Zakk Wylde Plays Black Sabbath on Hello Kitty Mini-Guitar

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James : That hello kitty guitar just lived its dream.

jeepmudslut25 : That damn thumbnail is as long as his beard

Soroosh Mhs : You may be metal But you can never be as metal as zakk wylde playing black sabbath on a hello kitty guitar

HUNK : -Mom i need a new guitar so i can play better!! -No! Zakk Wylde played it and he sounded fine!

Ben Brines : Came here for comedy. Stayed for good music.

RockDoc216 : It’s not the guitar, it’s the player.

World Exploder : 😂 I have a feeling that he’s gonna be arrested very soon for obvious reasons.

Chase Oman : Zakk Wylde: MTV unplugged................. MTV missed out ona great opperatunity

Common Sense Hill : Real talent can make any guitar sound good.

Kane Oakley : I would hands down buy this if it was on iTunes or bandcamp

RedMo46 : 646 people need a Hello Kitty guitar smashed over their head

Lord Ignis Destroyer of Thots : That sheer concentration he has when tuning the kitty guitar o' doom

Agustín Iommi. : What beard is he playing?

Mayuresh Joshi : Why do I find this better than the original??

Dorian Clini : The two stricking things on this video are: -how huge is Zakk Wylde compared to that guitar -how much being an awesome player influences the tone

Kevin McKinney : And I just spent all that money for that Martin!

EcBaPr : awesome, this has more substance than many big budget recordings..

Henchman67 : I thought this was gonna be a joke then he lays this!

Brittin Meany : This is more impressive that he can get that thing mostly in tune. My daughter has a few guitars like this none will hold a tune because the neck is so bendy. I can get 2 or 3 strings to hold close sort of lol.

Saxton Hale : That's the best cover of NIB I've ever heard.

Andreu Abad López : Am I the only one who play this video for the music?

Bee H. : is it wrong that this makes me want to have a tea party with him? Like, this isn't bad, at all. Actually quite good, in fact. I know I really shouldn't expect any less from this man, but still. He would liven up any tea party.

Jack Daniels Ultraselvagem : I can play without any musical instrument.

The Lowmein : Just goes to show a good guitar player can make any instrument sound great, not so much the opposite.

Ralph Valencia : HELL KITTY

WNxNokturnal : Where can I buy his picks

Ron Burgundy : Probably the most metal thing I’ve listened to all week...

Marrycat7218 : Nailed it

Elefante Lembra : Hell kity

landon norman : This video has a great thumbnail

Nobody : Those Hello Kitty guitars are fine instruments. I had a chance to play one before they became $1,200. Not worth 1200 but the original 120 absolutely.

gabrielthornmusic : Better than the original in my opinion.

N I C O L A I G O G O L : Nando Moura refutando o Leon

Ness : El que es verga es verga

Rover Waters : this is top class hello kitty acoustic six strings makes you a better musician

ezerlab1 : Hello Ozzy

Chris Shelton : And just like that ... Babymetal was born!

Luis Robles : They say that Kitty is evil.

m'ofs : Legend has it, that if Zakk Wylde trims his thumbnail, it will become the pick of legends, highly sought after for the skill it imbues into its wielder.

Space Music : Man, they smashed the shit out of this thing in their new music video.

Vinicius Cardoso : Boa Nando Moura

WheatWormStudios : I noticed something strange about this: he's a good guitar player. Never would've guessed it from all the haters.

Adi Ibukic : He should go on a tour with this guitar! 😂

jaymz : so THATS how zakk wylde puts his children to sleep

Penguin Pie : You know when I was younger I went to an ozzy show and got a backstage tour from the tour manager. We checked out ozzy's stageside dressing room and there was a drawn picture of kerropi hanging up there. I was told his son had done it. So there is some precedent with zak playing the hello kitty guitar.

cbred02 : how does this sound better than his sirius XM cover

ANISTAZI metal 94609 : Did I miss the shredding leads, or did he just not do any ?

0525loki : This was actually a very good cover of NIB considering hes got a $9.99 Hello Kitty guitar and not a singer.

Adam Ye : I was here to laugh at first but I think I just found the best acoustic cover of NIB?

Chiranth CULT : Anyone song name??