Craigs List Prank Call...Snappin Turtle

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haleigh : "boy, you ain't scared of me." "i'll give you my address, let me get a pen." 😂😂😂

Kas : Omg I’m dying your perfection

Kristina Mika : "i'll give you my address, let me get a pen" lmaooo

Stephen Hardy : "you ain't scared of me"

cherishdeb : The best part is the eggs, toast and jam LMAO


James Brauner : I'll give you my address, let me get a pen!

tox0tes : lost at it "want me to kick your neck off?"

Ellie Evans : he aint afraid of me i died rofl


Seymour Butts : I love this guy. I mean seriously.  I'd give him a kidney.

R B : Ima eat some toast with jelly, then come pop your eye balls out. Hahaha

Carlie Nguyen : Lol "he ain't afraid of me"

CozySeeker291 : "I'll give you my address, let me get a pen real quick." Lol

Nick Fox : I rewatch these all the time

Barb Kopacka : This guy is hilarious! Wish he had a TV show

David Merrell : you aint scared of me lol

Bev Walsh : I think this is my favorite Edbassmaster video  =)

SupaFlyFatGuy859 : I thought this little story was worth coming here to tell! LOL +edbassmaster Me and my buddy Corey have seen this video a dozen times or more. So tonight I text him "You know anybody that wants to buy a snapping turtle?" And he wrote back "WTF LOL WHY?" LOL So I said "It's from Edbassmaster." I thought he would then remember this skit.. BUT NO, he thought I was trying to sell a snapping turtle for you. He was like "I didn't know you and Ed talked like that? When did you start talking to him on Youtube!?" LMAO!!! What a big duh face!

Negotiator007 : Hmmm he looks like a snappin turtle.

BG Venity : Ima kick your neck off

Robert Hegseth : Imma fry up these eggs an put some jelly on my toast then imma come over there an put a whoopin on you boy!

burnindownthehouse : Here is a man who respects proper nutrition. It was very important for him to get proper nutrition before he came over there and kicked his neck off. Eggs, toast, and jelly. The jelly is the most important part though if you are going to kick someone's neck off.

Cheeky Guppie Dixon : he was my moms first boyfriend

cbbuntz : I'll plum knock ya bakkerds!

Colorado Made : you ain't scared of me lmao

Johnny Graf : LOL!..............." Yeah I will give you my address, let me go get a pen"..................."you want me to kick your neck off boy?" stomach hurts from laughing so hard. off...........................

Shibby : I would have ended this with, do you want a snappin turtle? after that long silent pause

Ryan Klos : I can't breathe

x1expert1x : "I'll give you my address lemme get a pen" lmfao

Viper05 04 : I'll kick your neck off

Aberinkulas : Best character he does BY FAR. Why isn't there any more of him?!

genitalwarts : He sounds like a pissed off hank hill ill tell you what

NikkiDeath : You ain't afraid of me! LOL

Gentle Singularity : Every time I get into a heated argument I just say, "You know what, you ain't scared of me", and they look at me with extreme confusion and say nothing back.

Brock Landers : "You ain't scared of me !!" Lol

Brock Landers : " i"ll come over there and rip your eyeballs out! don't talk smack when you overda the phone "haha

Bagged8thgen 00 : Rewatching this after years still makes me laugh 😂

Michel Fraenkel : i dont know why but this is my favorite ed bassmaster video. am i stupid?

Jeffrey Paula : "You know what boy you ain't scared of me!", the guy argues back "No I'm not Effing scared of you!" LOL

Brock Maine : Well look here ima fry up these eggs and eat some toast with jelly then im gonna come over there and put a whoopin on you boya. Thats the best lmao

SK. Trollingston : He sounds like Wade from GTA V

Holly O. : It doesn't get funnier than this! Ed you are a comedic genius! Let me get a pen and I will give you my address. Teakettle - LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CheddarBeezy : "You know what boy you ain't scared of me!" Haha genius

jpmarie9 : still the best prank call ever!

Dominic Dolenti : Yo this is too funny 😂😂😂

Noah Youngbauer : Hey Ed, You Gotta make some more of these videos! and preferably a couple iwork ones

Aaron The greaser : Funny as hell

Karma C Mayhem : I have watched this 25+ times and still rollin with tears.

Ladybug : He needs to bring back his old characters. 😂