Craigs List Prank Call...Snappin Turtle

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Stephen Hardy : "you ain't scared of me"

EZEKIEL. 25:17 : you aint scared of me lmao i subscribed👍

Snowy23 : I'll take the turtle ;D

Viper05 04 : I'll kick your neck off

2k17 : Why does he look like this wtf

Jeremy Lee : You know what boy you ain't scared of me! Hahahahahaha

Trevor Jameson : Funniest stuff ever!!! Lolol

R B : Ima eat some toast with jelly, then come pop your eye balls out. Hahaha

lee jones : Funnest Issh I have heard yet!

Rap Sure : "you know what boy you aint scared of me!" lmao!!

haleigh : "boy, you ain't scared of me." "i'll give you my address, let me get a pen." 😂😂😂

Nathaniel T : The is the best prank call since electricity was invented.... Ed... you're a genius

Chris Watson : "I'll come pop your damn eyeballs out"......"You ain't scared of me"....So fucking funny.

Dawn Collums : He ain't scared of me. Lol

Negotiator007 : Hmmm he looks like a snappin turtle.

guywittamic : this was great, but I loved how you called him back so he wasn't mad all day... you're a good guy, man :)

Abel Cuevas : I'm a fry up these eggs , eat some toast with jelly, then ima come over there and kick yur neck off boy!

donttreadonme : was the guy too fucking retarded to notice it was a prank call?

James Hite : This is one of the funniest pranks on YouTube!!! You couldn't have asked for a better person on the other end of the phone!

Zac Patton : you ain't scared of me lollololololz

Cool Breeze : You do know how to push those buttons. ha. So funny that guy provided some good fodder.

Stuart Scott : He hung up when you were about to give him the address lol

Ark ansas : want me to kick your neck off boy, i got a tea kettle im fittna hit you upside the head wit it if you dont watch your mouf boy


Michael Moore : omg lmfao!!!

Patchouli Colt : turtle. soup.

Mariah Beecher : this will forever be my favorite video 😂❤

Nawab Irshad : "look here i'ma fry up these eggs and 'ma eat some toast with jelly then i'ma come over there n put a whoping on u boy " i cant stop laughing

Tatyanna Hunter : lol this shit got me dying

Ugly BaldDude : Man that escalated quickly

Eli B : you aint scared of me

Amanda xoxo : You ain't scared of me

Abdul Saboory : "Want me to kick your neck off?!"...Hahahaha!

Steven Muschek : Who's watching in 3090

Kelsey Marie : Lmao ed

Александр Михайлов : Amerikan in nuttnshell

Carl Owens : lol 😂 ill hit yah up side yo head with a tea kettle

Francis Casner III : is this supposed to be funny ?

Brady McIntyre : Who's watching cause Romans Vlog and Coyote Peterson

Chris Smith : You aint scared a me

CozySeeker291 : "I'll give you my address, let me get a pen real quick." Lol

Diego Station : haaha been rocking with ed since i was 12-13 now im 18 hahah i rewathtched all his videos like 10 times they never get old

Joshua Pangelinan : Classic bass master!

Paul Stuart : Awesome......I was crackin up...

Sikira Valle : Hilarious!!!

Johnny Knoxville : lmfao kick ur neck off

Jim Dickenson : was this like maybe possibly in the very most simpl e s t! ways some of the littlest from of humor!!?.. and I  did go down the list.. fous rome matr. hoemz genozid u name it man!! ;adks

Kenny Powers : This guy is the only genuinely funny guy on YouTube

Berzerker XII : "u aint scared of me boy" lol

Breck M : Who's watching July 2017? Saw it the day it was released. Never gets old.