Ripley is no longer with us.

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Alex The Honking Bird : I'm so sorry for your loss. Ripley was very special. You are in our thoughts here at Honk HQ.

Pomegranate Inu : Im really depressed now. I see these channels that are dedicated to their beautiful pets and they end up passing. First ron ron the fox and now ripley the toucan :(.

ᴀʟɪʙɪ : I have never known your channel or Ripley before stumbling across this video only moments ago. Even though at this point I haven’t seen Ripley as she was when she was living and breathing, I am heartbroken to hear about her passing. I can tell how much she meant to you, and the depth of the bond that you two must have shared. I lost my dog suddenly last Christmas, and the pain I felt was as strong as if I had lost a brother. I know that despite what some people try to say, pets are more than just pets. They may not be the same species as us, but they are family. Losing a family member is the most painful thing anyone can experience, and I am humbled by the amount of love you had for Ripley, and the amount of love I have no doubt she had for you. I support your decision to let Ripley educate people about toucans, a bird I know very little about. I wish you the very best, man. And... don’t feel ashamed for crying, you loved that bird and there is nothing weak about mourning losing someone you love. Hell, I never knew this beautiful bird and even I found myself crying.

Alexa Giles : Fly high Ripley 🥺❤️ hang in there man , she’s in paradise.

Strawyhalo 1215 : I hate everyone that disliked this video

Sauceddie : This was just recommended to me for some reason but I just discovered a channel filled with life. I'm sorry for your loss. Ripley is immortalized in your channel.

Toaster Waffle : For every ten likes this post gets, I will add a bird in memory of Ripley. 🐦🐦🐦🐦

Dr. Croc : No! Not predator bird! I miss her clicking and throwing around soda cans. She was so adorable. I’ll miss you little one.

miss_ sampat : I guess 2019 sucked for everyone, RIP Ripley... also why are people disliking?

Quick StiQz : How could 500+ people dislike this?

2CAN.TV - Ripley the Toucan! : Your comments are warming my heart and making me smile guys. Thank you so much!! And just to be clear, I'll be donating her skeleton to education and continuing the channel even if we get no donations. This channel and job has been a dream come true and you guys are the greatest fans ever.

Skylar Stellarwing : I really respect your ability to talk about this and let us understand your grief. I know it's very hard to do for so many, but it's best to be open in grief and to talk about it openly. It's hard losing someone like Ripley, I've lost a couple companions in the past as well, but for every close one we lose, it's never the same for each one. I hope you can look back fondly on your time together, and know you did good by her. You do not need to be sorry for feeling sad. Nobody should ever judge you for grieving.

Aaron Allen : I'm so sorry man, I know what it feels like. My cat passed away a few days ago, it has been tough for me but I'm trying my best to get through it. I hope the best for you and stay strong

UltimateBass : I can feel your pain so much man, i couldn't hold my tears back. Our hearts are with you and you dont have to go alone trough this mate! Maybe she is gone, but she teached you to see alot of good thing in life and even if it may sound a bit odd but from what you told about how she helped you in life, the reactions after her passing away show you that the whole world is there for you and that you dont have to fear to seek help from other people if you are to exhausted to make further steps! This doesnt has to be the whole world, but even a small group of people that knows your dark sides, can help to bring light in them <3

YouTube Commenter#1225648 : You gave her the best life she could ever have! Always remember that she also died where she felt the best, with you. My best wishes <3

Birb : So sorry for your loss. 💞😢 Stay strong. 🙏

Hailey Lol : You’re very strong to make this video.... I’m sorry for your loss. Prayers to you 😔❤️❤️

Bloodsparx : I'm so heartbroken. Ripley was the cutest toucan in the whole world and the first pet toucan I'd ever even seen before. Rest in Peace <3

Alexandria Fernandez : Animals can hide illnesses very well, birds more so than others sometimes. The only thing we can do is give them the best lives we can, and from your videos we all can see you have done that for her. I'm sure she is happy with the decision you've made about her remains to be used for education. She wasn't just a bird she was your family and all pet owners know that feeling as well. Weather they have cats, dogs, hamsters, or birds. They all touch our hearts and leave a empty place when they eventually have to go. Take your time and heal before adding to the family there is no need to rush. Ripley's death will always be a bit painful but it does get easier with time. You have your memories of her and her videos will be on your channel for you to watch when you need them. All of us are here for you!

PhrostiX : I just say him for the first time 2 hours ago r.i.p.!

Jameskii : I'm terribly sorry for your loss. When I was younger I've lost a small bird right before my eyes. I can imagine how emotionally attached you can become to someone like Ripley. Thank you for taking care of her, I'm sure she had a happy life and it probably wouldn't be as great and fun if it wasn't you guys. You're incredible and we are here for you, thank you for not giving up. It means a lot.

