The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off

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Bandit Raccoon : Ruin me, daddy

Kamion King : I own a mattress shop. Please take this video down or we will sue. That’s what I would say if I was REALLY a mattress store owner.

Ramon Fermin Ruiz Zepeda : So in the end, it doesn't really mattress.

Aaron Garcia : I beat the system, I sleep on the floor. The illusion of necessity is a scam.

Roon Mirak : Isn't that the actress who plays Regina Sinclair from Insatiable?

Irok 121 : There are floors for a reason. Sleep there.

Noboy : This is why i sleep in a car. I dont even knows whos car it is but everyday a homeless man is spooning me.

Pan!c on : this makes me scared to be an adult

Spiral Colors : I appreciate this. I have a lot of body pain from my younger years. I bought a tempurpedic, based on their online reviews . It's the worse investment I ever made. Not only do I wake up with pain every morning, do to my husband running hot while I run cold. The kicker was the the delivery man told me to bring my own mattress up 2 flights of stairs because he had a bad back.

Milo McMahon : Remember when Adam used to debunk things for a reason? And give us potential solutions?

RavonsLyfe : I saw this title and instantly thought of the *Shane Dawson* Mattress conspiracy theory lmao

Wago : *Purple has entered the chat*

Viking TV Skits : when i move out I swear to god I will sleep on a dog bed and no one will stop me.

RTS : Got my bed at mexico brands new for literally $60 lol might be stuffed with coke but the bed feels great

Brayan Espinoza : That’s why I bought my mattress from an RV supplier. A queen for 300.

Kevin Klatman : Idk I’m still gonna use a mattress

Watch MrCuba : 4:15 Actuallllyyyy... Pretty much all of them have 100 night kind of trials, which they will pick up for free and refund the money. That doesn't happen at b&m.


Lordric aspa : Jake Peralta was right! Mattress are a rip off!

Matthew Shezmen : "Who got that good D???! I got that good D!!! Yeah! Yeah!!!" I desperately hope somebody gets this reference ASAP.

Jetoler : I sleep on a mat with a sleeping bag ontop and a blanket (I sleep ontop of the sleeping bag not in it). It took a week to get used to but after then it feels just as good as a normal bed. It saves a lot of room in your room since you can just put the matt away, and the whole thing could probably cost you less than $100

EXE : you know, they'll tell you everything about the mattress and which one to take (they'll give it to you for free) if you go with a gun and a mask

Fluffy studio : 5:30 THE DEVIL HAS POSSESSED HIM

Dylan : The only brand that I trust is Bob's Furniture 😉

Bryce McKenzie : That ending is Nightmare fuel

Josh Sabin : Joke's on them! I sleep on a couch!

Covesting Coin - Best Copytrading Exchange Token : hu got that good D! hu got that good D! hu got that good D!

Mohammad Omar Fazli : The Casper Matress guy looks like Freddie Mercury

Watch MrCuba : I'm on my 2nd week on Casper trial. While its similar to other foam mattresses, they do have "sections" standard on the original Casper. Different foam density around the shoulders and knee vs mid section. Other brands don't have that unless it's one of the few brands that make a custom bed

Twatical : Damn apple would kill at this

cat masterss : And that's why i sleep on my couch and in a sleeping bag.

Spicy Cat : So just buy what is comfortable. In cost and quality.

skerdekat : Man these videos can really make a person salty, kinda hate the consumer world we live in. This video just as bad as the one about the prescription glass industry.

Mr. Noodles : Who else got a purple ad?

A Friendly Hobo : Literally everything is starting to look like a monopoly.

Mettchu : What about Casper's sleep on it guarantee. You get 100 days to try it

Lure : If the mattress industry is a scam, then why am I sleeping right now

Mark Taylor : Why don't you like podcasts adam?

Logan Jennings : I am going to sleep on the floor now

Wslasher : Why did I find the part about the podcast to be very funny?!

Andrew Teel : Wow. Adam went all Pamtri at the end there.

CrimeraRi Bloody : Adam is my hero

Whippie 36 : Adam in the mattress trying to look like the “I love it” video so bad😂

Gamer 8869 : Just buy your bedding at gun point. You're save a lot of money.😂🤣🤔😏

senortigre04 : COSTCO! You can get a 10 inch thick memory foam mattress for like $400. That's a fourth of what the mattress stores charge, and they alot softer. Plus Costco offers returns based on customer satisfaction.

Speedsters of Dc : Just sleep 💤 on the floor

ba sillah : She is a real life skinny barbie. She must miss out on a lot of meals to be that skinny.

guy sumpthin : Menards

Rohan Horsfield : what about purple

maku gx : Actually, there is a better option. It's called a Japanese futon. You see, Humans aren't designed to sleep in fluffy surfaces, when we do, our spine gets out of whack. Japanese people have been sleeping on futons forever. It goes flat with a surface and is much healthier than any matress. I bought my queen size on Amazon for $100. It's been a month and it's perfectly fine.