished.

Frog King : I paid a collection agency in full then another collection agency tried to charge me for that same thing I don't even know what I paid for or who I paid so I agree don't pay

Yolanda Summers : *To keep your bank accounts from being garnished, if you are highly in debt, create an LLC. Very simple to do. That's a 'limited liability corporation.' Mississippi is the cheapest state to do it in. It only costs about $50.00 there to file incorporation paperwork. Texas costs around $392.00 but Texas of course has more benefits that I won't explain right now. Then open a bank account in that LLC's name. Then take the money out of your personal bank account and put it In the business bank account.  That way the bank account cannot be seized for your personal debt. It literally shields the debt from creditors garnishments because the business is an entirely separate entity than you. When Mitt Romney said that 'businesses are persons' technically he was right and this is why. The law looks at them as totally separate than the person. Especially LLC's. This is how powerful LLC's are.**Also, they may come after your wages but if you are friends with your employer or you work for a family business have them terminate you and bring you back on the next day. This way the garnishment is no longer valid. It's only good for 'one duration of employment' and not when you are let go and hired back (which creates another duration of employment). It becomes invalid  then and the company must go through the court again to seek another. And it takes months to file a garnishment. If you work for family or friends you can simply be terminated and rehired in perpetuity to stop the garnishments. And don't EVER pay a bill with your personal bank account. There is a reason they give discounts for your account information. they keep this info forever and pass it on to collection agencies. Get a cheap prepaid card and pay all of your bills that way.*

P T : I understand you don't believe in no collection agency, do you believe in having your paycheck garnished for unpaid debt?

Karen Lina : Damnnnnn I only clicked cus he’s FINE

J RLOC : Ray is HOT.

Laura Catalano : Dont agree with this at all. I worked for the largest lender in the world. Debt when sold shows transferred to ABC company its tracked and attached to the 1st party lender and the entire loan is sent electronically. Even if you challenge the debt they will verify with the original even if it is charged off or not. So he is actually inaccurate. The 3rd party company can collect for as long as they want. It can and will remain on credit report 7 years. Showing charge off-transfer or sold from original creditor to new.... and that will start another 7yrs If you arent carefull. You may be able to remove it for inaccurate info if dates and amounts dont match but it still requires payment unless your totally just let it sit. If you want to get your score improving pay the most recent lowest balance/highest interest first and work backwards.

Jeffrey Fuentes : Bro people like you is what makes me think that there are some people in this world who care about the struggling man and woman. Highly appreciated brother 👍🏻

alice p : It’s good to have credit if you plan on buying a car a house!! Also renters are requiring a good credit!!

Peter Nuth : You may know a lot about credit but you don't know anything about collections.. the collection agency doesn't need a contract with you/ the consumer specifically,if the consumer rendored service whether it being their phone services and not pay a bill or even not paying a medical bill, they are required to pay for services,2 not all collection agencies purchase debt however your correct they would get a portion of what is paid,3 why would you want something sitting on your credit untill the it's met the statute of limitations?yes it will still show negative if you pay or not but if it's paid you can at least show to a lender that you took care of a debt instead of it reflecting still owed.

Leo : Got 20k in medical debt right now I didn't handle right because as a homeless 18 year old you don't think to set up payments with the hospital you throw the bill away because it's ridiculous charge for life saving treatment I got from a suicide attempt. Now getting six calls a day from collectors really appreciate all the advice hoping it help me out

MIM : Yes, don’t pay any legitimate debt YOU defaulted on because it won’t matter on your credit report. You as a person of integrity it would matter on. But who cares about self esteem and responsibility anymore. Great advice!

JT Michaelson : Great video. But you forgot one thing. Most collection agencies have these "detectives", if you will, that track down your social security number. They then find you, give you a chance to pay them through contacting you and whether or not you ever answer the phone or admit to the debt or not, they have you based on your social security number. They then get a judgment against you and you go to court and the judge, like the one here in Tennessee did to my wife, forces you to make a commitment to the collectors. My wife pays $20 a month (of a $750 debt to Verizon) and the collector had to agree to it. However, they got her despite ever talking on the phone, admitting anything to anyone about any debt whatsoever. And they got us by investigating her whereabouts via her social security number that was in the files they purchased from Verizon. We went to court and even DENIED the debt and the collector had her social security number on file saying it was her and the debt is owed and the judge agreed. BTW: We were advised by the judge to make a commitment deal to the collectors or her wages were going to be garnished. The judge would have then assessed the garnishments based on her wages and deduct her wages on a percentage basis. What this guy says is true in many cases, but not all. Once the courts get involved it's over. And on that day we appeared in court there were another 25 cases waiting to be heard, including a 75 year old woman on oxygen and a wheelchair. These scumbag collector's and their lawyers will do whatever they can to get your money and they can do it legally in court. And once the courts are involved then it becomes a totally different debt. One final thought. We were actually summoned to appear in court by a local Sheriff's deputy who knocked on our door. Once we were summoned we had no choice to appear or we would have lost the case by default, which would have meant the judge would then garnish her wages accordingly. Our only defense would have been to make an appeal to the courts which doesn't always work in our favor, mostly because we skipped court the first time. Good luck with your debts. It's tough out there so be careful what you owe.

Allthatyoutouch : When you purchase something, you agree to pay eventually. Don't purchase beyond your means. I know companies quote a low price and then rip you off. Better to never purchase on credit.

Arlene Bond : If you buy or get Credit and you know you did then pay it that honesty

Ricardo Rivera : What about if they threaten you with withholding your taxes?

Samantha Koizumi : How about don't overspend??

Living With Ericka : Don't hire a credit restoration agency. Everything else that he says is GOLD. But anything that a credit restore company can do, you can do it too.