The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off

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Holly Furgason : When I was a kid the tags didn't say "except by the consumer." :-) We were pretty sure we'd go to jail if we tore them off by mistake.

Jason Patrick : King of Random

Joey : Am I the only one who was waiting for a mattress brand plug that has none of the scams he mentioned

Nicholas Pagano : Alton brown ripoff without any of the humor

SirBanana : I sawed this mattress in half! And fixed it with Flexicoil™!

PhokenKuul : Ah, Arden Myrin is still hot.

Christopher Blackburn : “Part 64 of our investigation into a crime that is none of our business.” Oh how accurate that is

Salim Djerbouh : Hello Internet Podcast anyone?

Donovan Simmons : This did not surprise me one bit.

The Uppercase Letter D : D

STAR CAT : After showing this to my friend he said to me “just get a sleeping bag”

Kasumi Ancient : Ok but wtf was up with that ending

Allyshia Berger : Me: *buys $175 mattress from walmart* 🤷‍♂️

Sha Y : I hope adam ruins never stop

Ghramcrackers : Except there’s one mattress company Adam failed to ruin, Sleep Number.

Pragyab Rajbhandari : "Who's got a Good D , I got the Good D"

Carlos Ovalle : That's why I watch comparison reviews and only order from the link if it's cheaper then from the website.

capitan ballzk : las piernas d la rubia me ponen la pija dura

Richard Osborn : Sooo what about the part where we learn how to fight back?

krudmonger : To the people inexplicably saying "WHERE ARE YOUR SOURCES?!" or "I DON'T SEE ANY SOURCES!" 0:31 - Source #1 1:20 - Source #2 2:08 - Source #3 2:20 - Source #4 2:38 - Source #5 2:55 - Source #6 3:03 - Source #7 I could keep going, but I mean... just pay closer attention, perhaps.

Charming_ Mist : "Welcome back to part 54 of a crime that's none of our business. "😂

J P : Why so gay

me : Good shit, never stop railing against consumer deception

Andrew Morris : I loved that podcast part.

mat f : This looks like and 8th grade project I see no sources or proof of data

peruface : Sleeping on the floor fixed my back problems.

mat f : Who the f... is this guy

Hodenbussard : Does anybody know the name of the song that can be heard in the background from 1:38 to 2:15 ?

TlalocW : So, what about the sleep number ones that allow for adjusting firmness? I've tried a few of those out, and I could afford them, but maybe because I've become an old fogey, I'm worried that this "new-fangled" technology holds some hidden pitfalls that I'm not considering.

Carous : Ok so I should start my own business in the mattress industry and make millions since tbey would be cheaper?

Deborah L : Not Purple, purple is legit

0rangaStang : The lack of facts and opposing viewpoints in these videos make them hard to watch

Trip Wilson : I was waiting for him to do a parody of or dance to "I love it" by Kanye and Lil pump when he was inside the mattress

Zenosyne : "Hi I'm a Ryan Seacrest type" - Ryan Seacrest type

Robert Hardt : VERLO MATTRESS... No games.

Jacob Tran : Guys, this is the truth. I can completely agree and have spent so much money on mattresses. Don’t let the industry scam you and don’t listen to the salesman 👨‍💼

Daniel Rieger : I mean, say what you will, but 100 days to try a mattress delivered to you, and they pick it up if you don't like it is still a lot better then trying 15 mattresses in a store for a few minutes and deciding right then and there

LodanSD : This Video brought to you by Casper!

Thwomp Boss : Purple would like to know your location

Tadesan : That blond is a fox.

Alex Matson : OMG, that Serial reference was fantastic 😂

Shiran Sukyūre : I dunno. LinenSpa, regardless of who really makes it, cost me $300....for *three* mattresses. I bought two for my kids at $70/each. I bought one for myself at $140 that is thicker. By all means, LinenSpa. Hit me up. You can pay me to write good reviews. I do it already. For real though. I won't spend $300+ on a single mattress. Look it up on Amazon.

ElectroBlastLuigi : *Adam Ruins Everything*

Oliver Dobson : Personally I’d just go to IKEA.

Shivam Goundar : I just had an argument with a buddy about this earlier today. All this stuff is middle to low income demographics because they are the majority of the population and the most susceptible to these scams. The reason why is money. They focus on the bottom dollar instead of looking at the big picture. The rich understand the poor are tunnelvisioned and they don't have the capacity to escape their habitual but toxic way of living.

Eric Champlin : Not sure if these mattress business tactics are unethical or genius ;)

Booker DeWitt : I just bought a new mattress two weeks ago. lol

Alejandro Rubio : More Arden Myrin please!

rip-yo-toodooles Jack : Cut out the mattress store and go to the warehouse

Kenzie S. : ...Thanks for leaving me with THAT image CH...