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suave unityderrick : Im glad i came across your page

JT Michaelson : Great video. But you forgot one thing. Most collection agencies have these "detectives", if you will, that track down your social security number. They then find you, give you a chance to pay them through contacting you and whether or not you ever answer the phone or admit to the debt or not, they have you based on your social security number. They then get a judgment against you and you go to court and the judge, like the one here in Tennessee did to my wife, forces you to make a commitment to the collectors. My wife pays $20 a month (of a $750 debt to Verizon) and the collector had to agree to it. However, they got her despite ever talking on the phone, admitting anything to anyone about any debt whatsoever. And they got us by investigating her whereabouts via her social security number that was in the files they purchased from Verizon. We went to court and even DENIED the debt and the collector had her social security number on file saying it was her and the debt is owed and the judge agreed. BTW: We were advised by the judge to make a commitment deal to the collectors or her wages were going to be garnished. The judge would have then assessed the garnishments based on her wages and deduct her wages on a percentage basis. What this guy says is true in many cases, but not all. Once the courts get involved it's over. And on that day we appeared in court there were another 25 cases waiting to be heard, including a 75 year old woman on oxygen and a wheelchair. These scumbag collector's and their lawyers will do whatever they can to get your money and they can do it legally in court. And once the courts are involved then it becomes a totally different debt. One final thought. We were actually summoned to appear in court by a local Sheriff's deputy who knocked on our door. Once we were summoned we had no choice to appear or we would have lost the case by default, which would have meant the judge would then garnish her wages accordingly. Our only defense would have been to make an appeal to the courts which doesn't always work in our favor, mostly because we skipped court the first time. Good luck with your debts. It's tough out there so be careful what you owe.

Based2G : Lol i wanna hear all the people that got wage garnishments cuz they didnt pay.

MacAutomationTips : He's right. I got out of two loans I took out during college that I hadn't paid on for like ten plus years. Collection agencies came after me. When I got a court summons about the first debt, I got a low cost lawyer to handle it. The legal document he wrote essentially said that I didn't contract with the collection agency, and therefore I don't owe them. When I got hit buy another agency, I went to the law library, got the paper work, and wrote a similar response as the lawyer. A law librarian clerk helped with the legal language I needed, and got out of that collection. I refused to talk to the collection agency over the phone, and I demanded that they send the contract that I supposedly signed with them. They never sent it. I never had to appear in court. I just mailed in the required response, case closed.

stay gold : I think that I will just pay my bills on time.. thanks anyway though!

Tremain Hayhoe : This is the most helpful video I've ever seen in my entire life

Phyre Acid : THE U!

MacAutomationTips : Just want to add, though this solution is correct, it's also best to stay away from using credit cards especially if you don't know how to properly budget, and you're living above your means. After you get out of debt, learn to how to stay out of debt. Don't allow other ppl to make money off you.

Queen Celine : Cash > credit

C Major1 : I salute you homie.... School them!!!!

Chicago Street TV : luv that Chicago downtown skyline


Holly Owen : I'm so grateful i came across your channel!! I needed to hear this info this morning. Thank you so much, you are doing a good thing helping people that are truly "held back" from achieving the one thing "becoming a "Home owner"!

Yukon Man : Man I didn't know that! Thanks man!

SIMBA 1 : The statute of limitations in my state is 7 years and some people should be aware that making a promise to pay even if you do not pay can also restart the clock.

Bill Faulkner : Hi Ray! Thank you very much for this information. This is the kind of information most people in-the-know do not share publicly. I commend you for wanting to help others Ray.

Timothy Adams : These are some great points, but it almost gives the impression you can ignore collection agencies if you just don't care about your credit rating. Many agencies WILL eventually sue people, and if the debtor doesn't know how to handle that, he or she can easily become the victim of a default judgment, which can result in the sheriff showing up to take stuff. It can also complicate their financial and employment life for ten years.

Paulina Santinie : Pay on time ur bills tha is the best

John Savage : Very good and helpful information you brought up some things that I did not know to try and wished I would have found you a little bit earlier thank you for explaining all of that and helping us by giving us the tools we need. Just say thank you and keep up the good work this can benefit all of us if we look listen and learn. All of your videos I have watched have been great keep up the good work my friend and when I run into a problem I may give you a holler until then Keep On Keepin it real for us John

10010100110 01101011001 : How about pay for the debt you owe. Stop living beyond your means. Stop using credit cards. Stop driving cars you can’t afford. I’ve seen so many people that complain they don’t have enough money for food, but they have an 800 dollar cell phone with an unlimited plan. Complain they can’t pay their rent, but drive a $35,000 car. Go on vacations every year instead of paying what they already owe. I found it funny how you told people how you get sick when people use their tax return to pay debts and instead they should use the money for cars or what you want. When you borrow money, you are expected to pay it back. Your telling and teaching people how to be irresponsible. This is the problem with the American way of life now. People just want, want, want. Being responsible with your finances can greatly reduce problems with bill collectors, short of medical bills or emergencies. But most people dealing with collections are simply having this trouble because they are living beyond their means. Be responsible. Sorry if it offends anyone that I speak the truth.

