That time we towed a plane with a Tesla

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Bercik87 : You see Elon? When I said: - I need P100D because of "my mother in law" I MEANT IT

Bailey Osborne : I tow airplanes everyday(its my job). I can tell you from experience that you can get a plane moving with just about anything, the problem is when it come to stopping it. I'm aloud to tow up to 15 mph, we also have some graded taxi ways at the airport I tow at. If you where going down a grade at even 5 mph with just a 737 behind that Tesla there is no way you will be able to effective stop, it will push that Tesla all over the place. There is a reason tow tugs are extremely heavy. 4500lbs is simply not enough to stop a 250k plus lb plane going down even the slightest grade.You simply don't have enough traction. And when it rains, the outcome will be even worse.

Kahurangi Millin : Now tow the a380.

Damian Kutny : That’s a sick paint job and sick back round music 🎶

#swagithenri : Tesla is a great car company

dimi1326 : I've seen men tow a plane...whats so amazing?

Nils Frederking : Cool video, everything what can be done electrically should be done so, instead of burning fossil fuels. I hope planes will follow soon. Of course a higher energy density of the batteries will be needed, but I am optimistic about that. A lot of research is done and the theoretical density of several materials is much higher than can be realized now, because of compromises to compensate for flaws (degradation, thermal instability).

Leo Heinsaar : Yes, but can it tow it into takeoff?

MrMeow : Where is the start? It is just maintaining the momentum of rolling plane.

Nick Henry : Most vehicles could pull that not a big deal really

Wojciech Bogusz : What is the name of this song?

IDKHTP : When Porsche towed an AirFrance A380 with a Cayanne and everyone else want to copy and paste

Ben Porteous-Hurst : I think they voided the warranty of the tesla

Random Person : "Ladies and gentlemen, this is the captain speaking, the flight is going to be delayed as the Tesla used for towing has ran out of charge. We regret the inconvenience caused. Thank you."

MrDignite : Seeing the most beautiful car and Plane work together is an astonishing sight!

Fin's Photograhy : Wow. Great job guys

The Points Reckoning Picture Show : Wonder what the range was looking like with that thing hooked up

Bob ghomoz : what's that song ?

quantum chicken : One Tesla is in space the others towing an airplane

Shoaib Asghar : what is the name of song?

Awesome Flex : song please

James Esteron : This is certainly impressive, but releasing unedited footage along with weight, speed, distance, etc. would be even better. :)

UÇAN HOLLANDALI : what is your music name

Alan Dee : I want to be impressed because I love Tesla's but I'm not. This is a stunt and nothing more. The world record for electric passenger vehicles huh? What's the competition; Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3, and BMW i3? Did it win the record for silver gull winged production vehicles as well? If not then what a rip! Show me that one can pull a 787 faster and farther then any production SUV at the same price point and then I'll be impressed.

TGP Nathan : What song?

Kwint : 1.3k views This is going to get 1 million views easily! Love you qantas!

Macedthur : Looks Like Australlian Airports dont need tugs to push an aircraft

gangster3591 : Well recently I watched a guy name of Mark Kirsch pulling a Boeing C-17 Globemaster 111, a huge military transport plane (RAAF has several) so this Tesla thing hardly impresses. The B787-9 is a fabulous airplane, very beautiful in Qantas livery

VICTOR Å : What was the point of this😂? To show how light the plane or how strong the Tesla was??? Probs for shits and giggles 👌🏽👌🏽🤣

EC-Rent : Qantas has something called the A380 too... challenge accepted?

Jason Price : GIANT meh... ANY electric motor powered car can do this. Electric motors have MASSIVE torque so as long as the gearing of the transmission in the electric car is short enough at the low end, this is instantly one of those giant "so what" things. You want REAL entertainment value? Try to STOP that plane at full taxi roll speed!!! Bye bye car!!! There is a reason those taxi tow units weigh a massive pile. It is to help stop the fantastically heavy thing it is towing.

Arthur Chester III : Poor Bjorn Nyland - now he can't claim to be the first to do this ...

Alex Heng : Wow and thank for doing it in my home town

bunny : Arey bhai bhai bhai bhai

J Young : I can’t find this song anymore besides audio network

AEROPLANE : *Very beautiful this livery of this B787!*

TrickyDickyChappers : Qantas you absolute legends!!! We’ll be taking our Tesla Model S to Perth airport in September, and getting on your Dreamliner to London....where we’ll be getting picked up in my sister’s Model S!! This could not be any more awesome 😂

Сергей Шаповалов : что за трек ? shazam не определяет..

Sport guys gang Alpha : I saw this on the today show

Harshdeep Raghuwanshi : Publicity

Ricky Luong : Back then a Holden towed an Ansett 737 and now Tesla and Qantas 787!

Hugo R : Music ?

Dominic M : Those engines are huge!

Mr. Perfect ! : *T E S L A I S L I F E*

bb tee : Now try to do a 0 to 60 towing that plane 😂

Flyboys Aviation : Nice one

Massimo : I am surprised that this video isn't on Tesla's Youtube page.

Britney Bradley : The song is let it rain on me james pickering and matthew clark

Prinz Jakob : Towing something is easy for any car, since that weight is an wheels. Even people could tow that.

Mihir Patel : Definitely there will some big concrete blocks on back seat of car even on front too... 😄