Dalton Cote : you need to get a tattoo of Ripley to remember her...

pacman 125 : Rest In Peace, Ripley, she was a good bird, a special one. we all will miss her.

Mckinley Scottie : I have raised 4 species of birds and found they all hide illness very well. Sorry for your loss.

Katrina Hudson : I’m so so sorry for your loss she’ll be waiting for you you’ll meet again some day

Vii Zedek : Sorry for your loss.... I loved the videos you uploaded of her....

little lunala : I am sorry for your loss Ripley was the best toucan to grace this earth she was so calm, gentle and was very cute. I hope you are ok and getting the right support and help again I am sorry for your loss 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

Tiago Monteiro : My feelings man. I am sure ripley is on a good place with others birds

Sloth Armstrong : I can already tell this year is going to be shit. RIP - may your honks be heard in heaven.

Johan Lindoff : I'm so sad but one thing is good, she was with us the whole last year and didn't die there

PushingUpRoses : I am so, so deeply sorry to hear this. I have a parrot myself, and they are wonderful animals who become our friends and family, and I'm heartbroken for your loss. It was clear you took great care of Ripley and loved her very much. I'm glad you have these videos documented so that you and your viewers can remember her. <3

BoopNoodle : I can’t believe this, when my guinea pigs died, I couldn’t even comprehend what happens. I know what loss feels. But I hope that you can find some other thing in life to keep you happy. But don’t ever forget her.

Dachicken9000 : Please don’t let the channel die. Rest in peace Ripley. You will never be forgotten. 👏😪🤧😭 stay positive

HXL : :( stay strong dude <3

Pheadra Remington : I am terribly sorry to hear about this! She was so beautiful and you were amazing with her and to her. I can't imagine a better person who could have been her companion. Sending much love your way. 💕

Gotcha The Cockatoo : I started to cry before you even said a single word. 💔 I am so deeply sorry for your loss. We animal lovers have such a strong love and connection to our feathered and fur and scaley and squishy babies of all types, it is like losing a member of the family when it’s their time to go. I am so very sorry and sending all my love to you during this very difficult time. I cannot imagine losing my babies. Prayers for healing to you 💜💜💜💜

Seb : Ripley is souring through the clouds of heaven with other youtube toucans who passed.

Galactic Jewels : I only just stumbled upon this channel on my recommended, but only 5 minutes into the video and I can’t stoop crying. I can tell that your a beautiful person with a beautiful soul and a kind heart, and I can see the pain of this loss in your eyes. I am from the deepest parts of my heart, so so sorry for your loss. But I hope that you can find comfort in knowing that Ridley had a great life and an extremely loving owner and was luckier than many toucans or pets, and when she passed she knew that she was safe and loved. Please know that and keep her in your heart, and I hope that you are able to recover from this soon. Your on my thoughts and prayers, and so is Ripley💖💖

DOG'S GAME : I had the same thing happening to me two weeks ago i came home to see dat my birds were dead only it was not my fault my sister did not give them food and water.............. RIP ROSE 2015-2018...........RIP SUNNY 2016-2018. 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

sus Gunner : This my first video but rip:(

Morgan Gobin : The sounds the camera makes when it tries to focus sound like Ripley’s beak clacking... 😢 My condolences, man. Stay strong. Ripley would want nothing but happiness for you.

Light Frame : Its the first time i heard of this channel and the first video i watch is this one and i almost cried even if i didnt know ripley at all

Jacob Howell : I'm genuinely sorry for your loss. I know how it feels to loose a bird I lost my bird romeo a year ago and it tore me up.I will keep in my thoughts and prayers. Feel better man


gabriel calderon : R.I.Pley

Rebecca Stout : Hi, this is Onni the Baby Cockatoos mom. I never comment, but I do watch your channel. I am absolutly horrified to find this out. I cant wrap my mind around it. I am so sorry you are in such great pain. There is so much love for you and Ripley out there... please, please lean on that. We are with you on this journey of trying to heal.

Wade : I'm so sorry for the loss of Ripley, the videos were so fun to watch.

Can I Get 1000 Subscribers Without any videos? : I know recommending a new pet at this point is kinda a dick move but I have a tortoise and they are amazing. They are very cute and provide great content.

Dr. Door : I'm sorry for your loss... He was a inspiration to all of us. GODSPEED RIPLEY, GODSPEED

Royal Knight Animations : We all feel with you buddy. We all know how it feels like to lose someone special...we will miss him. R.I.P. Ripley