Undercover Lyft with Chance the Rapper

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Watch as Lyft’s newest driver, Chance the Rapper, takes unsuspecting passengers on a ride around the city of Chicago. Chance discusses love, life, other rappers, and how his charity, The New Chance Fund (along with the help of SocialWorks), is using the Round Up and Donate feature in the Lyft app to support Chicago Public Schools. Want to help? To donate to The New Chance Fund, just opt in to Round Up & Donate by tapping ‘Donate’ in the menu of your Lyft app. Select The New Chance Fund: https://lft.to/RoundUpCPS


Gie Gie : “You got this .....I’m excited “ Lol wow sweet woman !! Best part 😎

TheReal Doge : *Takes of beanie* *Puts on hat* "CHANCE THE RAPPER, NO WAY"

ayeeits sydnee : It’s funny how he kept hinting that he’s chance 😂😂💀


tatypop : i didn’t know people sat in the front this often

Odunlami : normal chance: “oh it’s a platypus..” chance with hat: “perry the platypus!!”

Sharky Rex1414141414 : 2:22 got me so dead “you don’t want no problems big fella!”

NonStop Soundz NonStoppuhSounds : HE'S SO HUMBLE & COOL! 💯♥

Allen Avadetsi : The guy who asked "do you know who you are? " 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Praben : That elderly lady at the end is funny too.

eric phung : for those of yall that missed the joke. “fart on the seat” was a lyric from a song of his

Marcus Tomlinson : Who sits in the front of a Lyft

Alvin Nwaokike : The last scene was so magical.. She said, “Oh BROTHER.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Kyng Beast : “ You got this ! I’m excited “ 😂 she was so nice lol

Chileshe Zulu : Don't isolate yourself. There are people who have been through what you might be facing right now and they overcame it. Don't push people away, surround yourself with people who are spiritually mature and get the help that you need. Isolation when you are in pain and don't know if there's a way out is dangerous and that's why we have suicide cases. Listen, there's nothing that you can be facing that God is not able to solve for with God nothing is impossible. Hold on. Jesus loves you.

Cordell Gaming : 2:24 you dont wont zero problems big fella

Sibusiso Mondlane : Unlike many artists his generations Chance still cares about his home town and still gives back, not only through his donations but inspiring music and that reason right there is why he gon die a legend and have a statue built for him.

Irini Mando : how does this lady say she like Chance the Rapper but didn't clock 'spill fries on the seat' 😭😭

WeedMan Mark : I wish i had this type of "Chance"

Isabella ! : Damn Chance’s disguise is terrible

BB Jo : Aww how awesome. I would have been straight embarrassed, I have heard of Chance the Rapper but I definitely would not have known that was him.

Hairy Poppins : Ok but what a coincidence they all said they liked chance the rapper 🤭🤔

Livingboldlynfierce : The girl that said,”you got this,”was so sweet and encouraging.

Sebastian Lenis : “You want zero problems big fella” lmao

adam da Silva : The lady at the end? There is no emoji to describe that reaction

R1P 2 R1P : Is it just me but I’d play cocoa butter kisses on the aux without telling him

Lando CalrisiaN : Chance I'm so proud of the human being you are. Congrats on your wedding!!

Diamond Moore : ‘Aye Watch where you going man, you don’t want 0 problems big fella’ 😂😂😂😂😂😂

identihui : He quoted his songs and no one got the hint! LMAO

JAYFRESH 247 : He should have just busted out singing “break me of a piece of that kit kat bar” like if u agree

numerouno : Is he better than Chance tho that's the real question 🤔 lol

LifeAsAdama : I love chance the rapper I would’ve known it’s him 😭

Rodr1guez6 : I understood every line that he said from his songs lmao

Jewelzbabiii : "There goes that puppet music . Don't his music make you think of puppets dancing ?" -Charlamagne the God 😂😂 gets me every time !

Lovette Luvz : I love chance please come to long beach .....artesia and long beach BLVD ........we NEVER HAVE ANY GOOD LIVE ACTION

iballlike irving : 2:33 Tupac that’s tekashi right there 😂💀

Gi Gi : Jesus.... it took that older lady long enough to figure out who he was, even AFTER he took off the glasses. LOL!

TheTripleTKA : It's funny how they didn't use ANY footage of the first guy because he was onto this shit from the moment he sat down lmao!!

Rideshare Panel : Loyal Lyft passenger here - I’ve been requesting rides for years now when do I get my ride with Cardi B??

This Gen Last Gen : I love these videos. I wish I knew who any of these people are though.

Simping Jae : Awe if Chance ever picked me up, I’d cry. Wow his heart & mind is so beautiful

Sezar Star : Thank u for savin Soundcloud bruh rt 🙏🏼🙏🏼💯🗣💪🏼✊🏼

quirkygrrl : Chance (removes glasses): I'm Chance the Rapper Grandma: No, you're not. 😂😂

Ky Taylor : I’m weak he said Kanye ehhhh😂😂😂 i felt that

Grace Han : "sometimes people will lie on the seat... fart on the seat" I DIED

The Spillest : That last lady has a heart of pure, solid, gold!! 💛💛💛

xEnd_er : This reminds me of Pary the Platypus when he put his hat on and Dr Doofenshmirtz.

Brian Omolo : 1:27 "you got this" "I'm excited!" She's the real MVP😃

Richy and vkook : "Do you know who you are" Me: I AM JUST ME ,CAN'T YOU ACT LIKE YOU NEVER KNEW ME OR RECOGNIZED ME ,GOODNESS!!