stranded overnight on uninhabited island during fishing phenomenon

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Overnight island fishing adventure. I did not know there was going to be a, what had to be, once a year bait migration that set the fishing on fire. Fish I dream of were feeding right at my feet. Part 2- not out yet nerd. Small rod (7' m) - Small reel (2500) - Big reel (5500) - Penn battalion 9’ - 40lb power pro - big spoons - Shoes - Gopro - DSLR:

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TheJacobShapiro : These sorts of days are the ones that make me keep going fishing even if I get skunked day after day. You never know when you’re gonna have a great day fishing.

Stefan Wingen : That hook up at 6:50 is why I love saltwater fishing, nothing better! Great vid also you should get a Penn sponsorship for sure

RX Angler : Wowsers! Rod bending action from start to end. Holy crap! Well done!

Evie Soto : Those are days that we dream of. Epic fishing Coop 🎣

K Barn : What island is this? I’m headed to corpus for my birthday in April to fish the surf. Any tips?

jose jimenez : Dude!!! I almost threw my bait thru this screen!!! Congrats brother awesome video!!

Rhyce Jackson-Galiki : Great vid mate , good spot too

Joe Conn : Appreciate the content my man, the passion you have for the sport is incredible, keep on sharing your adventures and the views will continue to come. Well deserved

Yasir Usama : Hey I am from pakistan.i m so fond of r doing great job you

Cristos Palabras : One fantastic day fishing makes up for 100 mediocre or bad ones. Edit: and a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work.

C&P Fishing : OMG! For the love of fishing, hurry up and post part 2!!! I'm truly in suspense!

RiverMaze : Best Youtuber out there, love your vids keep up the good work Greetings from Switzerland!!

Logan Louis : Your the man Bro.. never a let down watchn your videos.. Im from san antonio and heading to corpus this weeknd.. Hope the fishing Gods reward me too !!

I4NI 361 : Planning on making a trip next weekend I hope the conditions are anywhere near this! Good job bud

Stanley Orchard : Oh, i'll be doing a 3-4 part video series on this myself early september, so excited! These trips are do fun. Awesome time man, great video. Keep 'em coming!

Matt Ainsworth : Best video you’ve made. The enthusiasm never fades either. Great job.

Mr Pelon : 🤣 this is by far the best video I’ve seen so far 🎣❤️dammit son I felt like u was right there being all jealous and shit cuz I wanted to catch some of them fish my self!!! Awesome dude

Our Healthy Lifestyle Tips : Dude I absolutely Love going fishing with you!!! Thanks for taking old grannies along. Hee Hee

Keith M : Damn bro. Thats a once in a lifetime fishing day. You'll remember that when you get old and gray. Excellent vid.

Billy Joel : Freaking no one would have believed you if you wasn’t filming “fishing tale”

Jesper Hansen : WOW you really hit the bank today , looking forward for episode 2 . Im definitely thinking of going to Texas next time I leave Denmark for the US :) Well done

Marshall Gomez : That's some crazy stuff man, loved the vid

Central Coast Bass : Amazing video bro, that's what fishing and filming is all about. Catching those special moments. Thanks for the videos.

Paige Castillo : I'm actually a boy but I'm on my moms phone and I live in Texas to were is this place I want to fish there some day

Frank Palermo : I've never been so amped up after watching a YouTube video. This must have been intense for you. Congrats on a really cool experience.

MADSQUIRREL9 : love seeing people this excited about their hobbies. keep up the good work Coop

CRAZY MAN : Dude you were rocking big time. Max fun.

Jonathan E : Lucky guy. Looks like the stars aligned for you on this trip. Looking forward to part 2.

Capt. George : Mark Sosin jumping minnow would do the trick, lol. <•((((><

Ell Heych : This video was awesome love the energy what a spot!!! subbed

William Atta : Amazing video Dude !! I love your video man !! Keep up the amazing work and the awesome edits man !!

William Atta : ThresherFishing you are the best Fisherman and Fishing channel I have come across amazing video Mate Keep up the amazing work man !!

Beau Alexander : Love your energy. I'm jealous of your fishing trip. And if you get the chance, could you send some of the beautiful blue water Galveston's way? Keep it up homie.

wessam sharaf : You had my dreaming day. Good experience dude, lucky you.. Thanks for the beautiful video

gavin crozier : Best fisher on YouTube, love the vids, keep it up.👍👌👍

DorgonBearPunch : You work hard man love the action and how hyped you stay 🤙🏻🤙🏻 keep it up🙌🏻🤣💨

Weeg Aguilera : Non-stop action. Nice vid bro. I can’t lie I’m kinda jealous right now lol. Jk keep it up

Gerald Velasco : What state you in ? Love the video !!! Thanks, Gerry from San Diego, CA

Perverted Podcast : I live in a place in Los Angeles...we have no fish really at our beaches anymore. Seeing you so happy having a crazy fish fiesta like that made me happy for you...great video!!

Hudson Salvigsen : Am I the only one who noticed the Jojo's bizarre adventure outro at the end? Awesome vids!

John Bielinski : Great video man. When is it best to surf fish my friend? Change of tides? High tide? Low tide? And, if you say "high tide" or "low tide"... what is the window of time? Meaning, if they say, 8am is high tide, is it great fishing between 7am-9am? (Meaning a 1 hour window?)

Aku Super : Damn....! U crazy bro... Best ever i saw video of fihing

Open Air Adventures : Just stumbled on your channel and we've gotta say, this is one exciting vid!! Nicely done!

Rene Chaverri : Exelente pesca, saludos desde costa rica,c.a. Esos lugares de pesca son increíbles. Éxitos

darrellid : Great action, Coop. Definitely makes me jealous and leaves me wishing I could be there, hooking in to those jacks and whatever else turns up in Part 2. But ... don't forget to breathe.

Joe SkyJumper : Congrats bro. Period. Im happy you got yourself in a situation like that. Just awesome!!

draggy76 : ......Thought this was gunna be more survival then overnight vacation.... boy was i off...and so was the title in a way.... but eh. was aight.

Josue De LA Garza : Man, I love the sound of line spooling !

Jst ROM : Envy comes into mind with action like that...... stay safe out there.