A Selfish Argument for Making the World a Better Place – Egoistic Altruism

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell : You like our art and want to put it on your wall? Look no further: http://bit.ly/1P1hQIH

BanditRants : As a content creator I must say,  Kurzgesagt always set the bar of quality content ridiculously high.

Mike Borisov : If only the views form Despacito were funneled to this channel.

Burakku Ren : “Do you like being alive?”

Suomi Euro : Actually this is the most positive video you ever made.

ACE : I like how we can explain everything with birds :3

JT Nixon : So you say the best way to be selfish, is to be not selfish....... *ITS SO CRAZY IT MIGHT WORK*

Daniel Forshaw : One word why other countries are not getting better: CORRUPTION. As much help we give other countries most of the benefits will go to the rich or the government as they take all the money and dont put it back into the country.

Lunamode : religion slows down innovation imo

Le EXTRA funny meme : *cough * (if thousand years of Christian inquisition oppressing scientists and research hadn’t existed) *cough *

Elie Elie : Positive sum game, but limited by natural resources. Exponentially-increasing consumption per person is not sustainable. It inevitably causes damage to the environment, causing serious problems for the future. We do not need more economic growth. We do not need more jobs or more work hours. We need an economy that encourages people to DO MORE WITH LESS.

epSos.de : It's true. If all the countries of the world had a *functioning waste management.* Then we would have less pollution in the rivers, oceans and lakes. Which is a good thing for all, except for the people who like their fish with plastic and arsenic :-) If all parts of the world had decent roads, then Germany would sell a lot more cars :-)

Just A Frans Shipper : When you are a German bird optimistic nillist YouTube channel that compares pie to global GDP. 👌

Oussama Zbair 147 : I love his voice

Sap N : DO i LIkE bEiNg aLiVE? YESS

Minh Đỗ Lê Thành : Why Capitalism works while Socialism-Communism do not - In a Nutshell.

palemoonlight96 : This video needs to be shown to so many politicians and world leaders...

Björn Bidar : I like the idea but "more" is not always better and local goverment should still care for their own people. There's a saying in German "Kehre vor deiner eigenen Haustür bevor du dich um den Dreck anderer kümmerst" - "cleaup yor own house door before try cleanup the dirt of others" I think that fits the problem well.

Cameron Ward : Literally a video about why capitalism is amazing. Egoistic Altruism is a perfect name for capitalism.

Deyvson Moutinho Caliman : I thought this video would show a brighter side to life, but now I'm thinking about cancer.

GunnyTheGrey : How many brainless racists pretending to be 'special smart peoples' can comment on one video? Judging by the comments, all of them. Tip: segregation and nationalism lead to no positive end. Think I'm wrong? Cite a SINGLE historical advancement that resulted from it in a SINGLE culture. Oh, right. There's zero. And how about when cultures intermingle? Suddenly the numbers are so high they cannot be counted. But hey. Let's all be nationalist. In fact, let's make a time machine to make sure everybody ever was a racist/nationalist. I'd love to see the outcome if the man who single handedly drove our nuclear program to succeed had remained a German loyalist in the years before the Cold War started. We wouldn't have any White Nationalist Americans, I can assume that much. If you are a nationalist or a racist, you are quite literally the definition of retarded. And yes, "literally" was used in its literal sense there, in case you were too slow to catch it. And no amount of stamping like a toddler will ever convince anyone who doesn't share your inherent defect otherwise.

Joseph W. Thompson : Innovation is easy but to change people's minds now that's the hard part.

Christopher Guise : Why does it feel like this isn't really as positive as you think?

1CME90 : The top 1% do not want everyone to be on an even ground, or even close. You can't be the 1% if you are even with everyone else.

Amoony Doody : Hahaha if only the world was that simple... try making that point to young scientists and engineers who can't find employment because of economics and cost cutting in the name of profit.

Naonosuke Iriguti : The concept of video sounds like Adam Smith’s “invisible hands” If individuals seek for their interests, that will lead to society’s benefit for all. But is it true? I disagree cuz there must be side effects of this. Yeah we can develop our society but nature has got to pay the price. For more convenient life, we sacrificed nature and consumed natural resources. Unfortunately these are finite, like a pie

Techno Mania : The animation is on point like always

john john : Theres always give and take, yeah everyone might be gaining now, but that also means something is losing a lot....our natural world.

udmbfck x : Forgot a keyword...COMPETITION which fuels the rate of Innovation and PROFIT its reward. You conveniently hide this under incentive, as if motivation was not an important factor.

Daniel Breiland : This video makes the assumption that there is no limit to what we can do, but we don't know that. Planet Earth is limited in resources, it's a closed system which makes indefinite exponential growth impossible. We'd have to expand into space, but there is no guarantee that even with everyone on the entire planet working on expanding into space that we can actually do that. Within our solar system surely, but beyond that, that might not even be possible. You should consider that there can be severe limitations in our primate brains that won't allow infinite growth, we're already having serious problems comprehending quantum physics, there could be a hard limit to our ability to comprehend our reality.

12dollarsand78cents : As of this post of mine, there are 6,500 down votes. They have access to a computer and of course electricity, and don't understand, the more people on Earth, the more power they will have. If you don't believe this, go live as a rich & powerful person, on Mars, by yourself.

Adraria8 : Unfortunately, humans are far more likely to be motivated by instant gratification than things that will benefit them in the long term. It’s not natural to think like this.

MK-Jnny : But the nature and primary resources are decreasing

Biggie Cheese : Yes we must distribute cake evenly among the poletariat masses with one all powerful dictator. It is for mother russia

BossBaby : Society has invaded each other to get more pie. This is our world now.

Utkarsh Singh : Zero Sum game??? What do you mean by that? Someone please explain.

The Science Biome : My my! The animation quality is amazing. If only you could make a game with that design style!

Henry Davis : Unfortunately easier said than done

ElPasta : A very naive point of view. More people living on a high standard means also much more demage to the environment, just imagine everybody driving a car im africa.

patrikcath : People invaded each other for pie. Yes.

joel nibte : this is so true. people love others at the top and others at the bottom. they make it bad. and praising the bad people. you see people loving rap,metal,bad villains in movies and become that person. the world can be so fun loving but no they blame it all on the devil. no is you is all you. stupid traditions play a part to. is all about the brain washing.

SAW10 : Imagine if no money wasted in wars...

Souvir Rakshit : Tha founder of this channel may make a very good politician tbh

Nilanjan Paul : *There are 2 kinds of man - Reasonable Man and Unreasonable Man.* *The reasonable man can settle for anything he's given. So all progress depends on the unreasonable man.* 💙 (Not my own Philosophy tho, I read it somewhere)

Silent Walker : 6:27 lol Elons Tesla

Lamp-Stand : If technology/innovation is mutually-beneficial, how would you explain the nuclear threat posed by foreign powers as they innovate?

Death By Cognitive Dissonance : All for one and one for all!

Sam Ducklow : my kid and i love your channle

fadethechannel : This is the answer to humanity.

Love Co : This point of view is wrong the reason why some countries are prospering is because of the developing countries that make goods cheaper. positive sum world? im sorry but in poor countries are suffering for the sake of 1st world countries saying that everyone is well off now is totally wrong.