Arcade Fire - Chemistry (Official Video)

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crunchyonion : Are they testing my loyalty?

Thomas Wepfer : Fucking furry.

Lily Wilde : I love you guys, but oh god what have you done

Camila Daniela : I can’t believe my favorite band could do this to me.

Jules Gilmour : Are these the same guys that made "Neighborhood 1 (tunnels)"? My favorite track from 00s!

Isolde E-G : You know, good on arcade fire for being different and always changing. But in my humble opinion, they are not going in a good direction

Carolina Salcedo : Arcade Fire on drugs comfirmed

Todd Bross : What in the animoji hell is this

Thaddeus Montgomery : i love this, guys this is OBVIOUSLY a bad song, they know it, the whole EN album is about super-consumerism everything is content for us to consume and buy it, this is a catchy song with repetitive lyrics that stick to your head, i mean it’s MEANT to be a superficial song, it’s MEANT to be a superficial video. thats the concept of the whole album

Maria Carlomagno : This was painful from start to finish. We know you love us but why did you hurt us?

Doris Blok : I feel like this animation is bad and painful to watch on purpose

Deanna Jones : People really don’t like change, do they? As much as I adore all their older albums (I remember buying several copies of Neon Bible and giving it to friends) I appreciate the band taking risks, and they’ve never looked happier on stage. I’m not crazy about EN. I feel like they released too many singles, to the point where there was no mystery left when the album did drop. But the concept and promotion was genius, and there are great songs on the album, this one included. Sad that a lot of the older AF fans are immediately dismissive of anything that doesn’t sound like Funeral. :/

SamuraiKike : So not a video for Wake Up, Keep the Car Running, Intervention, Rococo, It's Never Over, Normal Person and lots of other masterpieces but yes for their worst song ever?? OK then.

ZumbaLaQueTeZumbale! : This was recorded with an iPhone X

lelabotoxique : Seriously? "Chemistry" as a single/video? (sigh) Worst song (by far) on the last album.

Cam McBain : Think the video is a parody of modern advertisements and the glorification of their products; the fact this video is basically animated probably alludes to the corny ads we see today, especially with the protagonists being the only “sane” ones there, and portraying the people not drinking that drink as the ugly shark characters. That’s my rough idea anyway, kinda fits with my interpretation of the lyrics too, Always nice to see a new AF music video, not sure on it though :/

markf679 : Worst video and single they have released

Saúl Justino Prieto Mendoza : Excellent snapchat filters

Tyler G : I started singing "Infinite content! Infinite content! INFINITELY CONTENT!" after the video ended. 🤦🌐

Ale Moffardin : "Everything now" is a conceptual album. If you watch this video until the end and you've seen "money + love" video, you'll understand. This is not a commercial single, it's weird part of a bigger story, as I see it.

denitza : elon musk and grimes?

TheKatherineWheel - : chewbacca looks good

noonecaresalex : I can't tell if this is an artistic master piece or if they were just high af

Ariel DeVinci : David Bowie would be so disappointed...

Paul Keefer : Worst song on the album really needed to be paired with cheap, awful imagery. It feels appropriate.

Lyd Noell : This is literally the best music video I’ve ever seen, people are being such jerks about this album and especially this song, but this is ARCADE FIRE! If you don’t like them then it’d be REALLY great if you could get off their asses just because they’re doing what they love. This band moves hearts, if you knew what a heart was then maybe you’d understand. I love you, Arcade Fire, you have changed my whole outlook on the world, keep doing what you do❤️

Matthew Setlak : Y’all should have done Peter Pan

眩暈夢 : The day Arcade Fire died.

Anne Ermish : Nothing can follow up Money + Loves music video

Burhan Göçer : my heart's a city you're out to destroy

Anne Ermish : weird but an interesting weird

The D : Greatest of anime battles

Kleatus Kassidy : I love Arcade Fire,.. but not really feeling this at all. 😂

Raúl Villanueva : El vídeo que nadie pidió pero que esta bien bergas

Bartek Surlas : MGMT influences anybody?

Kathee St : It's so weird, I'm scared of sharks but these gave me laughter

YouTube Channel : Avengers 4 looks nuts!

José Eduardo Román Puente : Haha, love it.

Bruno Andrade : Foi o estagiário que dirigiu o clipe?

fastmclaren71 : i like all arcade fire.

noonecaresalex : Bruh what

Nancy Pedra : Pro Tip: If you like something, don't read Youtube comments.

Bear Daisy : This video is so bad it’s brilliant!

Vako LaFleur : Hi to notification squad

Xav Rdz : Arcade Fire is my favorite band but wtf is this? Seriously?????Also Chemistry is one of the worst songs of AF.

Ngultrum : Owch Why Arcade Fire?

penguiin : what a jam

Daniel Calderón : Dont judge them to hard... we all have been in this "low budget" position anytime...

*_Samuel_* : Im here before millions of views yay!!

Diego Isaac : Gran canción. Suena a New Orleans. Saludos desde Colombia. Regresen alguna vez