You NEED to have a purpose

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Bearded Broski : Love it. You even took the camera into WalMart.. Kale.. yummy. Can't wait for tomorrow night.

Lincoln Riddle : DON'T TELL HOLLY OUR SECRET! Thank you :)

GeeknoidTV : Dude what time zone are you in? Chances are I'll be working while this stream goes on but I want to make it if I can!

Brando On The Go : Dude, try the ketogenic diet. I did it and that’s part of my “purpose” on YouTube lol. It’s turned my life around 180 degrees and I’m sharing it in the best way I can!

Mind Now : hahahaha brother!! I love your vlog man!! I nearly cried with you when you thought that you couldn't safe the coffee machine :D I love the way you put on your gloves as a pro! LOL Winny out...for now ;)

Gina Walters : Your live today was epic! Well done man! This was a cool video! Your so funny! The gloves really made me laugh! Purpose. Yes. 🙌

Novaspirit Tech : awesome video! spot on with purpose!

This Natural Journey : Cool man YOUR so full of energy 👍 defo great tip I need to find some more purpose 💪 love the coffee machine fixing 🤣🤣🤣 found you from Twitter tweet about your live stream came in 4 last half hour 😉 hello FROM NZ ✌ new supporter #nosmallcreators 💥🍻💥🍻

RealQuickChris : 8-10pm so happy you said it.

Imo and Izzy Vlogs : I'm telling Holly about the Redbull.

Imo and Izzy Vlogs : Kale is delish!

Richer Dinelle : It was canned "water" you drank right? ;) cool vid man ;)

HappyCarlsons TV : Love Amazon packages! It's like Christmas! **new sub**

Weirdly O.C.D. : I unfortunately couldn't make the live stream (I was at work). Good luck with that kale - we tried making a couple smoothies with it a while and YUCK! Lol

Mark Metcalfe : Loved it again ! I’m hooked... your red bull secret is safe with me and your other supporters lol 😂 can out purpose be to just be ourselves? So glad to be connected with you dude

Adam – Citizens of Everywhere : Yo, love this. It's videos like this that make me think very seriously about daily vlogging. Not for long, but long enough for me to get into that groove, get the practice in, and figure out what I enjoy and don't enjoy. You're a natural in front of the camera. Great work, Lincoln. Consider me a subscriber!

Charles Black : My condolences on the loss of the coffee maker, I'm sure it will be remembered. I also won't tell anyone about the Redbull. I can not wait to watch your live tomorrow.

TomJoeSHOW : great vlogs, have watched a few of them, really inspiring and loving the positive vibes. Keep it up mate. subbed!

SarahHNZ : good luck with audio ;)

Dakota Lyn : Purpose is so important!! & I'm so glad you were able to save that dang old girl 👵🏻☕️

Hoosierback Outdoors : Hell bro! You went to Walmart and made it inspirational. Hahaha!!!!

Adele Celeste TV : WOW!!! Excellent point! My channel falls into the category of "Channel With No Purpose." My original purpose was to showcase my short films, but short films do very badly on Youtube, if they are not shown at some kind of international festivals. There is really no market for short films. I noticed that vlogging was pretty popular on Youtube, so I just started having fun with vlogs and sharing fun products I enjoy. They got ten times the views that the short films got, so I switched to being a vlogger. So, yeah, I really don't have a purpose. But then I don't think the popular vloggers with a million subscribers have a purpose either, other than being silly for the camera. So hard to define a purpose.

Adele Celeste TV : I probably don't fit in with the Youtube crowd anyway. I mainly watch really old movies and TV shows. Best thing to do is to keep trying different things. Good topic.