stranded overnight on uninhabited island during fishing phenomenon

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DiveDeep : Am I the only one that got pumped up watching this?! Felt like I was right there with him!

TheJacobShapiro : These sorts of days are the ones that make me keep going fishing even if I get skunked day after day. You never know when you’re gonna have a great day fishing.

RX Angler : Wowsers! Rod bending action from start to end. Holy crap! Well done!

Evie Soto : Those are days that we dream of. Epic fishing Coop 🎣

1Fish2Fish : Dude, you are the Mr. Miyagi of jetty fishing. Nice vid!

gavin crozier : Best fisher on YouTube, love the vids, keep it up.👍👌👍

Joe Conn : Appreciate the content my man, the passion you have for the sport is incredible, keep on sharing your adventures and the views will continue to come. Well deserved

I4NI 361 : Planning on making a trip next weekend I hope the conditions are anywhere near this! Good job bud

Artistic Overlay Systems LLC : LMAO !! I remember in my younger years seeing fish stacked up like that & freaking out over figuring out what they want to eat.

Noah Stoll : Where is this out I’m out in rockport and I need a good spot to fish at. Staying till Sunday.

Josue De LA Garza : Man, I love the sound of line spooling !

C&P Fishing : OMG! For the love of fishing, hurry up and post part 2!!! I'm truly in suspense!

Keith M : Damn bro. Thats a once in a lifetime fishing day. You'll remember that when you get old and gray. Excellent vid.

Black : 3 months and still havent sub WHATTTTT!!

Pak De : honestly, I would have turned off the camera... when the god of fishermen is present you just gotta go hard, fish as hard as you can...forget selfies and high fives, to hell with food and water...piss where you stand because a day like this might be a once in a lifetime experience that you tell to your grandchildren. but still, awesome video.

Joseph Jardin : I think he died cause there is not another video

luis contreras : This is what I’m talking about.. no lie I get happy when I get A notification from YouTube saying you post a video.. and I see noting but fishing channel on YouTube keep up the wonderful work my brother from a other mother... fish 🎣 on

Ar Vi : His laugh is so good

Our Healthy Lifestyle Tips : Dude I absolutely Love going fishing with you!!! Thanks for taking old grannies along. Hee Hee

socialism is for figs : This is the best fishing video I've seen. Great man.

Red Fish Incorporated : Is this the north jetty at st Joe island?

Central Coast Bass : Amazing video bro, that's what fishing and filming is all about. Catching those special moments. Thanks for the videos.

Hector Coria : Hey Thresher, one of your best action videos so far. I hope you don't mind and I hope you can answer my question but what was the kind of lure that you lost at the beginning of the video that you are speaking very highly of?

Logan Louis : Your the man Bro.. never a let down watchn your videos.. Im from san antonio and heading to corpus this weeknd.. Hope the fishing Gods reward me too !!

riff anchor : What's the point of catching fish when you have to throw it back..........

Matt Ainsworth : Best video you’ve made. The enthusiasm never fades either. Great job.

Jesper Hansen : WOW you really hit the bank today , looking forward for episode 2 . Im definitely thinking of going to Texas next time I leave Denmark for the US :) Well done

terrell knight : HAHA!! "OH, that's crazy stuff..." This guy's awesome. Love your enthusiasm bro...keep it up!!

rizalindo geronimo : stop talking and catch one...

John Minoughan : That's the kinda day that makes a lifetime fisherman out of us. Beauty day!

fletch hadley : What i would do to be out there right now.. Looks like a blast!

darrellid : Great action, Coop. Definitely makes me jealous and leaves me wishing I could be there, hooking in to those jacks and whatever else turns up in Part 2. But ... don't forget to breathe.

Ryan Peck : LOVE IT! What an awesome day of fishing my friend!

Charsept : I've seen a crazy bait run one time in Pensacola. For like 15 minutes it was non stop churning water and big bull reds.

MADSQUIRREL9 : love seeing people this excited about their hobbies. keep up the good work Coop

William Atta : ThresherFishing you are the best Fisherman and Fishing channel I have come across amazing video Mate Keep up the amazing work man !!

Just ROM : Envy comes into mind with action like that...... stay safe out there.

Stanley Orchard : Oh, i'll be doing a 3-4 part video series on this myself early september, so excited! These trips are do fun. Awesome time man, great video. Keep 'em coming!

RiverMaze : Best Youtuber out there, love your vids keep up the good work Greetings from Switzerland!!

Capt. George : Mark Sosin jumping minnow would do the trick, lol. <•((((><

Jonathan E : Lucky guy. Looks like the stars aligned for you on this trip. Looking forward to part 2.

Rene Chaverri : Exelente pesca, saludos desde costa rica,c.a. Esos lugares de pesca son increíbles. Éxitos

Marshall Gomez : That's some crazy stuff man, loved the vid

Yasir Usama : Hey I am from pakistan.i m so fond of r doing great job you

Weeg Aguilera : Non-stop action. Nice vid bro. I can’t lie I’m kinda jealous right now lol. Jk keep it up

Water Fowl Sgt Pollo : EPIC first day of fishing...Yea boi

Conner H. : This is insane! Favorite YouTuber!

750Rocketman : I love how excited you get dude it's awesome

Crystal Martinez : CHALLENGE: Take a shot every timehe says 'crazy'😵 lmao

Barend Van Der Walt : I love your fishing videos