A Selfish Argument for Making the World a Better Place – Egoistic Altruism

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell : You like our art and want to put it on your wall? Look no further: http://bit.ly/1P1hQIH

Techno Mania : The animation is on point like always

WeTube : One Love

Elizabeth Li : This video makes me want to live

Ludwig Van Deventer : How do people dislike these videos?

Lamp-Stand : If technology/innovation is mutually-beneficial, how would you explain the nuclear threat posed by foreign powers as they innovate?

SyntheticKill : FOR PIE!

KC1919 and Stuff : “Do you like being alive?” Yeah I think it’s pretty okay, y’know, existing and all

streetkiller009 : You forgot a major factor about human nature. Not every human will have your views and work for it even if given education. Most people will have their own beliefs and won't accept change . If everyone was open minded and worked towards the betterment of the human race, this is possible. But sadly the majority aren't .

Poisson Fécond : The pie is a lie.

BaguetteGuy : hey can you guys make a video about why speed of light is the same for all observers and time is relative ? (einsteins theory)

Adraria8 : Nice animations

The Arkitekt's Workshop : How many brainless racists pretending to be 'special smart peoples' can comment on one video? Judging by the comments, all of them. Tip: segregation and nationalism lead to no positive end. Think I'm wrong? Cite a SINGLE historical advancement that resulted from it in a SINGLE culture. Oh, right. There's zero. And how about when cultures intermingle? Suddenly the numbers are so high they cannot be counted. But hey. Let's all be nationalist. In fact, let's make a time machine to make sure everybody ever was a racist/nationalist. I'd love to see the outcome if the man who single handedly drove our nuclear program to succeed had remained a German loyalist in the years before the Cold War started. We wouldn't have any White Nationalist Americans, I can assume that much. If you are a nationalist or a racist, you are quite literally the definition of retarded. And yes, "literally" was used in its literal sense there, in case you were too slow to catch it. And no amount of stamping like a toddler will ever convince anyone who doesn't share your inherent defect otherwise.

bob smith : The main sentiment expressed here may be true somewhat, but is a GROSSLY overly simplified and happy-feel-good-optimist view of everything. There is much more potential now for people to literally create brand new wealth at nobody else's expense, but that also ignores the fact that 99.9% of like 95%+ of industries truly are ZERO SUM to the extent that there is only SO MUCH POSSIBLE MARKET SHARE UP FOR GRABS, that simply WILL NOT GROW unless/until the entire population of the earth grows. This does not apply even more so to more LOCALIZED view of things, where things really are much more zero-sum in that there are only SO MANY people around to be potential customers for, and for one business to do better another one has to not do as well.

Loki Laufeyson : *Do you like being alive?* Millennials and Gen Z: no.

Aidid Rashed Efat : We should stop wasting money on war rather spent money on education, health and peace.

V : Please make a shirt with egoistic altruism on it :)

Setto Arisaki : Thanks capitalism for giving every one (who wants) a way better life.

Oussama Zbair 147 : I love his voice

A Afzelius : Keynesianism 101


epSos.de : It's true. If all the countries of the world had a *functioning waste management.* Then we would have less pollution in the rivers, oceans and lakes. Which is a good thing for all, except for the people who like their fish with plastic and arsenic :-) If all parts of the world had decent roads, then Germany would sell a lot more cars :-)

HuffleRuff : It's as I've been saying - a level of selfishness and greed is important to advance society. It's how we've gotten where we are. Capitalism - getting rich by helping others.

Nick Dawg : Cure for cancer? We're the cancer, and we wont stop growing until we kill our host.

Atesz Meister : *EXOTIC AUTISM*

Nadie : Ayn Rand <3

Star Man : Imagine what can happen within the next 100 years 😀

Saachinn Sagigi : We need vibrainium

iSuckDixie : You forgot to account for the human feelings of: Greed, hate, anger, and pride.

GrimTech : So you're saying that capitalism is a good thing, come on you dont want to offend the ignorant millenials now!

Zord Rage : in other words.... Money money money money money ! the entire EVULUTION of humanity is bassicaly controlled and held back by freaking papers called Money...

Robert Cook : Wow... I’m not even questioning my existence after this video...

Renovartio : > if we just put more money into it'll be solved Suuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee

RedOne BEN : This video deserves a billion like

wesson smith : Small problem with your theory, human nature or what makes humans, human. As you pointed out, humans have only been industrialized for a very short period of time, however our basic instincts for survival are deeply engrained. Those instincts tell use to dominate and take resources regardless of our current need. That’s why powerful countries use violence and is why other countries try to become powerful. Ideology is another human trait. We love forcing our ideology on others. One day in the FAR OFF future we might become the type of civilization that you envision. That however will only be achieved by creatures that have been stripped of the very thing that currently makes us human now. You can't wish away the reality that humans are animals and behave in rational and irrational ways. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Until that is addressed none of what you envision will come to fruition.

Mike Borisov : If only the views form Despacito were funneled to this channel.

Mike GamingRoblox : WHAT A GREAT CHANNEL

Enderplant 2007 : Something like this can happen but “Governments” spend millions of dollars On thing that are made to kill, like guns, and more because they think Protection is better then *Innovacion*.

Diogo Luís : Socialism always looks beautiful and logical until you put it in practice.

Doggo Fitness : Egoistic Altruism is the basis of capitalism, but i do not agree on everybody having the same economical powers, that is not healthy at all, it seems like it would be a candy land, but in reality, it would destroy our society from the inside and it's causes are very complex, the basic principle is, "for there to be rich, there must be poor", things need equilibrium, and we know communism is fucking atrocious, so this kind of balance we have nowadays is the best for our society in the long run, we cannot have a place like india becoming a superpower anytime soon, the amount of people there would cause such a big demand, that the resources and economy just couldnt keep up, be happy the way we are now, some poor, some rich, most are in the middle, but the most important is that we are still alive and havent crumbled in ourselves.

Meme Cactus : For the working class

Star Man : I'm actually enjoying learning good stuff here :) only if schools can teach like this

Sap N : DO i LIkE bEiNg aLiVE? YESS

Patates : TURKISH? ANYBODY? Okay

DESTROYER DESTRUCTION : I was a bit racist in my mind but, this video helped me to overcome it!

Adrian Cab : For those of you who believe that the world won't be sustainable enough for everyone growing their standards of living, the whole purpose is that we'll have 7 times the people researching a way to make ourselves as sustainable as possible- finding new ways to efficiently get and use our resources

The Science Biome : My my! The animation quality is amazing. If only you could make a game with that design style!

Orionn Albuquerque : bullshit

Mario Horta : It's odd how this channel supports capitalism one minute and then socialism the next. It's like they know that successful nations and societies use capitalism and businesses and the market grow through it but they still believe we need socialism? I'm confused by this channel

Kyoko : I wish people who want to keep the 3rd world countries down and call their people dumb would learn from this.