Craigs List Prank Call...Snappin Turtle

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In the Beloved : This video hurts. Like I need to be careful watching his vids in fear of peeing my pants due to pregnancy. How is he so freaking hilarious. I cant.

Scooby G : Who's watching in 2017?? Ed is the greatest.

Dustin Redding : End of the roaf

XxFur EyesxX : Lol this was perfect.. it would have been totally different situation if that guys wife stayed on the phone ..

AustinMcK-the-God : Who's watching in 2017

Brandon Cannon : you want me to kick ur neck off boi

Brooke Reynolds : boy let me come over there and kick your neck of lol

One* Love : His fucking face in the first one.. Lawwwwdy help me Jesus...

James Hite : My vote for the best prank of all time! Never gets old.

James Foster : who's watching in 2017

Debbie Long : Tea kettle where that came from eds an original, the best!!! Gonna smack that tea kettle on your head LMAO!!!

Axel Mike : I have watched this hundreds of time and its always hilarious. fav parts are the frying of the eggs and toast with jelly and want me to kick your neck off

Ron Barnes : "im gonna fry up these eggs, then eat me some toast and jelly..."

Bob Reiderman : Hello? Did she hang up on me? Aww, I'm sorry I thought she hung up on me

Snowy23 : I'll take the turtle ;D

Scott Moody : I'll give you address. Let me get a pen haaaaaahahahahahahah

Ocean View Caribbean : 2017 here who with me?

Yung Cooley : I love edbassmaster

SKULL CRUSHER : you aint scared of me lmao i subscribed👍

2k17 : Why does he look like this wtf

Nathaniel T : The is the best prank call since electricity was invented.... Ed... you're a genius

lee jones : Funnest Issh I have heard yet!

Jeremy Lee : You know what boy you ain't scared of me! Hahahahahaha

Debbie Long : He's fabulous I can listen to Ed all day, a real stress reliefer, thank Ed!!! Love ya

Rap Sure : "you know what boy you aint scared of me!" lmao!!

guywittamic : this was great, but I loved how you called him back so he wasn't mad all day... you're a good guy, man :)

haleigh : "boy, you ain't scared of me." "i'll give you my address, let me get a pen." 😂😂😂

Abel Cuevas : I'm a fry up these eggs , eat some toast with jelly, then ima come over there and kick yur neck off boy!

Trevor Jameson : Funniest stuff ever!!! Lolol

R B : Ima eat some toast with jelly, then come pop your eye balls out. Hahaha

Dawn Collums : He ain't scared of me. Lol

Zac Patton : you ain't scared of me lollololololz

James Hite : This is one of the funniest pranks on YouTube!!! You couldn't have asked for a better person on the other end of the phone!


Cool Breeze : You do know how to push those buttons. ha. So funny that guy provided some good fodder.

Ark ansas : want me to kick your neck off boy, i got a tea kettle im fittna hit you upside the head wit it if you dont watch your mouf boy

Chris Watson : "I'll come pop your damn eyeballs out"......"You ain't scared of me"....So fucking funny.

Patchouli Colt : turtle. soup.

Michael Moore : omg lmfao!!!

donttreadonme : was the guy too fucking retarded to notice it was a prank call?

Negotiator007 : Hmmm he looks like a snappin turtle.

Mariah Beecher : this will forever be my favorite video 😂❤

Nawab Irshad : "look here i'ma fry up these eggs and 'ma eat some toast with jelly then i'ma come over there n put a whoping on u boy " i cant stop laughing

Stuart Scott : He hung up when you were about to give him the address lol

Carl Owens : lol 😂 ill hit yah up side yo head with a tea kettle

CozySeeker291 : "I'll give you my address, let me get a pen real quick." Lol

Abdul Saboory : "Want me to kick your neck off?!"...Hahahaha!

Steven Muschek : Who's watching in 3090

Tatyanna Hunter : lol this shit got me dying

Eli B : you aint scared of me