A Selfish Argument for Making the World a Better Place – Egoistic Altruism

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Comments from Youtube

Geoffrey Weinsterner : #2 on trending- Amazing and eye-opening video about how to make the world a better place. #1 on trending- $2 Vs. $100 Bacon

Burakku Ren : “Do you like being alive?”

JAY JAY : Tell Thanos to watch this video, it make sense

da yo boi : 1 like= I cake for the sad bird at 0:42 (I feel sorry for it even tho its an animation)

VinierAardvark1 : Can we just get Kurzgesagt into a TV show like Bill Nye or something?

Just A Frans Shipper : When you are a German bird optimistic nillist YouTube channel that compares pie to global GDP. 👌


Emil Edlund : seeing as you repeatedly said pie in the video but the graphics never showed one, I guess you could say The pie is a lie

Christopher Guise : Why does it feel like this isn't really as positive as you think?

JT Nixon : So you say the best way to be selfish, is to be not selfish....... *ITS SO CRAZY IT MIGHT WORK*

william puckett : Grandpa: YouTube doesn't teach people anything, it's just for lazy people Kurtzgesagt:makes video

STEVE COOPER : But what about the uncontrolled capitalism and ego fueled by industrial revolution causing extinction of species and leading us towards sixth mass extinction, shouldn't altruism also extend to the non human members of earth ?

msinvincible2000 : Consume, consume, consume... But the Earth will not support this mentality for long

Marcus Aurelius : Excellent approach to handling bigotry

BanditRants : As a content creator I must say,  Kurzgesagt always set the bar of quality content ridiculously high.

shounak kulkarni : Cooperation is the ultimate way towards prosperity!

Daniel : This video makes the assumption that there is no limit to what we can do, but we don't know that. Planet Earth is limited in resources, it's a closed system which makes indefinite exponential growth impossible. We'd have to expand into space, but there is no guarantee that even with everyone on the entire planet working on expanding into space that we can actually do that. Within our solar system surely, but beyond that, that might not even be possible. You should consider that there can be severe limitations in our primate brains that won't allow infinite growth, we're already having serious problems comprehending quantum physics, there could be a hard limit to our ability to comprehend our reality.

Anon E. Moose : Sounds like a great argument for individualism and free market capitalism.

Rabia Khan : "If you can't appeal to people's good nature then you should appeal to their vices' A very good point you made in this video ✔

Captain Red : He just explained Mutualism as an Egoist. Read Stirner's "The Ego and Its Own"

Paweł Jankowski : The pie problem: This is a German production. In German you divide cakes not pies. You say: "Ein Stück vom Kuchen abbekommen." - to get a piece of the cake. So, in English it's a pie-chart in German it's a "cake-chart"

mr.kitloin : 4:53 and here comes the existential crisis

profDerpyGirl : Kurzgesagt: "Do you like being alive?" Me: No life is painful Kurzgesagt: Ok IDC let's just assume that you do so we can continue this video

Fluffy Massacre : I told you Bill Gates was playing the long game, help the poor countries so more people buy windows computers.


mitchy da kid : So capitalism saved the world?

Aida Arms : This video rly ... just does understand the phenomenon of environmental degradation

GLOCKHOLM : 5:21 Well i cant agree on this . If there are no farmers at all...... Well u all can imagine that urself .

Osmium : Do the animators know what pie is? Cause I'm seeing an awful lot of cakes whenever the narrator says pie.

Naazma Naseeb : 0:48 That big red bird looks like Trump 😁

Herbert Koch : With endless resources this video might be true. But with our modern energy, metal and food production more wealthy people mean more pollution. As much as I hate to say it, but our wealthy countries do benefit from poor countries.

Thomas Harrison : The resources on earth are no unlimited. We have to stabilize the population, or even lower it, for everybody to have a better standard.

axel shneider : Well, to me it seems tp be the other way around!😊

Alexander Becker : "Do you like being alive?" .... Questionable.

Stohe Claims : i just want to know who iced the pie

Alaric : this is just an explanation of free market capitalism

Nathália Sobral : This video speaks only from the perspective of innovation, but innovation requires, in addition to money available for investment, much R & D, time, and involves cultural issues. If all countries, as he says, were good life, he assumes that everyone will invest in innovation and the world will be a better place. But if everyone invests in innovation, following current consumption patterns, there will be a productive collapse as the focus of industries will change. By reducing production you reduce supply, and supply reduction leads to a rise in prices, pushing you back into the cycle of inequality in the long run. If you look at a microeconomic vision, more money actually brings more innovation. However, in a macro view, even more involving all the countries of the planet with their due cultural differences, this is impossible. Just to see: until now, the biggest industry on the planet is the war industry. What is the chance for all countries to invest in innovations that improve the well being of the planet? What is the chance that extremely religious countries will start investing in space programs, for example? This video is cute but this is extremely utopian. Everything that is proposed in it, besides being impossible to realize, would lead to inequality in long run.

Demonetization : In 20 years ,some of us might be living on Mars and a new statistic will be added into our passport or identity:planet of birth ,soon people on Mars would start researching,then the moon base will start ,Mars gets teraformed ,other planets would follow ,you wouldn't see it now ,but 20 years ago you wouldn't expect yourself to be sitting in a room with a smart home device showing the delivery guy on your TV through the camera outside your house because you asked for that MacDonald you wanted on your phone.A few years ago ,your parents told you not to meet strangers online and go into random people's car,now we have Uber,who knows ,20 years later you might be late for work because your trip from Venus to Mars had a malfunction and you are staring out of a window into deep space looking at the millions of spaceships flying in and out of planets in fleets and a notification pops up on the top left of your vision telling you to water the plants outside your house through the holographic contact lenses,sounds stupid ,sounds impossible,that's what we said last time ,it's gonna keep going on ,we never expected to be looking into a smartphone 24/7,I don't even know why I typed this no need to like I just hope 20 years later I find this comment

Lukewarm Torpedo : “Do you like being alive?” Yeah I think it’s pretty okay, y’know, existing and all

Kade Pfenning : They need some capitalism instead of their mafia and religion based government.

Investment Guru : "The more people are well off, the better your own life is". This seems like a good argument for *socialism* (This is a joke)

Marcus Wong : this is the BEST VIDEO in your collection! You should definitely be proud of it! (Unlike those two videos...)

Nooby Noob : "A cure for cancer" This is perfect, no more Jake or Logan. Yeet!!

DaddyLongLegs : Kurzgesagt : *Every 6th person in the world dies of cancer and you might be one of them* Me: Wow Thanks Kurzgesagt

Unpopular Comments : This philosophy, I agree, has great effects on the long-run for global benefits. It's just amazing how being selfless for your selfish needs is what makes it better. Though, considering the views of the others, I could say that this is not the case, especially when they would just consider the "now." They might have some risks here and there, but it's better to sacrifice for the future than to stick with insolvable, inevitably repeating issues.

Diabetic Alien : People still want to hold onto archaic systems of economic inequality and war, but we need to work together to advance as a species.

gridsleep : As Ayn Rand said, "The best way to help the poor is not to be one of them." She also said, "Any compromise between food and poison is death."

Why Do I Care? : Sharing=caring Take note governments all over the world!

Gabrielismo of Staffordshire : Actually this is the most positive video you ever made.