Doom but with Super Mario Odyssey Music

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MarkProductions : This is a work of art

You Forget A 1000 Things A Day : Reminds me of Fallout...

MisbeDAVE : 0:26 "you could say my hat is off to you..." *_rips a fucking head off_*

MeowAlien にゃあエイリアン : Result : Fallout 5

G_Boy : It feels like one of those trailers where everything is fucked but with an happy uplifting music in the background

ProtoMario : Oddly fitting

King Moon : Dude wtf are you doing on youtube? You should be making trailers

Videos XP : I get a weird BioShock feel from this

G_Boy : This is feels like a fallout trailer

Nicholas Choi : Imagine being a hellspawn and seeing Doomguy blasting this out of speakers while murdering absolutely EVERYTHING in sight

InfernalPixels : Woah, I didn't expect this to get such a good reception. Thank you guys so much. I'm going to be making more videos in the same vein in other games and movies. If you have any ideas for videos, feel free to suggest them. If you like my videos and want me to make them more frequently, consider supporting me on my Patreon: Update: Holy shit, 1K subs! Thank you guys so much!

qurazy : It’s time to shoot demons on Mars! High up in the stars! They’ll all come to fear your mighty slay! Because you are my Doom guy! Knee deep in dead mancubi! It’s Doom on the Switch! Get ready for this! Harvest Argent Energy!

Metaroose : With this music this is just future wolfenstien

P4INKiller : No

凱零 : New Super Mario Odyssey2 Trailer looking good!

TonyKanameKuran : 10 out of 10! Definitely gonna pick up DOOM for Nintendo Switch!!!!

Hatchi - Ko : The new Mario is looking really great, my favorite part is when Mario saws the Koopa Troopa in half at 0:48

RGR0000 : The fact Bethesda hasn’t hired you already is a crime.

KID SWAN : Part of me likes the idea of doom guy just being broken. An angry, constantly fuming flesh ball of hate that would dance to elevator music between waves.

FirePork08 : I thought this would be mildly amusing when i clicked on it but it was way better than i thought this is a masterpiece

Metallosaurus Rex : 0:36 lol! Never expected to see a coin xD this is so fun!!!

Thore Brand : This is my video of the month

JujuBoss : Take notes Nintendo

incognito444 : Reminds me of the fallout trailers and how they juxtapose happy upbeat music with graphic violence

John Radical : This is the music Doom Guy listens to when he is slaying demons.

- Zoroark - : Spin the wheel- *Get his head broken* That part fits in almost everything

Fresh Dookie : It's like a BioShock vibe, except the music was American 40s classics.

Mihael Milanović : Is this what God wanted

OpeOpe : This is why i love internet

Liam Pinno : You sir, won the internet!

Clay Snyder : Weird Bioshock vibes.

Cidude101 : The best Doom Trailer I've seen so far.

Hai Spawner : 3:46 So long-e bowser!

NotWorking : This is actually DOOM’s default music some don’t know this

MegamanNG : Doom's official Twitter account brought me here.

superdude 2411 : Now we need Super Mario Odyssey with Doom music

The Conductor : *VIOLENCE* Super Doomio Odyessy, coming out in 3013, rated E for Everyone.

Bill : Reminds me a bit of “Meet the Pyro” from TF2 haha

KrAzed Gaming : Why is it so fitting? ._.

Grim Locke : I’m not too interested in SMO, but this song got implanted deep in my head by watching some of Nintendo’s E3 content. ~I see the B F G~

Giovonii Smith : LOL LMAO

Eric Schuller : Headcanon accepted.

MoonMoon : Reminds me of fallout's trailers, classic music and kickin' ass gameplay.

Cyber Blade : Any old timey swing music playing in the background with anything gorey like doom will always fit well,ever since things like the fallout games

Tachiinii Ranger : You had me at 0:43. Simply beautiful

HOOLITIN : Its just another upbeat happy day for Doomguy.

Average citizen of KEKistan : Life status: *COMPLETE*

o r i i c : Rip & tear in a paralell universe \o/ Hell yeah.

Fulgrim2 : Freaking brilliant! 10/10, would bang!

HeyImDuncan : Did you mean *bioshock*