The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off | Adam Ruins Everything
Why the mattress industry is a huge rip off Adam Ruins Everything

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I like To Swim : I guess I’ll just sleep on the floor “Actually the floor is a big scam too!”

Ramon Fermin Ruiz Zepeda : So in the end, it doesn't really mattress.

IdiotKid : When he started sayin nightmare I got a knock at my door *OBJECTIVE : SURVIVE*

Wago : *Purple has entered the chat*

Mohammad Omar Fazli : The Casper Matress guy looks like Freddie Mercury

Dragoneta Slayer : Both Casper and true crime podcast piss me off. Thank you for the call out

Viking TV Skits : when i move out I swear to god I will sleep on a dog bed and no one will stop me.

Spongebob Squarepants : I only buy mattresses from IKEA cause the other mattress stores doesn’t have swedish meatballs

Kamion King : I own a mattress shop. Please take this video down or we will sue. That’s what I would say if I was REALLY a mattress store owner.

RTS : Got my bed at mexico brands new for literally $60 lol might be stuffed with coke but the bed feels great

Surfy Player : There's a conspiracy that mattress stores are used for money laundering, thats why there are so many of them with no customers in them 90% of the time.

ajax wyd : "Where do I go buy a mattress" oh simple. Beat the system and buy a futon and kotatsu

Intoxicatious : Can't get ripped off by mattress companies if you never sleep.

Stick Dude : ''Hey...that's illegal!'' Reminds me of halo

Roon Mirak : Isn't that the actress who plays Regina Sinclair from Insatiable?

ouji : the ending actually scared me jesus christ

mustafa mustafa : I bought my mattress from Amazon it was a 12" Tea Tree Queen Mattress for $230 and has multiple layers of different strength memory foam, it's a perfect bed. problem solved!

Róbert Gerendás : Can you do a video on psychiatrists?

Dashing Bladethrowing MutherFucking Killing Machine : Joke's on you. Us Filipinos sleep on a matress made of Foam or Cotton. It Cheaper by the thousands

Tertiary Adjunct : The real scam is the lack of antitrust law enforcement in the US.

Spiral Colors : I appreciate this. I have a lot of body pain from my younger years. I bought a tempurpedic, based on their online reviews . It's the worse investment I ever made. Not only do I wake up with pain every morning, do to my husband running hot while I run cold. The kicker was the the delivery man told me to bring my own mattress up 2 flights of stairs because he had a bad back.

Adriell Cabrera : So this basically similar to luxottica and their monopoly on glasses

Buck Rogers : Damn, you guys are good. Good with the facts and graphics and presentation. Keep it up!

Tvisha Elley : O:30 I thought she only had 30 seconds then why is this video 5 min 30 sec long

Andrew Andrew : Can you do a video on Adam Ruins Everything?

Kittykondo Deutschmann : Purple: hello... WE DONT SCAM YOU AND MAKE IT Actually comfortable

Bandit Raccoon : Ruin me, daddy

Michael Cappelli : They poke fun at amateur podcast detectives, while they amateurishly investigate mattresses.

Anonymous [26490] : Make your own mattress. Problem Solved

Lordric aspa : Jake Peralta was right! Mattress are a rip off!

JM PLAYZ YT : No scams here in the Philippines 🇵🇭 lol

folko1 : Up next: Adam Ruins The Sheets After that: Adam Hits The Streets

Stoudy2 : Hotels always change their mattresses every year. You can get one for super cheap now that makes me wonder about how many "old" mattresses pile up in the trash over the years.

Clay Williams : 4:50 Freddie Mercury? What are you doing working for a matress company?

BadluckBringit : Informative, justifies my cynicism, and with a horrifying ending that makes me afraid to sleep! Thanks College Humor! :D

a cat named Steve : And that's why i sleep on my couch and in a sleeping bag.

Nonagonn N. : I was not ready for that face at the end

Darnell Gill : That ending...creepy asf

Well, isn’t this FANCY : Just get a big bit of ply wood and randomly place rusty nails sticking out and you’ve got a perfect matress for real cheap

Jay Smith : Companies want customers to buy their product? SCAM!!!

A.N.D : Knock knock, Who's there? The truth. The truth who? The truth that my life is a scam.

A Friendly Hobo : Literally everything is starting to look like a monopoly.

MayTheGamer 12 : I learned the purple mattress company has this powder stuff that’s possibly poisonous to people. I say possibly cuz when the guy asked about it all he got was a threat to get sued.

NEB On The Web : My family owns a mattress company... *I feel attacked*

Jonathan Palmer : Got mine on Amazon for like 300 bucks compared to 1k in stores.

DreamTech Oz : I've been sleeping in the same hammock for the past 4 years. It cost me $40 (AUD)

Scott Johnson : That podcast satire was perfect.

Maxwell : Thanks Adam & Company. Now let's all sleep like the Japanese!

EXE : you know, they'll tell you everything about the mattress and which one to take (they'll give it to you for free) if you go with a gun and a mask