SAL Paradise : Dude, but what do you do when said company then sues you?

Michaelfromfremont : How come this guy doesn’t respond to ANY of The commenters questions... Just a scripted reply to call him?!!! At least answer a few questions so we know YOU ARE REAL! Answers please

TechMack : WOW I can't wait for that collector to call me in the morning. going to forward him to your video. Great info you are a life saver :)

Mike K : I just thought of a wonderful idea!!! Pay your damn bills!!

NoProGoPronto : STOP using credit cards! STOP buying junk we don't need! CASH IS KING! No one needs this stress in their lives. This is how we put those folks out of business 👍🏽

ReviewsTechNow : Collection agencies are absolute bottom feeders.

Tana Wilson : I don't understand how this vid got over 2,000 dislikes! Great information, before I watched this vid I decided not to pay collection agencies and I hired a replicable credit restoration company ( i used to work for them). Let me say, since doing that my financial life is less stressful, they do the work for you. Side note: the guy in the vid is very attractive :)

4strings4me : Please note a charge off and write off is different

Jonathan Haggard : I bet you don’t know when you ask for a copy of the phone call recording they won’t give it to you. I always tell them they too are also being recorded.

Nola Girl : Wow!This was so helpful. So glad I came across your video. I can tell that you are very smart and very well spoken. Great video!

Nithya Sandhya : Pay your damn debts, people.

Operator Delta18 : Hey, Sir - quick question: Can I say my name when they call but then state "No, that debt is not mine." on the phone? Would that still condemn me or could that get me out of it?

elissa murphy : Before you try this you need to make sure the account was actually sold to a collection agency. Many large companies have their own collections and while they will not contact you as a "T Mobile" representative , they represent "T Mobile". In this case you can find yourself being served with papers to appear in court , because the company is moving to place a judgement against you. Should that happen, be sure to go to court. Once a company has a judgment in place, they can clean out your bank accounts without warning.

Andrew Solis : Yeah but when an uncollected debt gets sold off to another agency it refreshes on your credit. So it can continue to pop-up as new, even 12 years later so just pay it

Cleto La : much appreacheated

Outermost_Owl : Doesn't a collections bill hurt your credit if you don't pay?

sky 1187 : I'm glad I also came across this guy.

Ashleigh Lee : I lost my job in 2015 and at that time I couldn’t keep up payments on one of my cards so it eventually went to collections. I never answered any calls admitting who I was or anything. That debt collector has actually filed papers to sue me (they’ve done this without ever speaking to me) and I got served papers a few weeks ago and am afraid I will have a judgement (or something else) against me if I don’t pay. What to do in this situation?

J M : There are some horrible collection agencies, threatening debtors prison, calling family members, saying they have warrants and want you to put your dog up when the sheriff arrives. They threaten to come to your job as well. They break federal credit laws and refuse to provide proof of who they are.

John 3:16 III% : Great video! Thank you for sharing.

mgrace10 : Excellent info and true. I’m in Fl. Palm Beach County and this family Lawyer firm I used in the past promised to take care of the calls , Debt Collectors and Agencies. at NO charge, I gave them all info and he did it. !! He did not charge a penny and kept the promise . I can share his info and you can check for yourself. Send me a quick message and I give you the contact info. God bless and thank you for sharing this to awake the public 💓

Soochuri Kim : Love this video. He's right. U DONT owe a collection agency anything u never signed a contract with them. And it won't help ur credit like they say. Ur credit has already taken a hit.

SAL Paradise : Can they help after a Bankruptcy? Mine will be discharged in two weeks.

Alicia Jordan : Keep making them it helped me 👌🏼

Chris Frazier : The 1k dislikes are debt collectors 😂😂😂

Daniel Casado, Real Estate Broker : Wow! I never knew! Knowledge is Power!!

MNRick041 : I've always maintained good finances, I pay my bills. Back in 1998 I got arrested and went to prison for over 10 years, I had credit cards, unpaid bills, a car loan.... It was out of my control. I got out in 2009 and got back to work, back on track financially but I still occasionally get some idiot calling me saying I owe money from back then. I usually just hang up on them.

Baba Bob Shipman : ray you are best ty

Paul Williams : great info. Any chance you know any reputable agencies in NYC?

P Goldberg : Stay woke folks!!!!!