A Selfish Argument for Making the World a Better Place – Egoistic Altruism

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell : You like our art and want to put it on your wall? Look no further: http://bit.ly/1P1hQIH

JT Nixon : So you say the best way to be selfish, is to be not selfish....... *ITS SO CRAZY IT MIGHT WORK*

KC1919 and Stuff : “Do you like being alive?” Yeah I think it’s pretty okay, y’know, existing and all

Mike Borisov : If only the views form Despacito were funneled to this channel.

Gabriel : *Do you like being alive?* Millennials and Gen Z: no.

Bundeswehr Luftwaffe : Actually this is the most positive video you ever made.

BanditRants : As a content creator I must say,  Kurzgesagt always set the bar of quality content ridiculously high.

streetkiller009 : You forgot a major factor about human nature. Not every human will have your views and work for it even if given education. Most people will have their own beliefs and won't accept change . If everyone was open minded and worked towards the betterment of the human race, this is possible. But sadly the majority aren't .

Adrian Cab : For those of you who believe that the world won't be sustainable enough for everyone growing their standards of living, the whole purpose is that we'll have 7 times the people researching a way to make ourselves as sustainable as possible- finding new ways to efficiently get and use our resources

iSuckDixie : You forgot to account for the human feelings of: Greed, hate, anger, and pride.

Oussama Zbair 147 : I love his voice

palemoonlight96 : This video needs to be shown to so many politicians and world leaders...

Lunamode : religion slows down innovation imo

Saachinn Sagigi : We need vibrainium

Julian Shively : That's a cake.

TheyCallMeGunny : How many brainless racists pretending to be 'special smart peoples' can comment on one video? Judging by the comments, all of them. Tip: segregation and nationalism lead to no positive end. Think I'm wrong? Cite a SINGLE historical advancement that resulted from it in a SINGLE culture. Oh, right. There's zero. And how about when cultures intermingle? Suddenly the numbers are so high they cannot be counted. But hey. Let's all be nationalist. In fact, let's make a time machine to make sure everybody ever was a racist/nationalist. I'd love to see the outcome if the man who single handedly drove our nuclear program to succeed had remained a German loyalist in the years before the Cold War started. We wouldn't have any White Nationalist Americans, I can assume that much. If you are a nationalist or a racist, you are quite literally the definition of retarded. And yes, "literally" was used in its literal sense there, in case you were too slow to catch it. And no amount of stamping like a toddler will ever convince anyone who doesn't share your inherent defect otherwise.

Techno Mania : The animation is on point like always

HuffleRuff : It's as I've been saying - a level of selfishness and greed is important to advance society. It's how we've gotten where we are. Capitalism - getting rich by helping others.

Luiz Alex Phoenix : It's saddening that so many people are surprised by this. After all, we live in a global community. If the community gets better, everyone does. Simple example, we all get to eat more and better than any medieval king. Or, to be more contemporaneous and funny: "rather a salaryman in Denmark than a Slum king in Brazil".

Diogo Luís : Socialism always looks beautiful and logical until you put it in practice.

Amoony Doody : Hahaha if only the world was that simple... try making that point to young scientists and engineers who can't find employment because of economics and cost cutting in the name of profit.

epSos.de : It's true. If all the countries of the world had a *functioning waste management.* Then we would have less pollution in the rivers, oceans and lakes. Which is a good thing for all, except for the people who like their fish with plastic and arsenic :-) If all parts of the world had decent roads, then Germany would sell a lot more cars :-)

Kyoko : I wish people who want to keep the 3rd world countries down and call their people dumb would learn from this.

Deyvson Moutinho Caliman : I thought this video would show a brighter side to life, but now I'm thinking about cancer.

Renovartio : > if we just put more money into it'll be solved Suuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee

Atesz Meister : *EXOTIC AUTISM*

Joseph W. Thompson : Innovation is easy but to change people's minds now that's the hard part.

Sap N : DO i LIkE bEiNg aLiVE? YESS

MC Black Empire : >says pie >shows cake

Elie Elie : Positive sum game, but limited by natural resources. Exponentially-increasing consumption per person is not sustainable. It inevitably causes damage to the environment, causing serious problems for the future. We do not need more economic growth. We do not need more jobs or more work hours. We need an economy that encourages people to DO MORE WITH LESS.

Le funny meme : *cough * (if thousand years of Christian inquisition oppressing scientists and research hadn’t existed) *cough *

The Science Biome : My my! The animation quality is amazing. If only you could make a game with that design style!

Daniel Forshaw : One word why other countries are not getting better: CORRUPTION. As much help we give other countries most of the benefits will go to the rich or the government as they take all the money and dont put it back into the country.

ACE : I like how we can explain everything with birds :3

Mario Horta : It's odd how this channel supports capitalism one minute and then socialism the next. It's like they know that successful nations and societies use capitalism and businesses and the market grow through it but they still believe we need socialism? I'm confused by this channel

MrSerrrg88 : Wow, one of the most positive videos on your channel!! Thank you!! :D

Adraria8 : Unfortunately, humans are far more likely to be motivated by instant gratification than things that will benefit them in the long term. It’s not natural to think like this.

Nilanjan Paul : *There are 2 kinds of man - Reasonable Man and Unreasonable Man.* *The reasonable man can settle for anything he's given. So all progress depends on the unreasonable man.* 💙 (Not my own Philosophy tho, I read it somewhere)

Minh Đỗ Lê Thành : Why Capitalism works while Socialism-Communism do not - In a Nutshell.

GrimTech : So you're saying that capitalism is a good thing, come on you dont want to offend the ignorant millenials now!

Myles C. : So basically capitalism.

SAW10 : Imagine if no money wasted in wars...

Flying Squirrel : The problem with the whole "plus sum world" is that the biggest chunk of the "plus" is still gained by using unrenewable energy sources. So if we are taking those resources into consideration, the pie is still limited very much like before the industrial revolution. Hence we ares still killing each other. Not for land, but for oil. Edit: Instead of trying to grow the "pie" faster, we should try to change its ingredients. And since countries that don't have enough pie for their people can't care much about the pies ingredients, the pie has to be shared across the world more evenly. Unfortunately our financial system forces us to grow the pie exponentially no matter how much we have to harm people and environment to do it.

DrHotelMario : Capitalism will save the world!

12dollarsand78cents : As of this post of mine, there are 6,500 down votes. They have access to a computer and of course electricity, and don't understand, the more people on Earth, the more power they will have. If you don't believe this, go live as a rich & powerful person, on Mars, by yourself.

Maxim Dietz : This channel sets the bar insanely high - Somehow they top each previous video every time a new one comes out.

Death By Cognitive Dissonance : All for one and one for all!


patrikcath : People invaded each other for pie. Yes.

Avana : I don't know if I love you, or if I dislike you. Something about each video seems so off, but I cannot figure out what it is. Something's bugging me really badly. However, on the flip side, the videos are truly amazing in how educational and entertaining they are to watch. I'm so confused o.o