What The World Will Look Like In 50 Years, According To Tech Experts

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Mi : In 50 years I will get laid

Lucas V. : 50 years we will have Fallout 5

LEGEND 25 : In 50 years, Dank memes will take over the world

Ball is LIfe : 2018: "In 2068 technology will be a part of our bodies, we will have automatic cars, get rid of diseases and explore other planets. 2068: *More dankmemes, feminism and techno mumble rap. Also 80% of the population is starving to death* What a great world we get to live in!

Jonathan Tinpo LIU : I'm 50 years we're going to look back and see how silly this people were, just like how we thought people in the past were silly about predicting the future.

Donovan : There will be no middle class. Only rich and poor. Most of the area on earth will be violent and crime ridden places, and a small portion will be labeled “green zones” where people with enough money will be able to live happily......you can already start to see it happening today..... Edit: and seriously people are replying calling me crazy. Lmao. You can literally see it happening in major cities. Los Angeles, the middle class is leaving. Chicago, the middle class is leaving. So who is left? The super rich, and the ultra poor, who the super rich use as cheap labor. It’s not hard to realize this. And no, I’m not a progressive, and no I’m not poor. 🙄

Art Thor : 50 years later, all phones will not have headphone jacks 😮

European Patriot : I don't have a good feeling about the future, we are destroying ecosystems, filling the oceans with microplastics, pumping greenhouse gasses into the air, depleting natural resources... etc. Not cool!

Shreesha __03 : 50 years later, blind will be able to watch this video

Ranjani Majumder : I think.. The movie Wall-E.. Might be our reality.. In 50 years.. 🙁

Angela Ziegler : 1968: I bet we will have flying cars in the future 2018: (put something serious) in the next 50 years 2068: (put the most ridiculous thing you can think of in the comments below) Here’s mine 1968: I bet we would have cars in the future. 2018: I bet we would have new instruments that could prevent death in the next 50 years 2068: 4-D anime

Pixelchu : Two Words: GLOBAL WARMING

Harish Karunakaran : 1988: In 2015 there will be flying cars!!! and floating structures in the air we will have colonized Mars! 2018: 61 more genders

Eduardo HL : We can barely predict the weather.

Hussein Nour : 50 years later. Star Trek is for real.

R W I T : 2018: Technology will be a part of our body 2068: *memes*

Vino Veritas : These people are considered experts? You should've just asked some 7 year old kids the question and you would've received more imaginative ideas.

ex DOGE : 50 years later. Still no Half Life 3

John Redcorn : I came in optimistic, but after listening to that last lady talk, I'm convinced we are doomed.

Alex Lu : In 50 years there will be “square earthers”

Shreesha __03 : 50 years later, Tech Insider will have 50 M subscribers 😄😄

Shahzid Roshan : in 50 years we will all be boiling to death

Hello, Sidney! : I hope I won't be around to see it.

dumptonpark : 50 years from now the world will be more shit than it is now.

Mamuantea Kawlni : 50 years later, the left still protest for hillary😂.

Shovel : Yeah right, look what they said in the 1950s “In 50 years time we will have flying cars”.

Official Bolcken : Will the period of school shootings end!

Mariokart Fanatic : I’d like to keep tech outside of my body thank you

Dawson Harris : The arm thing looks cool and the chip that google making that goes in your head is cool too but I’m not buying those here’s why Every wondered what the mark of the beast looks like it’s could be one of these

Jayneel Pandya : 50 years, one word.....SKYNET

Broth3r John : ....if we don`t blow ourselves up first or destroy our environment, making it inhabitable

Shiri_13 D.I. Fua : In 50 years, it'll be 2068

Abhiram Manthena : At 0.53, In 2008, Tony stark designed his suit using this technology...

Queen POTATO : Please I hope I die by then Global warming will be really bad and most animals will be extinct

Demilade Olaleye : 2:47 - The most correct person in this video

TheWisherable : 50 years from now, it won't be THAT different. Most of the things that have wide spread use now, were invented and were penetrated into the market 50-80 years ago. Any new technology that has takers now will just have a wide spread market in the future. Electric cars, VR might become more common, machine assistance will be more common etc etc That's it. There won't be miracle ai/robots or Elysium type division of social classes as some seem to imagine. You're just watching too many sci-fi movies. Reality is a lil slower and lil bland. Not that great, nor that bad.


Boi : Cars are going to look dumb

dr doggo : Mark of the beast..

reveritus : I hope there will be healthier, and more fullfiling lives for grapes with technological advancements.

Restrict : In 50 years I hope that we won’t be using antartica as a war testing spot and hopefully stop global warming

Dhrub Rajbansi : People Terminator is comin'!

Soumya Sinha : Can’t wait for 50 years What’s the use when I will become old??

The Almighty INTP : And shrek is president

alex H : Or a total waste land

andre zonio : In 50 years there will be more memes

Michael Simpson : I'll be in my 80's

Jason Fernandes : 50 years later, people from music.ly are working in movies and becoming senators

Fanawb Productions : This is probably wrong, we have memes, and there will be more memes

The Almighty INTP : And SAO is real But it will be even better if its real in 2025