Ripley is no longer with us.

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Thoughts and memories: Donations for preserving her memory through science: Ripley passed on from this world unexpectedly on the evening of January 1st, 2019 comfortably in my arms and looking into my eyes as she slowly closed them for the final time. Ever since I was a young boy in the third grade, I have absolutely loved birds and have dreamed of one day owning a toucan. Ripley not only meant the world to me, but also taught and inspired millions of people to love toucans as much as I do. I am so thankful for the impact her presence had on us all. Both of our lives were dedicated to educating people about these magnificent animals and I can't imagine a better way to honor her legacy than donating her skeletal remains to a museum or zoo in order to be immortalized as an educational tool and inspiration for generations to come. Although her death was sudden and very unexpected, I hope to keep the channel running and continue our original goal. Toco Toucan specimens are very rare to have in archives so all donations will be contributed to having her skeleton mounted along with a memorial dedicated to her from me and all of you- which will be donated to a place such as the Dallas World Aquarium or the museum of osteology in my hometown of Oklahoma city (based on viewer suggestions and put to a vote). Any remainder will be used to continue the channel with adding a new member to our flock so we can continue educating and inspire more people to continue conservation efforts to save birds like Ripley from deforestation, climate change, and the illegal pet trade. Each donation at a minimum of $50.00 can email for a feather from her and a short letter of gratitude. I don't know what to expect from this but regardless of whether we get donations or not, I will make sure this all takes place. Thank you

Comments from Youtube

Strawyhalo 1215 : I hate everyone that disliked this video

Mckinley Scottie : I have raised 4 species of birds and found they all hide illness very well. Sorry for your loss.

Dr. Croc : No! Not predator bird! I miss her clicking and throwing around soda cans. She was so adorable. I’ll miss you little one.

Nerdoroni : R.I.P. Ripley She loved torturing her owners friends and stealing her owners wallet

localcaitortot : Birds don't usually show when they're sick or when something is wrong; please don't beat yourself up. I can't imagine losing my best friend like this. You're in my prayers. Ripley was a good, good girl and she won't be forgotten.

Quick StiQz : How could 500+ people dislike this?

Fish Guy : Please don’t let the channel die. Rest in peace Ripley. You will never be forgotten. 👏😪🤧😭 stay positive

miss_ sampat : I guess 2019 sucked for everyone, RIP Ripley... also why are people disliking?

Skylar Stellarwing : I really respect your ability to talk about this and let us understand your grief. I know it's very hard to do for so many, but it's best to be open in grief and to talk about it openly. It's hard losing someone like Ripley, I've lost a couple companions in the past as well, but for every close one we lose, it's never the same for each one. I hope you can look back fondly on your time together, and know you did good by her. You do not need to be sorry for feeling sad. Nobody should ever judge you for grieving.

Sauceddie : This was just recommended to me for some reason but I just discovered a channel filled with life. I'm sorry for your loss. Ripley is immortalized in your channel.

Alexandria Fernandez : Animals can hide illnesses very well, birds more so than others sometimes. The only thing we can do is give them the best lives we can, and from your videos we all can see you have done that for her. I'm sure she is happy with the decision you've made about her remains to be used for education. She wasn't just a bird she was your family and all pet owners know that feeling as well. Weather they have cats, dogs, hamsters, or birds. They all touch our hearts and leave a empty place when they eventually have to go. Take your time and heal before adding to the family there is no need to rush. Ripley's death will always be a bit painful but it does get easier with time. You have your memories of her and her videos will be on your channel for you to watch when you need them. All of us are here for you!

UltimateBass : I can feel your pain so much man, i couldn't hold my tears back. Our hearts are with you and you dont have to go alone trough this mate! Maybe she is gone, but she teached you to see alot of good thing in life and even if it may sound a bit odd but from what you told about how she helped you in life, the reactions after her passing away show you that the whole world is there for you and that you dont have to fear to seek help from other people if you are to exhausted to make further steps! This doesnt has to be the whole world, but even a small group of people that knows your dark sides, can help to bring light in them <3

Aaron Allen : I'm so sorry man, I know what it feels like. My cat passed away a few days ago, it has been tough for me but I'm trying my best to get through it. I hope the best for you and stay strong

Spookylady : Ripley could not have dreamed of a more wonderful owner than you. Her beautiful spirit will live on through your videos.

OneBiasedOpinion : She died happy with the person she loved the most. You gave her the best possible ending she could have. Very sorry for your loss.

realitate666 : I lost my bird a week ago,I felt like I lost a child,I will remember her forever. Stay safe and strong.

pacman 125 : Rest In Peace, Ripley, she was a good bird, a special one. we all will miss her.

Birds Rebecca and Maria TV : No she wasn’t just a bird she was human just like you and I her spirit is in heaven

KoNarTisT206 : Jesus Christ, what a god damn kick to the gut. You and your subbs have my condolences, much respect and I look forward to the next chapter of your channel.

2CAN.TV - Ripley the Toucan! : Your comments are warming my heart and making me smile guys. Thank you so much!! And just to be clear, I'll be donating her skeleton to education and continuing the channel even if we get no donations. This channel and job has been a dream come true and you guys are the greatest fans ever.

