Pouring water down a 50 meter well.

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Trevor Tucker : I honestly don't know what I was expecting. 😂

Mahir Cave : Is that how wells are refilled

MrRiggyRiggs : Yea..

Soulfully : neat.

The Unaverage Joe : Now this is a quality video. I read the title expecting to see water being dumped down a 50 meter hole. I clicked on the video and I watched what I expected. It's true and to the point. We need more material like this!

Jon Merchant : A little sound lag

Ani's Trash Can : I don’t understand why this is trending. It’s cool, but why?

planesrift : you're suppose to do the opposite.

4a 61 62 72 6f 6e 69 : Audio sync issues for anyone else?

daf : that's deep man

Rayane Kab : what kind of ritual satanic is this ?

dat calculation tho : Yea. Exactly what the title says. No trick here.

ziljin : I wanted to drink that water! Why pour it down a well?

Adam Hanif : he's actually there to fill up that well slowly

Mrdead Inmypocket : Wonder how many skeletons are down there.

bernie b : the girl next to him at the end of the video has a really pretty smile

BinauralMind - Experimental, Relaxing Music : We need to go deeper.

Thank You : Need more water.

Amanda Sheep : This video changed my life. Wow!

Tristan King : Ehrmantraut is looking good.

BossMadOne : Well well well, what do we have here.

Joseph Albertine : I sorta suspect the well is even deeper than that. Seems like it is taking 4-5 seconds before a noise is first heard, which seems like too long for it to only be 50 meters.

sleighte : absolutely incredible footage up there with moon landing

Javier Vargas : All's well that ends well.

Joshua T. : I’ve been here. This is just outside the Macy’s in Wichita, Kansas. Most people just throw coins in there, though.

CZsWorld : Sometimes I pour water off the top of the stairwell at my building.

Mahmoud Shatnawi : Just like darksouls

Silphet : W T F ! ! ! ! ! 0_o

YourMJK : h = 0.5 * g * t² = 0.5 * 9.81m/s² * (5s)² ≈ 120m Either that well is way deeper or this video is fake. EDIT: Ignore me, that estimate is wrong. Air drag has a higher influence than I first thought because the falling water splits into drops and droplets quite early and therefor the overall surface area increases greatly.

Duncan : fake there are speakers behind the camera and he is pouring water into soil for his garden

Jonathan McCaffrey : Yeah! Science!!

Andrew CM : what is going on ?? i couldn't hear it that *well*

Potato Chips : *Daily dose of internet?*

NyTe : And these are the things i like to see in trending.

bill j : FAKE AND GAY!

Marcel Styles : Well,that was pretty deep I'll go home

You Make Me Laugh : Okay

Connor Chen : In russia u give well water

Steven Santos : Cool.

Tyler : That went well...

BCKingz : Somebody think they slick I heard that fart @ 0:06 😂🤣

The Awesome Channel : Give a like if water is wet

InsaneCPR 22 : So when can I piss in that hole?....so I can hear my piss run down after I'm done.

STRAWTskii : At least it wasn’t clickbait

DoctorMixtape : The well is actually allot deeper than 50m. Y(t)=.5*a*t^2+Vo*t+yo The initial displacement is zero and the initial y velocity is zero. By counting the time it takes for the water to be poured and the for the sound to appear is about 5 seconds. Therefore, by plugging in the number y(t)=.5*9.81m/s^2*5s^2 We get y=122.625 m

masessum1 : The audio's out of sync...

OwYouMoron : Yeah...

Native Minnesota : Gotta take a piss now..

That Other Kleptomaniac Twin : Would this be considered ASMR to them??

King Subway : Here's an idea for daily dose of internet 🤔