A Selfish Argument for Making the World a Better Place – Egoistic Altruism

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell : You like our art and want to put it on your wall? Look no further: http://bit.ly/1P1hQIH

SyntheticKill : FOR PIE!

Pushkar Soni : MONDAYS OFF.....may be we all together can achieve this...

Breakthrough Science - for Everyone : I never saw it this way - great video! One question which came into my mind aren't limited resources on earth still a problem? Maybe harvesting asteroids and colonizing other planets could be a solution, but i am not sure if this new supplies will meet the increasing demand.

Nacho Libre : The whole time I was like “Good…what’s the catch?”

Zar Shardan : With our current level of technology lifting all other countries to the western standards of living would be unsustainable. Climate Change and stuff. We need fusion for that and/or maybe super cheap solar and wind energy + nuclear and also much more energy efficient homes vehicles and the rest of our tech. Other than that of course I would love to see everybody living happy prosperous lives. That would be wonderful.

Adraria8 : Nice animations

Patates : TURKISH? ANYBODY? Okay

Sam : what about the Environment?

Digital Pyro : Do you remove comments? I've had my top comments disappear multiple times here...

zeleni sok : The market framing of innovation in this video is bad. All substantive technological progress came out of the non-market sector. R&D is a long-term and high-risk investment, and you cant afford such investing if you need to worry about being outcompeted. Take as one example Ma Bell, they invented transistors, modern cryptography, solar cells, the laser, the C programming language, and mobile phones; but when the monopoly was broken up, Bell Labs was sold off to Alcatel-Lucent, after a few years they announced they were cutting all funding for basic research to focus on more immediately profitable applications. The computer, mouse, Internet, digital camera, and email, radar, the jet engine, satellites, fiber optics, artificial limbs, nuclear energy, etc, etc, that all came from the state sector. Technological progress requires socialization of risk and investment. Also, people can innovate simply bc its good for oneself and others to innovate. No one acts entirely selfishly, everyone thinks altruism is good. Basically everyone will agree that society should function with everyone's interests in mind, not only in the interest of a some subset of the populace. So, we should organize society so that innovation is invested in, and that everyone is well off. Note that this doesnt even require radical change of the system, only a system something like the west already had between thirties and seventies. Although we are basically on the verge of automating the economy anyways, so some kind of radical change of the system will be necessary lol..

Techno Mania : The animation is on point like always

DudeAboveMeIs Gay : I am saddened to hear you have cancer. I pray for your recovery.

AlexReynard : And this is why I'm a cheerleader for capitalism, no matter how many people scream that it's the ultimate evil.

Hank Mccoy : 6k Conservatives disliked this video. It made too much sense

Kurt Coleman : Increasing GDP does not automatically translate in to making the world a better place.

V : Please make a shirt with egoistic altruism on it :)

Forest Tiger : I don't know why but this reminds of communism, not the bad kind, but the ideology that everyone works together to make the world better a better place for everyone

WeTube : One Love

Michael Wassef : The argument in this video is extremely simplistic. It ignores the obvious fact that the industrial revolution, while improving the lives of millions, also led to the worst and bloodiest conflicts in history like WWI and WWII as well as more savage colonialism and exploitation of people. It ignores the obvious strain on the environment that increasing people's prosperity comes with . A huge increase in demand for food, energy, and water creates even more pollution and conflicts. It only focuses on the positive aspects of spreading prosperity

Bin al-Flecki : Not all cultures align with your concept of how the world should be like. Video debunked.

JT Nixon : So you say the best way to be selfish, is to be not selfish....... *ITS SO CRAZY IT MIGHT WORK*

A Smith : Nice hypothsis. Only problem is that the earth has limited reources. Free Trade is not Fair trade, countries cheat to steal your part of the pie (limited resources).

Redneck Romeo : no on so many levels. for one, producing more stuff does not make the world a better place. i dont believe people in the 1950's are less happy because they didnt have iphones. also if everyone in the world lived like an american, we would need multiple planet earths to sustain that. also people have to work jobs they hate just to produce all this stuff.

Elizabeth Li : This video makes me want to live

kk m : unbelievably naive

Star Man : Imagine what can happen within the next 100 years 😀

anywherein12seconds : Just like any cell thrives when the Body thrives, human beings reap the global condition of things. You might say that there are exceptions, as a wealthy individual has the best possible of lives under any social surroundings. But if we take the bigger picture, we see that it’s not quite true after all! If people across the last thousand of years would of been free, having access to a decent life and education, we would of had the computer, virtual reality or medical revolutions (and who knows what else) maybe 100 or 200 years earlier. This is true also for everything else, from making art to garbage disposal. The “blissful” life of any of today’s billionaires would seem a pale and short life, in comparison. And there would be a place and means for everybody because scientists say the laws of physics allow for unbelievable degrees of freedom in devising greater computing power per volume of matter, energy capturing technology, as well as energy efficient and nonpolluting technologies. Just think how much technology has changed in the last century. Another, more accelerated century of technological advance, and we’ll be nowhere close to “extract” the maximum out of the laws of nature! So, any individual that thinks it has it all, is just like any nobleman from centuries ago that thought the same, without ever suspecting jet-skis, Ferraris, snowboarding, airplanes, internet, Oculus Rift, LSD, painkillers, antibiotics, kidney transplant or MRI machines.

