FULL: Roseanne Barr sings National Anthem 1990

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D. P. Robertz : They should play this while interrogating terrorists.

Son Emet : came here to wash my ears from fergie's version

Kira : A cat outside my window started screaming

Cheri Boyce : well at least she knew the words

Jessica Molenda : I lost it at Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! The way she yelled it had me rolling. 😂😂

Wing Lau : can I use this for my alarm?

Sam Ace Rothstein : i love how every time she screams into the mic, the people momentarily boo louder lmao.

TheBraunMachine2011 : Roseanne's troll level was at 100% at the end too lmao

license2breal : Oh but a few players kneeling is unpatriotic..but this is completely fine tho? Smh

Aaron Greenberg : At least she kept tempo

TNT Friends : Lol this is my new Alarm clock noise

Gabi Hinkkanen : I love how she walks away like she's beyonce! 😂😂😂

anael55 : Disrespectful? If it was that important, whose bright idea was it to invite a comedian to sing the National Anthem and expect no comedy?  She did exactly what was expected of her. BRAVO!

Olivia Podgornik : That is disrespectful, and I'm a Canadian...

Donkey Dan : Did they possibly think that she was going to sing well and nail it!? Wtf hahaha

Friend Man : There are Americans that are genuinely offended by this and it really, truly makes them angry.

Matthew Flores : See it’s ok when conservatives disrespect the anthem but if NFL players kneel during it, oh no, let’s ship them out!

Kristin Timmons : Yes it sucked-but at least she knew all the words!

just my opinion : She actually lived up to the anthem. She was in the land of the free & the home of the brave. Bloody good job Roseanne!

April Marie Sanderson : Thank you, Roseanne for showing us how great it is to interject comedy into something so depressing as our Anthem.

Tasha Lue Ann : this is too funny OMG I HAVE TEARS COMING DOWN MY FACE BECAUSE OF IT!!! :-) :-P

Bönzeaux Bleügreen : This is my favorite performance of the national anthem. It has more meaning.

Maiah Garcia : Was she laughing Btw why did they even hire her to sing?

Sara Nightfire : Being fair: She did warn them before they sent her up there. That she really couldn't sing. At all, period... That's their own fault. They never asked her again. From what I heard... XDD.....

Stumic The Hedgehog : I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂

Critter : perfect fit for the Drumpf inaugeration!

JayEey : Brilliant. Great comedy. Well done Roseanne.

Stephen R : As disgraceful as this is, it's still pretty funny. Did they parody it on Saturday Night Live? I know Tiny Toons did a couple parodies of it. lol.

Panic! At the Twenty Øne Neighbøurhøøds : OMG THIS IS HILARIOUS

Mark S : Jewish neocon. She wants America to fight Israel's wars, but she is quite happy to disrespect America.

My Chemical Disco : Still a better singer than me

Terrance Wortham : Funny people are ok with this, but offended by some football players doing a peaceful protest.

ben wright : Don't ask a Comedian to the national anthem if you don't have a sense of Humor. LOL! Loved it.

Renaecker Alexander : This is 7 years before I was born, so maybe I am missing something, but how is not being able to actually sing disrespectful to the national anthem?

Maake Klein : why do Americans play their anthem for every game.we only play ours at international games. that way its something special. no wonder your gridiron players take the knee.

MccTickleNuts : what the hell. this tub of lard is a disgrace

Raymond Smith : she disrespected America and laughed!!!!!! What the hell!!

Levant Lazuli : I love how many of you get your panties in a bunch over a song at a mere baseball game. It doesn't matter what we could call it; it was how they sang it. Families have their way, military has theirs, and so does every profession. It's America, Do what you want and be proud to be.

Samara Broere : if I had a hearing aid and was in that audience I would turn it off for sure.

Noah Tanzilli : Disrespectful? Yes. As disrespectful as Fergie's rendition? No.

yeny Altagracia Mercedes Ortiz Acosta : This is how it is done. Lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

StereoDeth : Now that's real life trolling. She's bathing in the people's massive amount of mad.

domidget1 : Since watching this I've noticed that her show's ratings took a massive hit from the season before this performance to the season after. The season before this happened had a 23.4 rating, and the season after had an 18.2 rating... I'm guessing that's not jut a coincidence...

rayva1 : ... And this was the beginning of the end of America's dignity.

Nana 7 : It's just not funny and I LOVE to laugh at stuff like this but this was just flat out disrespectful to our flag, our nation and our vets! She should've been fined! This was like stepping on our flag really:/

My Chemical Disco : At least she knows the words

Malik Akeim : This is why I love her 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾😂😂😂😂😂

Brian Daniel : I bet 45 approves this but not a Black person kneeling 😐

A Certain Someone : I don't care that she sang the national anthem bad, it's just not funny. It's begging for attention, and what worse place to do it at than a baseball game. She tried, she failed.

Loeixe22 : That must've taken guts...