Doom but with Super Mario Odyssey Music

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CJGeterix : Woah, I didn't expect this to get such a good reception. Thank you guys so much. I'm going to be making more videos in the same vein in other games and movies. If you have any ideas for videos, feel free to suggest them. Update: Guess who got a switch for Christmas. The mario doom video is coming soon.

G_Boy : It feels like one of those trailers where everything is fucked but with an happy uplifting music in the background

VodkaFox : Doomguy for Smash Switch.

VengadorDorado91 : 1:48 "Spin the wheel" *crack* LMAO

Dargus : GO ON A DEMON KILLING MASSACRE WITH THE FAMILY *rated e for entertained serial killers*

Terry R. : “Just different points of view!” -Ritual sacrifice Anyway great video!

ProtoMario : Oddly fitting

Zygarde ZX : Would Doomguy's "1-up girl" be the BFG-9000?

Matthew Champlain : Seeing doomguy’s personality, this makes sense.

Flamethrower1104 : Spin the wheel *C R A C K*

Gunnery Sergeant Hartman : DOOM on the Nintendo Switch be like

G_Boy : This is feels like a fallout trailer

Professor Badger : every journey starts a new romance... Doom guy x pistol

Fell Man : I expected a narrator to come out and say "Rated M for Mature". That's how convincing the ambiance and atmosphere of the video was.

Rampaging Noob : Have to agree with a lot of the other comments, that was epic man. The only shame is, it turns out the DOOM Marine only became the blood thirsty, skull crushing, super powered beast he is - because of insanity. Listening to that theme over and over again must have been the real hell. Heard this one time, he tore his way through an imp's chest and popped his head through the hole screaming 'it's me, Mario!'

Darren Atm : Rip and tear goombas. Until it's done

Baka Bakana : She said "hats off" not "head off", oh that Doom Guy.

_vc3rv4a nt3s_ : My friend: what games do you play? Me: plays video My friend:... Mfw

itzreflection : Is it bad this is extremely suitable for doom?

Cirkuit Knight : It’s Brutal and Beautiful. It’s BRUTALFUL

MegamanNG : Doom's official Twitter account brought me here.

Just A NormalHunter 777 : This is oddly satisfying to watch while eating pizza

Jake Ong : This should legit be a doom eternal trailer

Neo2266 : That’s actually probably what Doomguy actually hears all the time

Ded : How I See The Game

にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : Result : Fallout 5

Tavis Danes : It works... It just works!

Crash's Underwear : How about Dark Souls with Zelda music?

DP-28 : Should have been Doom's trailer when it was releasing for the Switch.

Brother Ole : If Doom Had some Jazz Music instead of Doom Metal

Jeffrey : Can you do the opposite with the DOOM theme over mario odyssey?

Geometry Dash Pixel Snowy : Super Doom Odyssey

Danny Devito : The most amazing part is the fact that you managed to complete the game without a HUD.

Duck Lord : Now do Super Mario Odyssey gameplay with Doom Music

Jake White : Doom Slayer for Smash Ultimate- you heard it here first.

You Forget A 1000 Things A Day : Reminds me of Fallout...

Crazy Productions : 0:26 you could say my head is off to you

Chris Cross : “Spin the wheel” *snaps neck*

It's a me, NicoBros! : _The new DLC trailer of Super Mario Odyssey is looking lit_

Zecrid : I'm getting the meet the pyro vibes.

MarkProductions : This is a work of art

George George : Doom 4+ Mario music=fallout trailer

Just Andre : This video's been showing up in my recommendations for months now (I only got around to _Doom 4_ a few weeks ago, so before that I was trying to avoid spilling anything about the game), and only just now did I finally watch it. IT WAS BETTER THAN I EVER COULD HAVE IMAGINED.

ZeLilHuntsman : It’s almost been a year and this video still doesn’t have over 1 million views... GET THE PITCHFORKS AND TORCHES, TODAY WE RIOT. *Edit:* Never mind, just noticed that it has a million views now. Go home, everyone.

Rodrigonio H.C : OMG..... do super mario odyssey with doom music now

Luigikid Gaming : Not gonna lie, that was freaking entertaining! xD

Crimson cringe : This music should be put in the doom game

Roosell : 0:42 I have stopped breathing.

HL J : This would've made a great trailer for the game's launch in my opinion.

Maruko Chan 99 : this should have been in the trailer for the port on the nintendo switch