Doom but with Super Mario Odyssey Music

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CJGeterix : Woah, I didn't expect this to get such a good reception. Thank you guys so much. I'm going to be making more videos in the same vein in other games and movies. If you have any ideas for videos, feel free to suggest them. Update: Guess who got a switch for Christmas. The mario doom video is coming soon.

Jeffrey : Can you do the opposite with the DOOM theme over mario odyssey?

Luigikid Gaming : Not gonna lie, that was freaking entertaining! xD

Chris Purolover : Combining both games I play at the moment...I'm dying. This is too funny.

Captain Jurgh : DOOM: Odyssey on Moon when?

MarkProductions : This is a work of art

VodkaFox : Doomguy for Smash Switch.

VengadorDorado91 : 1:48 "Spin the wheel" *crack* LMAO

Herodegon : "Can you make someone smile so hard that their face muscles break and cause the user to die of asphyxiation?" Apparently so!

The Almighty Pido : But if they did a cross-over, wouldn't this be perfectly acceptable as a trailer. I mean doom is on the Switch now.

ProtoMario : Oddly fitting

DeluxeTurboPuns : This is such a good example of how editing and music can change the very mood of a game. The timing and cuts to match the music are just excellent and are he big reasons why this mashup works so well. Already Doom had over the top violence but it was more about rage. But with the fantastic contrast of upbeat jazzy beats it transforms the feel into giddy ultra violence that works superbly. Good work man holy shit

XerxesTexasToast : "Mario fights his way out of the Underwhere, 2007 Colorized"


Mr. Hexalia : I think the demons would be more scared of the doom slayer if this song played out of the speakers on his helmet instead of all that metal.

MegamanNG : Doom's official Twitter account brought me here.

Sperp Flerp : I absolutely love how perfectly timed the beats are with the guns firing and the demons being gored

ghbutler : You single handedly convinced me to buy a switch with Mario Odyssey and doom all at the same time. You need to be hired in marketing right now.

Rampaging Noob : Have to agree with a lot of the other comments, that was epic man. The only shame is, it turns out the DOOM Marine only became the blood thirsty, skull crushing, super powered beast he is - because of insanity. Listening to that theme over and over again must have been the real hell. Heard this one time, he tore his way through an imp's chest and popped his head through the hole screaming 'it's me, Mario!'

Winnie : basicly it's fallout with diamond city station

Shrek Cena : Looks like Mario found some new ways to defeat his enemies...

122yotam : Let's-a go to hell

lol zy : Ladies and gents, our new advertising managment

Pimptrap The Random Commenter : Meet The Pyro In a Nutshell.

TonyKanameKuran : 10 out of 10! Definitely gonna pick up DOOM for Nintendo Switch!!!!

Gunnery Sergeant Hartman : DOOM on the Nintendo Switch be like

jojo michel du 59 : instant-liked.

Thingy : This is glorious! XD

Gavin Vaughan : 1:19 lol wtf

G_Boy : It feels like one of those trailers where everything is fucked but with an happy uplifting music in the background

Professor Badger : every journey starts a new romance... Doom guy x pistol

Tamás Deák : *family friendly content at its finest*

Blizzard Blast101 : Why is this oddly satisfying?

Ded : How I See The Game

Just A NormalHunter 777 : This is oddly satisfying to watch while eating pizza

Pass the bleach : As of now, the video has 666k likes. I'm scared

Darklinkgc : This is why i love the internet.

Retard SpongeBob : This vid just made me buy DOOM thank you I will love riping and tearing

Metallosaurus Rex : 0:36 lol! Never expected to see a coin xD this is so fun!!!

pizza cookie : true content perfection

A Bread Skate : Why was this so fitting?

jerrodkilla23 : Epic AF

SASHOK : Good trailer of Doom

にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : Result : Fallout 5

Zygarde ZX : Would Doomguy's "1-up girl" be the BFG-9000?

Just Zack : This is Doom if played from the Doomslayer 's perspective

Skorpionthunder : *Now do Mario odyssey but with Doom music.*

Quade Carter : I love this version of Fallout!

G_Boy : This is feels like a fallout trailer

itzreflection : Is it bad this is extremely suitable for doom?