Ahmadali Afkhami : You just explained the defected loop of CAPITALISM, and came up with the most hilarious conclusion possible! If poor people get rich, then the world would be a better place for you (rich ones) as well! The CAPITALISM ( which I believe is the worst thing that has happened to human beings) is breaking a part, because the rich are getting richer and poor getting poorer... This won't continue of course, since when the 99% of the world become really poor, there's nobody left to fill the pockets of those 1%... Sad part however is, why all the achievements of humanity needs money?! What is money? (No going to get into it here) the truth is; humanity somewhere in its path, choose the most inhumane concept for insensitive and that was money and then was the birthday of capitalism. Think about it, the laws of physics, the existence of chemistry, the capability of reaching the moon and .... Would be different if there was no money? The power of human brain and its capabilities would be different if there was no money? We are going down, and this time we are going down hard!

OddSqodd : I completely agree! To help prove your point, please promote my channel. Thanks!

Laurens B. : We should just be happy with what we have and start working on how we treat each other (and our own environment), instead of constantly trying to gain more stuff we don't need.


Denes300 : You seem to have taken *THE PARADOX OF PLENTY* out of consideration. Jesus Christ man, I love your videos but I like it more when you're talking about space.

Sonny Darvishzadeh : Sugar is the cause of cancer, sugar feeds the cancer, regardless of how many billion people invest in "finding a cure". Sugar industry funded and still funds the research. The research papers you rely on to make videos. Your bare minimum, the only brick you stand on is funded by the "bad guys".

Think|Piece : awesome!! maybe do a follow up video talking about the psychological effects of helping people, ie there's research showing it actually makes people happier to help other people. it's another reason for egoistic altruism / being selfishly selfless!!

Ohtter : *im selfish for my wifi*

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell : Thanks so much to Max Roser and https://ourworldindata.org for the help with this video! We highly recommend you check them out if you want to learn more about the true state of things. You may be surprised.

Special Raptorz : I wish that every single person in this whole world could see this video...literally would be another revolution haha, we'd become a type 1 civilisation in like 10 years, lmao idk what I'm on about

Puffycheeks : Love this video, happy to be human.

BaguetteGuy : hey can you guys make a video about why speed of light is the same for all observers and time is relative ? (einsteins theory)

the turtle whisperer : I feel like I have bad enough luck that all be one of those 1/6 who die of cancer

Robert Cook : Wow... I’m not even questioning my existence after this video...

wesson smith : Small problem with your theory, human nature or what makes humans, human. As you pointed out, humans have only been industrialized for a very short period of time, however our basic instincts for survival are deeply engrained. Those instincts tell use to dominate and take resources regardless of our current need. That’s why powerful countries use violence and is why other countries try to become powerful. Ideology is another human trait. We love forcing our ideology on others. One day in the FAR OFF future we might become the type of civilization that you envision. That however will only be achieved by creatures that have been stripped of the very thing that currently makes us human now. You can't wish away the reality that humans are animals and behave in rational and irrational ways. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Until that is addressed none of what you envision will come to fruition.

TryPed. gg : The Channel is based out of GERMANY.. The IRONY.

bob smith : The main sentiment expressed here may be true somewhat, but is a GROSSLY overly simplified and happy-feel-good-optimist view of everything. There is much more potential now for people to literally create brand new wealth at nobody else's expense, but that also ignores the fact that 99.9% of like 95%+ of industries truly are ZERO SUM to the extent that there is only SO MUCH POSSIBLE MARKET SHARE UP FOR GRABS, that simply WILL NOT GROW unless/until the entire population of the earth grows. This does not apply even more so to more LOCALIZED view of things, where things really are much more zero-sum in that there are only SO MANY people around to be potential customers for, and for one business to do better another one has to not do as well.

Ludwig Van Deventer : How do people dislike these videos?

epSos.de : It's true. If all the countries of the world had a *functioning waste management.* Then we would have less pollution in the rivers, oceans and lakes. Which is a good thing for all, except for the people who like their fish with plastic and arsenic :-) If all parts of the world had decent roads, then Germany would sell a lot more cars :-)

LuneTech : It would be nice if you published your videos in 4k.

Semyon Tarassov : Your videos are always so easy to understand! I love your channel!

coconut oil : I urge everyone to look at the music for this video it is very underrated. He has a link in the description for the music if you are interested.