The Druidess Of Midian : 2CAN.TV I'm so sorry to hear of Ripley's passing, I don't know you, though the moment I heard your voice croak and saw your eyes tear up, I just wanted to give you the biggest hug and let you cry out all you needed to. I can totally empathise with what you've been through (having recently lost my faithful companion of almost 9yrs) and understand just how important it is to be able to mourn those we love and to recieve whatever comfort we're offered that is acceptable to us. I've only been watching your channel a short while, after finding you in my recommended videos several months ago. Every time I watched you both, I could see and appreciate the bond you had together, it was easy to see how close you were and what you meant to each other. Ripley was an awesome fun girl to watch, I love hearing those amazing sounds she'd make and thanks to your channel, she's been immortalised here to bring knowledge and joy to so many folk around the world. She certainly left her mark in countless hearts! Wishing you all the best and hope all goes well with your latest rescue, he sure will appreciate your TLC. 🌛🌝🌜

King Black : Im late to the 'party', but i just want to say...ive been watching your videos on and off for a while, but she was amazing, she loved you, you loved sorry that this had to happen

Wild Otter Games : when i was waching this video my eyes started tearing up okay now i am crying

Edward Morley : sry man she went in the best possible way and had a loving life with you

Jameskii : I'm terribly sorry for your loss. When I was younger I've lost a small bird right before my eyes. I can imagine how emotionally attached you can become to someone like Ripley. Thank you for taking care of her, I'm sure she had a happy life and it probably wouldn't be as great and fun if it wasn't you guys. You're incredible and we are here for you, thank you for not giving up. It means a lot.

XxavacadosxX : At least you gave her a wonderful life 💕

Galactic Jewels : I only just stumbled upon this channel on my recommended, but only 5 minutes into the video and I can’t stoop crying. I can tell that your a beautiful person with a beautiful soul and a kind heart, and I can see the pain of this loss in your eyes. I am from the deepest parts of my heart, so so sorry for your loss. But I hope that you can find comfort in knowing that Ridley had a great life and an extremely loving owner and was luckier than many toucans or pets, and when she passed she knew that she was safe and loved. Please know that and keep her in your heart, and I hope that you are able to recover from this soon. Your on my thoughts and prayers, and so is Ripley💖💖

Robyn Lovat : Soo sorry for your loss , your beautiful heartfelt words brought tears to my eyes , sending healing energy and hugs 💜

Seeker KC : I think your choice to donate her to a museum is a very lovely, very *loving* choice. I'm terribly sorry for your loss. Rest in peace, Ripley.

Issue REEEeeE : She died with you holding her, she passed feeling the most safe and with the person she loved the most. You are so strong for talking about this keep going my guy I’m so sorry for her leaving so unexpectedly but she’s in a better place now REST IN PEACE Ripley forever in our hearts

mortisnoctu : OMG I’m so sorry. Just seeing your face at the beginning of this video made me cry. I’m so sorry. R.I.P. Ripley. I loved that bird too

Hayley O : My condolences 😔💔 it's never "just a bird" or "just a cat", etc. It's always family. My heart is with you. ❤

Sloth Armstrong : I can already tell this year is going to be shit. RIP - may your honks be heard in heaven.

cubonette : also the reason he mentions a minimum of 50 dollars is because if you donate that minimum you'll get a feather, he just worded it poorly

Team Aqua‘s Boss : That one time I was hoping to become a clickbait victim...

ozjenva : OMG Ripley is gone? I'm gutted, she was such a beautiful bird. I'm so sorry.

Diane Fitzpatrick : Toucans are very delicate and we do not know what viruses jump species. Don't blame yourself, great idea for the skeleton to be mounted and used as a teaching tool in a museum. Bless you, I hope your grief heals as you move forward with your constructive idea..💚

mollyollyollygosh : It's almost 1am in the UK. I know we have never met but your grief has really touched me. Thank you for taking care and loving Ripley. You're not alone in this, take good care

NHMK Productions : Rip Ripley. Was was bored and happened to stumble across this channel and now I’m sad 😢

Daniel Cannata : Ripley was the sweetest flying banana ever. May she rest in peace.

Ross Kulma : So sorry for your loss. birds can expire very suddenly.

cubonette : for everyone thinking he's plucking feathers off of a dead bird, he said she started preening as she was dying which is what birds do and they rip off a lot of their feathers from stress, also having a bird means having a lot of feathers everywhere so I'm absolutely certain he didn't rip off birds off of his beloved pet

Pheadra Remington : I am terribly sorry to hear about this! She was so beautiful and you were amazing with her and to her. I can't imagine a better person who could have been her companion. Sending much love your way. 💕

Tiago Monteiro : My feelings man. I am sure ripley is on a good place with others birds

Birb : So sorry for your loss. 💞😢 Stay strong. 🙏

Clucker Ben : The pat where he talked about introducing her to his own children got me, I was on the edge of full on sobbing

mortisnoctu : She wasn’t “just a bird”. She was a good friend.

Nikki Moore : My heart goes out to you ❤. I had the same thing happen with one of my cats that I dearly loved and I was very heart broken by it. It took me a long time to get over it but through time it made me stronger. Hang in there ❤🙏

BoopNoodle : I can’t believe this, when my guinea pigs died, I couldn’t even comprehend what happens. I know what loss feels. But I hope that you can find some other thing in life to keep you happy. But don’t ever forget her.